Guncat: Return of Gundog! (Guncat: Gundog no ritān!)
Developer(s) Boss Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Gigabyte Gaming
Platform(s) 3DS, Byte Block, V2, Nintendo Switch.
Release Date(s)
5/10/17, Summer 2017 (Byte Block)
Age Rating(s)
E10+ (Mild Violence, Alcoholic References, Mild Language) - 3DS & Nintendo Switch

T (Fantasy Violence, Alcoholic References, Mild Language) - V2 & Super Gamer

Genre(s) Scrolling Shooter
Series Guncat
Predecessor Guncat: Fighting Gundog!

Guncat: Return of Gundog! is a reboot of the Guncat series, after the original game, Guncat: Fighting Gundog!, faded into obscurity. It was developed by Boss Games and published by Nintendo for the 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and later ported to the Byte Block by Gigabyte Gaming. It was also ported to the V2 but by the company that owns Boss Games - Flaming Games. It is a 2D Shooter where your main goal is to reach the end of each stage and defeat the boss. Guncat: Return of Gundog marks the second canon appearance of Guncat in a game.


The gameplay of Guncat: Return of Gundog! is very much like it's predecessor. You play as one of ten different characters, each with a different way of being unlocked and weapons. You go through a sidescrolling stage, pressing A to fire your weapon at enemies. If you stop moving, the screen will end up carrying you. Each stage can be chosen manually - the exception being the two final stages. Each time you kill an enemy, they have a chance of dropping one of three things - a weapon, a powerup, or (very rarely) Super Berries. Super Berries cause your current character to unleash their ultimate power with the push of B, which lasts for 20 seconds if it's a weapon or gets used immediately if it's an ability (Like the Nukes & Bombs). In every stage, you can also find Allies who will function as an extra hit for you, aswell as help you defeat enemies and bosses. It's possible to survive a stage with an ally and take him to the next stage, but keep in mind if you get another ally your old ally is gone. Allies will be visible and you just move into them to "equip" them. The only exception for this is Jellyloan Prince where you must shoot a Jelly Box 3 times after you complete a stage with him.

For the V2, you fire your weapon with the red action button and unleash your characters ultimate power with the blue action button.


One day in Gunland, Guncat was finally relaxing for once, and noticed Gundog approaching. Giving him a friendly meow, she motions for Gundog to relax with her - Guncat then proceeds to summon two minions that attempt to defeat Guncat. After fighting them off, Guncat swears revenge against Gundog - and refuses to trust him again.

After Gundog has been defeated, Guncat lets out a sigh of relief knowing that his reign of terror is over. However, Kitty Meowsons proceeds to burst in and knock out Gundog and Guncat. Waking up an hour later, they decide to team up (very reluctantly) to chase down Kitty Meowsons and finally stop him.

On their travels to defeat Kitty Meowsons, Gundog and Guncat stumble upon Sugar Island to find a map of Kitty Meowsons' location. While at Sugar Island, they find a Sugar Assassin who teams up with them after they save her from several guards. However, it then causes all of the island to begin hunting them down. 

After saving King Sugar, Kitty Meowsons appear and shoots a portal at Guncat & Gundog sending them to the past where they get stuck as younger versions of themselves. They hunt down Kitty Meowsons to get turned back to normal and get sent to their normal time - however after defeating Kitten Meowsons and getting sent back to the present, they get kidnapped and thrown onto a mysterious space station that wants them dead.

Guncat and Gundog eventually explode the space station, landing them at Kitty Meowsons' base, and they take down Kitty Meowsons. However, before they manage to take him down once and for all, he manages to send a signal out...


Keep in mind that this means that the character is in a DLC.

