Guadalupe Invalidez Female
160 lbs
24 years old Human
Guadalupe Invalidez, the Blue Jaguar
FULL NAME Guadalupe Invalidez
POWERS Cooking

Nycho Invalidez (cousin)

BIRTH LOCATION Pachuca, Hidalgo

Tacos, cooking, pranks, drinking beer


Guadalupe Invalidez is the cousin of Nycho Invalidez, who hung out with him originally when they were younger and her humor and personality more or less rubbed off on Nycho when he wanted to break out of his timidness. The character was created by Helena Harper (t∣b∣c) as another character to help develop Nycho Invalidez's background and character since he has become part of Unten's group.

Guadalupe Invalidez is Nycho Invalidez's cousin and both formed a friendship since they were younger. After Camilia Espina encouraged Nycho to open up more, he began to take more on of Guadalupe's personality traits, which tended to be reckless and in the name of humor. She works at a taco restaurant as her job and as such, tends to cook up tacos and other mexican cuisine when over at other people's houses, often going out to the grocery store to get ingredients. She is notably very harsh on poor cooking, although she claims she's the furthest thing from a professional cook.


Guadalupe is a brown-skinned woman with black hair, which is drooped over the left side of her face to cover her left eye. It is also styled into pigtails, which have blue bows. Her eyes have a green color and she has sharp teeth. She wears a blue blouse with a diamond star pattern printed across it and a blue shirt, as well as a pair of black socks and blue heeled shoes.


Guadalupe Invalidez acts somewhat similar to Nycho, usually making somewhat crass and random remarks. She has a somewhat inflated sense of self-importance to herself, although not to what she sees as a obnoxious degree. She acted out as a kid to get attention, and continues to do so as a adult, and can be seen as fairly immature by others around her. She has no real filter, just like Nycho. She differs somewhat in that she actually does care about her appearance, where as Nycho just puts whatever is lying on the floor in the morning.

While she holds herself in high regard, she prides herself most in her cooking, which she will stop at nothing to share with others. She will often stop on a dime to go grocery shopping for proper ingredients, and this is where Nycho's fascination for high-quality food likely stems from. She judges other people's cooking fairly harshly, although she admits she's far from a professional cook herself. She has been able to actually leverage her talent at her job to get a higher pay due to her talent, unusually so considering she works at a fast food restaurant.


Just Like Old Friends

While not mentioned directly, Nycho mentions a cousin that he wants to play a prank on at the end of the story. This is revealed to be Guadalupe in her debut, as Nycho feels obligated to have her over at the firehouse for accidentally destroying her toilet.

Rendered NULL

Guadalupe Invalidez appears in Rendered NULL in Chapter 2, living in the firehouse that Nycho owns while her toilet gets fixed.

Powers and Abilities

Guadalupe Invalidez lacks any kind of super power, not even a hint of Nycho's weird strength. She is quite capable of getting what she wants, however, and usually haggles to get the best prices on her food. Many grocers have learned to fear her, as she usually holds up lines for a hour over the prices of twenty or less items. She lacks any kind of fighting style and has zero interest in fighting, as it would get in the way of what she feels truly matters in life.


Nycho Invalidez

Guadalupe is the cousin of Nycho Invalidez and influenced his current personality through their close friendship growing up. The two still play pranks on each other and have a great deal of respect for each other, usually talking about the same man or woman together to figure out if they're worth the time perusing. Guadalupe feels as if she's getting more distant from Nycho thanks to his increased involvement with the "Fantendo Smash Bros.", which she has no interest in.


Guadalupe is jealous of Nycho and her's growing friendship, often making jeers about how naive she tends to be. Unten and her have a mutual dislike of her, although Guadalupe can't stand to do anything more than make somewhat passive-agressive comments towards her because deep down she realizes that Obena makes Nycho happy.

Unten Bluzen

Guadalupe doesn't like Unten Bluzen because he is the leader of the "Fantendo Smash Bros.", which is taking away from time her and Nycho could spend together. She does bond over their mutual dislike of Obena, although Guadalupe would really rather not talk to Unten at all. She has however, grown interested in some of the other members of team.


  • Guadalupe is the name of a Mexican palm fruit that is endangered due to goats eating the seeds. It is also the name that Mexicans used for Mary from the Bible, although Guadalupe Invalidez is not particularly religious or related to Mother Mary.
  • Guadalupe primarily flirts with men over women, although has had relationships with both genders and considers herself bisexual just like Nycho Invalidez. The two often compare notes about the same people and whether they're worth pursuing.