Guitar Hero: Tour of the Decade is a musical game much like

Guitar Hero World Tour and is due to be released in March 2011.

Guitar Hero World Tour instruments are compatible with the game,

along with the new instruments. It is rated T for some lyrics and

mild references.



The guitar is played like a normal guitar, but you must hold down

the correct fret button and strum. With glowing notes, you don't have

to strum. If you miss a glowing note, you must strum and then

continue not strumming. With slide notes (notes with purple outlines),

you can use the slide technique, which is using the slide panels, or

simply don't strum.


Basically playing guitar without using slide. The rules are the same,

and the notes are the same. Sometimes you'll have to play backing

vocals, so pay attention!


Pound on the colored drums to keep the beat! Sometimes with

pauses you'll get a chance to get some points with some sick fills!

Watch out for weird stuff though, like drum SOLOS.


If you've got a voice, use the microphone to sing famous songs. You

can also make your lyrics as long as there on time and pitch. Like

drums, you can go nuts and sing your heart out for points.


Axel Steel

Judy Nails

Lars Umlaut

Casey Lynch

Johnny Napalm


Gunner Jaxon

Memphis Rose

Skel E. Ton


Cooper Glam

Sara Haira

Riki Lee

Kelsey Crowe

Paul McCartney

Bill Wyman

Dave Grohl

Michael Jackson

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