Playable Characters

Name Description Base Weapon Super Berry Type Unlock Criteria Ultimate Power
Guncat A gunwielding cat who loves waffles and blueberries, she's not afraid to start blasting things into pieces. Can take 3 hits before dying. Waffle Launcher Blueberries None Waffle Nuke
Turtleman A old turtle who can use his Butter Saws to grind up enemies into butter. Thanks to his shell, he can take 10 hits before dying - but his weapon is melee. Butter Saws Blackberries Free him in Stage 2 Butter Sword
Lyon The twin brother of Lieon, Lyon can shoot fireballs out of his mouth to burn enemies alive. He can take 3 hits before dying. Fireballs Strawberries Have Lieon survive to the end of Stage 3 Iceballs
Gundog A gunwielding dog who is the nemesis of Guncat, he loves pancakes and Raspberries. He tells Guncat that he'll stop being evil if she lets him come along to stop Kitty Meowsons. Can take 4 hits before dying. Pancake Launcher Raspberries Defeat him at the end of Stage 6 Pancake Nuke
Princess Gumdrop  Royalty disguised as Sugar Assassin, Princess Gumdrop has two daggers she can use to cut open enemies. She can take 2 hits before dying. Daggers Gooseberries Beat Stage 7 Vampiric Dagger
Gunkitten A younger version of Guncat only playable during Stage 8, Gunkitten is mostly the same as Guncat. She can take 1 hit before dying. Waffle Pistol Blueberries Restricted to Stage 8 Waffle Bomb
Gunpuppy A younger version of Gundog before the rivalry began, he is only playable during Stage 8. He can take 2 hits before dying. Pancake Pistol Raspberries Restricted to Stage 8 Pancake Bomb
Spaceship A mysterious entity that joins up with Guncat and co. which nobody knows the origin of. Can use his built in Rocket Launchers to explode enemies. Rocket Launchers None Beat Stage 9 Triple Rocket Launcher


Name Description Weapon Stages Found In
Rocketcat A tiny cat that looks similar to Guncat, however shoots weak explosions out of a rocket launcher. Rocket Launcher Stages 1-4
Jellyloan Prince Son of Jellyloan Kings from the first game, he functions as a shield that will take 3 hits for you. He will be found in special "Jelly Boxes" in every stage after you complete one stage with him. N/A Stages 2-9
Lieon A lying lion who's Lyon's twin brother, Lieon uses a flamethrower for nearby enemies, but tends to wander away from you unlike other allies. Flamethrower Stage 3
Supercat A stronger version of Rocketcat, Supercat's rocket launcher is stronger and also shoots lasers at enemies that get too close. Rocket Launcher + Lasers Located in Stages 5-9
Sugar Assassin Nearby enemies will get cut up into pieces using these Daggers. Sugar Assassin is also the only ally who can't die, rejoining you a bit after being hit. Daggers Stage 7
Gunkitten/Gunpuppy The character you don't play as in Stage 8 will be your ally, holding the weapon of that character. Waffle Pistol (Gunkitten)/Pancake Pistol (Gunpuppy) Stage 8
Cosmic Elemental Can shoot small bursts of stars at enemies, and will fire giant "Star Blasts" in the Guncat X Elementals DLC. This ally also appears in the Guncat X Elementals DLC. Star Burst (Stage)

Star Blast (Chasmgon)

Dragon Skies (Found in stages 1-9 after beating Dragon Skies)



