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Gumball & Mint
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises.png
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend.png
Platform(s) ElectriTablet
Genre(s) RPG
Series Gumball
Predecessor Gumball: The Tastebuds
Successor Gumball: Gobstopper Quest
Release Date(s) November 2013
Mode(s) 1 player
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg3Rating.png
Media Included ElectriTablet chip

Gumball & Mint: The Golden Chocolates is an RPG in the Gumball series, made by Electric Enterprises. It was released after Gumball: The Tastebuds and before Gumball: Gobstopper Quest, even though production started afterwards. It is planned to release around November 2013.

This game features characters new and old. Gameplay is similar to the Mario & Luigi series, with Gumball and Mint on a quest together.

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