Gunmen Shade is an upcoming game by Outer Inc.. It will feature many Fantendo Characers like 3.14, McBoo, and Clyde.


Beginning, In the Navy HQ

The story begins in the Navy Seals' HQ where the Head, Don, is discussing Shadow's behavhiour

Don: He needs to be put to sleep!

Mark: No! That is way to harsh!

Don: Maybe, but he almost blew up all off LA!

Greg: True, but he already got demoted to private!

Mark: I agree with Greg, he already has received his punishment.

Hikkun: Well, that is 3 against 1.

Don: Well, you can all suffer a demotion.

Greg: Nevermind.

Mark: Sure thing, boss.

Hikkun: Well, I for one believe the punishment is too harsh. I don't agree.

Don: Well...

*Don pulls out a shotgun*

Don: Time to run!

*Don starts shooting at Hikkun*

Hikkun: Ahhhh!!

*Hikkun runs out the door and jumps off the ledge*

Don: You can run you son of a bitch, but you can't hide.


Outside the Navy HQ

Hikkun: Shadow, come in. I need to meet you outside the Office Tower, at 4'O clock. Hikkun out.

Shadow: Alright, Hikkun.


Office Tower

Shadow: I'm her, Hikkun.

*Hikkun grabs Shadow and puts hand cuffs on him*

Shadow: Hey! Let me go!

Hikkun: No. They are gonna kill you.

Shadow: Who?

Hikkun: The Navy. They said, because you blew up LA, they will kill you.

Shadow: But, I already got demoted. Isn't that enough punishment?

Hikkun: That's what I said, but they obviously don't agree. When I tried to convince them, Don almost killed me.

Shadow: So, what are the hand cuffs for?

Hikkun: So we can sneak inside the building. I am gonna pretend to arest you so we can get inside, then I am gonna let you free, then, we split up.

Shadow: Okay. So, who are those guys?

Hikkun: Friends. Now, let's get going. You guys, you wait at the back so we can let you in.

Clyde: Okay.

Infiltrating the Navy HQ

Greg: Hey, it's Hikkun.

Mark: And, Shadow?

Greg: Boss, come in boss. Hikkun just arrived, with an arrested Shadow.

Don: It's a trick, don't believe them!

Greg: Let's go!

*Hikkun pulls out his Desert Eagle and killa Mark and Greg*

Hikkun: Later, traitor.

Hikkun: Here we are,

*Hikkun let's Shadow free*

Shadow: Hey, an SMG.

*A soldier starts shooting at Hikkun and Shadow*

*Shadow shoots the soldier, killing him*

Hikkun: Let's split up.



This is a basic Halo/Call of Duty/Gears of War game. A first person view with many types of guns.



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  • Pistol
  • Sniper
  • Assault Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Browning 50. Machine Gun
  • Turret
  • NightHawk
  • Rocket Launcher
  • SMG
  • AK-47
  • Flamethrower
  • RPG


  • Hand Grenade


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  • Jeep
  • Tank
  • Guardian Tank
  • Armored Motorbike





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