Gundog, I-I thought you changed! I trusted you!
Guncat, in the intro of Guncat: Return of Gundog!

Guncat is the titular protagonist of the Guncat (Series). She's a gun wielding cat who loves waffles, blueberries, and guns. She made her first appearance in the 1987 NES game Guncat: Fighting Gundog!. In the game, she used a Waffle Launcher and was trying to defeat her nemesis Gundog. After the original game, she didn't make an appearance in a Guncat game until Guncat: Return of Gundog! in 2017. It has been confirmed that the land she lives in was called Gunland - however, the planet she lives in is still unknown.


Guncat is a gun-loving cat from an unknown planet. She loves testing out guns, fighting, and talking to her friends. Although she rarely shows anyone, she also has a hidden bottle cap collection that currently has 100 bottle caps. She searches far and wide for bottle caps - sometimes she pickpockets strangers just to get one. She also has a tendency to let her cat instincts take over when she's relaxed.


Guncat is an anthromorphic brown tabby cat who usually wields a Waffle Launcher (A Rocket Launcher that fires Waffles). She has dark green eyes. Sometimes when the weather is cold, Guncat wears a knit cap.

Appearances in Games



When Guncat was younger, she and Gundog were best friends. However, sometime before the first Guncat game, Gundog suddenly changed and began attacking Guncat. After Guncat fought Gundog off, he became her nemesis. Inbetween the games Guncat: Fighting Gundog! and Guncat: Return of Gundog!, Gundog started to become nicer to Guncat and she thought he changed. However, in Return of Gundog, it turns out that Gundog was just using Guncat - and began to take over Gunland once again.

Kitty Meowsons

Guncat never thought highly of Kitty Meowsons. He was a bully, a jerk, and a thief - all mixed into one. Throughout her life, Kitty Meowsons has attempted to kill Guncat four times. If Guncat could remove one person from the universe, she would pick Kitty Meowsons without hesitating.

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