Name Description Mini-Boss Boss
Mechanical Forest A forest made entirely out of mechanical trees being chopped down for use in robots, this stage features mostly robotic enemies. It's made to ease the players into the gameplay, with there being short segments without any enemies, and the background showing controls sometimes. The Woodchopper Treefury
Eerie Dollhouse A haunted dollhouse housing possessed enemies, Eerie Dollhouse's main enemies are beheaded dolls, the beheaded dolls' heads, and basically things having to do with dolls. Dog Doll Haunted Ballerinas
Prehistoric Treetops This stage takes place, as implied, on treetops in the prehistoric era. The main enemies here are dinosaur themed, with things like Raptors running on the treetops. Dilomancphaurus Tuxedo Rex
Blackout Mansion This stage takes place in an old mansion, with flickering lights and blackouts. This stage has very few enemies (with enemies returning from Eerie Dollhouse) but has several environmental hazards, like bolts of lightning and parts of the ceiling falling. This also marks when Guncat gets more hard during the boss. It's also one of two stages that have no mini-boss. None The Night Monster
Gundog's Castle A castle lit up by lava and lanterns, Gundog's Castle also features three annoying enemies - Fire Wizard, who shoots three fireballs. Ice Wizard, who can freeze you when one of his ricocheting iceballs hit you. Lightning Wizard, who summons bolts of lightning from Blackout Mansion to hit you. This also features the first enemies which cannot be killed, only stunned for a period of time. Tri-Wizard Mecha-Gundog
Gundog's Hidden Lair This stage is in two halves. In the first half, you're going through Mechanical Forest until you reach the mini-boss. Now, you can enter the entrance to Gundog's Hidden Lair. Inside of the hidden lair are swinging spike traps. The rest is the same as Gundog's Castle, with a few prehistoric treetops enemies also appearing. Tri-Wizard 2.0 Gundog
Sugar Island This stage has a lot of obstacles. Guards who can rush you or throw spears, enemies who fire Candy Cane missiles, gingerbread men eating a bomb and leaping at you to explode you, and more sweet obstacles. This stage takes place in three segments - The coast of Sugar Island, with aquatic obstacles. The town of Sugar Island, with the previously mentioned enemies. And the castle of Sugar Island, with a lot of guards and the boss. The Oreo Monster  King Sugar
Past Troubles A level taking place in the past, this stage consists of weaker enemies than you normally fight, and no mini-boss. However, it also features a very difficult boss. You also get to have the character you don't pick (in a choice between Gunkitten & Gunpuppy) as your ally. None Kitten Meowsons
Spaceworld This stage is made up of the entire boss, and features several Space Aliens along with ???'s traps. Closing doors meaning you have to break them open, summoning lasers you have to dodge or laser grids you must find a way to destroy, and summoning Security Drones. This stage is ended by shooting explosive barrels. Elite Space Pirate ???
The Final Showdown This stage takes place in several segments which consist of all previous stages. After a quarter of a stage, Kitty Meowsons will appear. You then shoot him, and get sent to the next segment. After finally shooting him in Spaceworld, you appear in an active volcano with lava below you, and fireballs leaping up. This stage consists of enemies from each stage you go through. ??? (Spaceworld Segment) Kitty Meowsons
Dragon Skies This stage is by far one of the longest, but also most detailed. Dragons flying in the background, floating islands where dragons can sometimes break it in half and reach for you, and the entire mini-boss and boss. This stage consists of dragons, as the name implies. Hydra Chasmgon


Note - To view all of The Night Monster's text, you must highlight over it. Keep in mind that all italic text means it's in a DLC.

