Gum Flower
Gum Flower New
The Gum Flower's Newer Appearance
Item Type Power-Up
First Appearance Galactic Defender Rosalina
Latest Appearance Galactic Defender Rosalina

 The Gum Flower is a Flower Power-Up that appears in some Mario Games, its appearance differs slightly between games however its abilities remain the exact same.


The Gum Flower has two distinct appearances, the original appearance and the New Version.

Original Version

The Original Version of the Gum Flower appears similar to other common Flowers with although is coloured various shades of Pink, it doesn't appear any different aside from the colours.

New Version

The New Version of the Gum Flower changes its appearance somewhat, its body has become a sticky substance of Reddish-Pink and Purple while its leaves appear to be inflated pieces of gum, its head also has this feature. Inside the three inflated sections are three yellow balls that are suspended in the flower, the center ball contains its eyes.


In Gum form, the user can stretch their fists to attack enemies on a distance, melt to get through tight spots and even inflate to float for a brief time.


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