Grieve is the main villain in the Radioactive series, who appears as the ultimate evil of Tess and the tournament grand master. He is known as the evilest person alive, stopping at nothing to defeat his counterpart, Tess. He often dresses like Tess, so that people who witness his misdeeds will automatically think she is responsible. Due to the severity of the evil Grieve possesses, some of his evil and psychotic tendencies were left in Tess, but she has since recovered from them.


Previously, Grieve had only existed within Tess, being expressed at her darkest of moments, however, upon the crash, they somehow managed to separate and become individual entities. Grieve then became the host of the Radioactive tournament, to try and kill off video game characters, only to be stopped by Tess. 


Grieve wears a toxic mask to cover his face from others, the only thing showing through is his orange eyes. He also wears a black cloak, with a hood over his head. The lower half seems to have cracks in it, where radioactive-looking ooze appears to glow through.


Grieve is evil and wicked, solely wanting to cause chaos and destruction. He doesn't have a care in the world, all he wants to do is bring down Tess in every way possible, and make her suffer. 


Grieve has the power to manipulate darkness, and he also has a lot of expertise in creating weapons and bombs. 


Tessellate: Bad Luck

Grieve appeared in Tiffany's dream, startling her. She doesn't know who he is, or what his purpose is, raising more questions for Tiffany.

Tessellate: Mind Games



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  • Grieve was the biggest villain Bleak Moonlight (tbc) had ever created.
  • Grieve was always intended to be a big character since the creation of Tess, which is indicated through the Radioactive teaser poster.
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