Name Description How to Beat Weapons
Treefury A giant tree that was angered by Guncat entering it's property, it is fought in the first stage Mechanical Forest.  You have to fire into Treefury's eye to damage him, and while he's spinning you must go over him. While he's recharging from the spin, you are able to attack him in the mouth. Treefury attacks by slamming down giant branches, spitting out sticks, and spinning across the screen.
Haunted Ballerinas Three haunted ballerinas that have one mission - destroy Guncat. They smile eerily and their battle music is disturbing. They're fought in the second stage Eerie Dollhouse Since there are three different ballerinas, you have to take them all out. It is recommended to take out the middle one, then the top and lower one. In the second phase when they all attach together, you just have to take out each limb one by one. The leaping attack is easy to avoid, you just have to quickly get under it. They attack by rushing at Guncat, having their heads shoot smaller homing versions of themselves, and in the second phase leaping at Guncat.
Tuxedo Rex A Tuxedo wearing T-Rex that Guncat stepped on the tail of, angering it. He's fought in the third stage Prehistoric Treetops Tuxedo Rex is one of the more simple bosses in Guncat. You just have to go above him or below him when he rushes, get to the far left or right to the screen when he's about to crush you, and you just have to take out the Top Hat Pteradactyls quickly. His mouth is the weak point for this boss, but you have to wait until he rushes to be able to hit it. Tuxedo Rex will rush at you and try to eat you, try to crush you with his tail, and will summon three Top Hat Pteradactyls to kill you.
The Night Monster A monster that you can only see the black outline of, it is hostile to anything and everything. It's fought in the fourth stage Blackout Mansion. The Night Monster marks when Guncat begins to get more hard. You have to dodge his hands, get to the far left when the screen gets coveed in darkness and hope nothing hits you, take out the Night Minions as they can also cover the screen in darkness, and destroy the bits he throws at you. If you don't destroy a bit of him in time, he regenerates that bit. Destroying the bits is the only way to hurt him. The Night Monster will grab at you with his hands, cover the screen in darkness for 1-5 seconds, summon Night Minions, leap at you, and throw bits of himself at you.
Mecha-Gundog Gundog's Mecha Robot from the previous game has returned. He's upgraded it to make it even more dangerous! Fought in the fifth stage Gundog's Castle. To beat Mecha-Gundog, you'll have to focus on each of his attacks. When he tries to smash you, you have to attack his fists as eventually they break off. When he shoots homing missiles, you can actually reflect them with your attacks. When he stomps, you have to fire the rocks at his own legs. When he tries to summon the tiny Gundog Robots, you have to take them all out and then attack his head and the screen will break. Once you break off his fists, mouth, legs, and screen then you have beaten Mecha-Gundog. It's time to pursue Gundog! He tries to smash you with his fists, he shoots homing missiles out of his mouth, he can stomp to make rocks fall, and he can summon tiny Gundog Robots whenever he wants.
 Gundog It is finally time to take down Gundog once and for all in a three stage boss battle. Gundog is fought in the sixth stage Gundog's Hidden Lair. Gundog's first stage revolves around him mirroring you. He'll follow your movements, fire at the same time you fire, use his super at the same time, etc. However, after using his super, he'll be vulnerable for a bit of time. Once you deal enough damage, you'll begin the second stage. During this stage, you'll have to try and knock his Mecha-Gundog's head into the mountains. To achieve this, you'll have to save your supers for when a mountain appears. Remember, mountains will cause you to die. Once Mecha-Gundog's head has hit the mountains three times, the final stage begins. It's Guncat vs Gundog in a fair fight. It's up to you to use your skills and strategies learned to take out Gundog once and for all, as he used his Pancake Launcher, supers, and rushes at you. Once you have defeated Gundog, Kitty Meowsons appears and while Guncat is distracted with Gundog knocks you out before knocking Gundog out too. It's up to you to put a stop to Kitty Meowsons as all the minions Gundog once had control of now works for him. However this time, Gundog is on your side. In the first stage, Gundog will use his Pancake Launcher and his super Pancake Explosion. In the second stage, he'll fire missiles out of his mecha's eyes (and sometimes laserbeams.) In the third stage, he'll actually use the Pancake Launcher + and his user is Pancake Explosion +.
King Sugar The brainwashed king of the seventh stage Sugar Island, King Sugar is ready to kill any intruders - including Guncat and Gundog. King Sugar is a bit of a breather boss after Gundog. To beat him, you simply dodge the weapons he throws at you and then fire at him. He only takes 20 hits to defeat - however, when you only need to deal two more hits out to finish him, he will start throwing his weapons faster and begin to teleport around. Defeating King Sugar reveals Kitty Meowsons to be behind his brainwashing. He then sends his daughter Princess Gumdrop to aid Guncat and Gundog on their journey. King Sugar will throw Daggers (fast but don't deal much damage), Swords (slower and deal more damage) and Molten Blades (slowest but are a 2HKO and set you on fire.)
Kitten Meowsons The younger version of Kitty Meowsons, he fights Guncat and Gundog when they get sent back in time and transformed back into kids. He's the boss of Stage 8 - Past Troubles. Kitten Meowsons has multiple phases - in the first one, he will charge at Gunkitten/Gunpuppy with a giant sword you need to go all the way to the left/right to avoid. To go onto the next phase, you'll have to destroy his shield. Once you enter the second phase, he grabs a flamethrower and attempts to burn the younger versions of Guncat & Gundog alive. The only way to just keep moving. To go onto the final phase, you must strike Kitten Meowsons three times while resting after firing his flamethrower. The final phase includes Kitten Meowsons using Portal Guns to teleport the player closer to him, making black holes that will kill whatever goes into them, and firing a machine gun. To finish Kitten Meowsons, you must get him to fire his machine gun at a portal - this will cause the bullets to go through it and if you angled it correctly hit him. Repeat three times and he's done. In the 3DS & Nintendo Switch versions, Kitten Meowsons simply hops back through a portal to go back to the present time. While in the V2 & Super Gamer ports, Kitten Meowsons gets knocked out and falls into a black hole. Kitten Meowsons uses a Giant Sword in the first phase, a flamethrower in the second phase, and in the third phase he'll use Portal Guns, Black Holes, and Machine Guns.
 ??? A mysterious space station Guncat & co. enter in the ninth stage Spaceworld, it activates it's security and attempts to eradicate them. This boss is both the longest bosses as well as an easy boss due to the fact it's the entire stage. Throughout the stage, ??? will randomly close doors, summon lasers, and bring out Security Drones to take you out. All you have to do to defeat ??? is to make it to the end of the stage and shoot the explosive barrels (you must be outside of the space station) exploding it and destroying ???. Summoning Security Drones and Lasers
Kitty Meowsons The "final" boss of the game, is Kitty Meowsons himself. Armed to the brim with weapons, he's the boss of Stage 10 - The Final Showdown. Kitty Meowsons is the final challenge you face in the base game, so therefore he's very dangerous. In his first stage, you must dodge him when he rushes at you and tries to stab you with his sword (a one hit kill attack), however this is different from fighting Kitten Meowsons. After three rushes, he pulls out a flamethrower and begins trying to burn you alive. When this attack happens, you must attack the Water Spirits he summons at you and knock them into his Flamethrower which puts the fire out. You then attack him, and he repeats from the sword rush. After you've dealt enough damage, he will jump into a giant mech suit beginning phase 2. In this phase, he shoots portals and black holes like the previous fight but instead of a machine gun, he'll now use a rocket launcher. This phase has you armed with his flamethrower, and you must burn a hole through his mech suit before making him explode himself with a rocket (the rocket must hit the part you burned a hole through). After twice of this, his mech suit explodes leaving you and him weaponless. This is the hardest phase of the battle now as your only armed with a shield. This phase has you blocking his attacks before throwing the shield at him to stun him, and then whacking him. After you've dealt enough hits, you will pick up the weapon he's been using in this phase (a dagger) and stab him with it, finally killing him off once and for all, but only in the V2 & Super Gamer ports. In the Nintendo Switch & 3DS Version, you instead knock him out with your shield and hit him so hard he gets sent into space. Kitty Meowsons uses a Giant Sword and Flamethrower in the first phase aswell as summoning Water Spirits. In the second phase, he uses a portal gun, black holes, and a rocket launcher. In the third phase, he uses a dagger.
Chasmgon The boss of the DLC exclusive stage Dragon Skies, this mythical dragon statue had been brought to life and roams the world, often winning battles against any fool who thinks they can challenge him. Chasmgon acts like a god, but he isn't. He can shoot giant fireballs, summon dangerous rainstorms, send down bolts of thunder, summon earthquakes that will split the above floating islands into half causing them to fall, and of course fly, Chasmgon is a force to be reckoned with. Chasmgon is a very difficult boss fight, due to you needing to memorize his battles. This battle, you will have Cosmic Elemental as an ally who will help you by shooting a Star Blast at Chasmgon to deal massive damage. However, his star blast has a long cooldown, and for the end he must star blast Chasmgon to win. Everytime Chasmgon gets hit by a Star Blast, he gets another move. Starting off, he'll be shooting giant fireballs which will bounce off the top and bottom of the level, meaning that you must be prepared to quickly dodge them. Next, he'll summon rainstorms along with bolts of thunder that will slow you down and stun you, allowing him to follow up with fireballs. Finaly, he'll be summoning earthquakes on the above floating islands causing them to fall down trying to crush you - you can turn the tides by getting above or under Chasmgon, causing the floating island to hit him too. Keep in mind that all of his attacks count as 2 hits instead of 1. After dealing enough hits to Chasmgon, he'll fly away, but not before saying that you are the true ruler of the skies now. Chasmgon uses giant fireballs, rainstorms, thunder, and falling floating islands to kill you.


