Grimoire of Gaia (called Shiroi majo no Saga: Episodo 2 in Japan.) Is a Horror RPG created and published by Scarce Gaming for the AtHome on February 27, 1992. It focused on the adventures of Haru against the White Witch (named Gaia in the American version.)'s attempt to destroy Earth.



  • Harumeite Kuru (Wanderer) - Bringer of Spring. Destroyer of Gaia. Wields a Kunai.
  • Saku Sakura (Engineer) - Creates Arma. Wields a pistol.
  • Endo Obu Deizu (Cryptozoologist) - King of Gaians, Gaia's ancestor species. Wields a Gaia Staff.


  • Gaia no Gurimoa - Attacker of Earth. Mankind's enemy since the Stone Age.
  • Fuyu no Satsujin-Sha - Gaia's partner in crime. More serious and straight-to-the-point than Gaia.
  • Naitokira Mizumi - Last remaining Gaian.

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