Name Description How to Beat Weapons
The Woodchopper A giant mechanical axe that's alive. This is the first miniboss of the game, and is in Stage 1 - Mechanical Forest This is an incredibly basic miniboss. You have to dodge him when he rushes at you, causing him to chop down a tree, that falls on him. However, if the tree falls on you, you will basically die. When the tree falls on him three times, he's dead. However, don't get close to him, as even when dead he can do a swing to cut you into pieces. The Woodchopper attacks by rushing at you. If you get too close to him, he'll do a quick swing and cut you into pieces.
Dog Doll This is the miniboss of Stage 2 - Eerie Dollhouse, it's a dog doll brought to life. This miniboss is a step up compared to the previous one. He has three attacks - he can dig up bones and throw them at you, in which you must dodge the bones and shoot him while digging. Next, he'll rush you and strike you down with his claw. This attack deals massive damage, and all you can do is go to the top part of the screen to avoid it. Finally, he'll "possess" you and invert all of your controls. He will then combine his two moves. This is only when he has 25% of his health left, and again you shoot him while digging. Dog Doll attacks by digging up and throwing bones, rushing you to claw you, inverting your controls and combining the previous two moves.
Dilomancphaurus This is the miniboss of Stage 3 - Prehistoric Treetops, it's an angry dinosaur diplomat. This miniboss is easy to beat, however you'll have to get good at dodging in order to beat him. Besides dodging his attacks to hit him, you also have to quickly begin shooting when he glows, or else he will permanently deal double the damage for the whole battle and speed up a bit. Dilomancphaurus attacks by throwing dictionaries, rushing at you, leaping up from the bottom of the tree, and spitting venom at you.

Beta Elements

  • Originally, Kitty Meowsons was going to take up the final character slot instead of Spaceship. This was changed as in the full game they ended up having Kitty Meowsons being the final boss and there being an extra stage for the boss fight.
  • Gundog used to use his Doggone Gun in this, but it was changed to the Pancake Launcher for him to be more of an opposite to Guncat.
  • There used to be splitscreen co-op, but this was removed for unknown reasons. This was added back in for Nintendo Switch.
  • Seen in the screenshots of when it got revealed at E3, the character select screen had room for 20 characters while back then there were only going to be 8 plus Kitty Meowsons. It was later revealed that you would of been able to select 11 different allies then in the character select screen. This was removed in later versions for you to actually have to find the allies in each level, as well as there being less allies. However, the character select screen for V2 still shows all the allies in the game - except selecting an ally just shows you on the current stage where it is.
  • Turtleman used to wield a broken beer bottle that he'd try to stab enemies with, but these were changed to Butter Saws to keep with the previous game.
  • Originally, there would of been seperate stages for each playable character like the previous game. Due to the added stage amount and system limitations, they were unable to do this.
  • The game originally went under the title of 'Guncat V Gundog: The Return!' before it was decided on Guncat: Return of Gundog!

Version Differences

  • In the 3DS/Nintendo Switch versions, after defeating Kitten Meowsons he goes through a portal back to the present time. However, in the V2 & Super Gamer ports of the game, he insteads gets knocked out and falls into a black hole.
  • The V2 & Super Gamer ports have certain enemies and bosses (like King Sugar) have different colored blood come out of them when you shoot them. However, in the 3DS/Nintendo Switch versions this isn't the case.
  • The 3DS/Nintendo Switch version requires you to seperately buy the DLC, but because of it being ported to V2 & Super Gamer later, it comes with the DLC.
  • The V2 version has the "classic" Character Select Screen shown at E3, however selecting an ally in it just shows you where on the stage the ally is. This is the same on the 3DS version, and the Nintendo Switch version also has the classic character select screen - but just shows you which allies are available in the stage.
  • The Nintendo Switch version features splitscreen co-op, while the other versions don't.
  • You kill off Kitty Meowsons in the V2 & Super Gamer versions, however in the 3DS/Nintendo Switch versions you instead send him into space.


Guncat: Return of Gundog! features several DLC. Keep in mind that all DLC comes packaged in on the V2 & Super Gamer versions.

Guncat X Elementals ($5)

Released 7/1/17 (3 months after Elementals 2 came out for Nintendo Switch), Guncat X Elementals features an exclusive ally, a brand new stage featuring a brand new boss, and allowed you to play tracks from Elementals & Elementals 2 instead of the normal music.

Expansion Pass ($30.00)

This "DLC" released day 1, and would give you all future DLCs the second they came out. This DLC also allows you to customize the color of every character as a reward for spending $30 on it instead of buying all DLC seperately.

Guncat Vs. Gundog: Kitty Meowsons & The Assassin's League ($10)

When a league of Kitty Meowsons' former allies hear of his fate, they plan to destroy Guncat and Gundog forever for their crimes. As such, they most go through five brand new stages to defeat the assassins... and a bonus stage. This DLC comes with more story, 6 bosses, and a new ally.


Creationary Critic gave the game a Solid with Potential rating (equal to a 2/5, or a 40/100) while the game was in progress. Creationary Critic enjoyed the concept and said the gameplay was nice, however stated the story is nothing groundbreaking.

Double Draw (in the Quick Draw format) gave the game a Jack Rank (equal to a 1/4, or a 25/100) while the game was in progress. The Story and Gameplay got a 7, while Structure got a 6.

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