The American and European boxart.
Developer(s) Popple Co.
Publisher(s) Popple Co.
Platform(s) Nintendo GT.
Single Player, Multiplayer, Challenge, Minigames.
Genre(s) Puzzle/Adventure

Gridlock is a puzzle adventure game for the Nintendo GT. It is developed by Popple Co.. In this game, Spaghetti has to save her little brother Noodle from Lord Gridlock.


One day, Spaghetti's parents decided to go on an adult-time holiday, and left Spaghetti and Noodle behind to watch the house. Spaghetti heads to the mailbox and finds a letter from Linguini.

Dear Spaghetti

How would you and Noodle like to have a picnic with me at Lollipop Lake, we can eat sandwiches and swim, it will be fun!

Your friend, Linguini.

So the two siblings head over to the Lake, where Linguini is, and they eat some sandwiches, Spaghetti and Linguini decide to go swimming, Noodle doesn't like water, so he stays on shore, suddenely, a huge airship floats down, and something snatches Noodle, it is revealed to be Lord Gridlock, who wants to use Noodle as a lab rat for his Evil-Matic 3000, that makes anything evil! When the two return, Spaghetti sees that her brother is missing and sees The Airship up in Shreiking Sky, Lord Gridlock laughs and Spaghetti heads ahead to save her brother!


There are two types of Gameplay in this game, in Adventure Spaghetti ventures across terrain defeating enemies and maybe a Miniboss. In Puzzle, she has to match up Keys to different Doors by aiming in the right place and matching up columns.



Name Sprite Description Ability
Spaghetti SpaghettiSprite Spaghetti is a girl who has to save her brother from Lord Gridlock, she is Player 1's character. "Glamour Jump" - Spaghetti can levitate after jumping for a short time.
Linguini LinguiniSprite Linguini is Spaghetti's best friend who has a giant crush on her but refuses to admit it, he is Player 2's character. "Tough Guy Slam" - Linguini can punch enemies.
Arthur ArthurSprite Arthur is a swordsman and Spaghetti's cousin. He is usually silent, he is Player 3's character. "Sword Slash" - Arthur attacks multiple enemies at once with his sword.
Crim CrimSprite Crim is Noodle's babysitter and is older than the rest of the playable characters, she is extremely rebellious and loves music. She is Player 4's character. "Note Rampage" - Crim turns on loud music, which shoots Notes that hurt enemies.

Good NPC's

Name Sprite Description Role
Noodle NoodleSprite Noodle is Spaghetti's brother, he has been captured by Lord Gridlock. Hostage
Croak CroakSprite Croak is a wise frog and hosts Item Shops, he also gives advice and hints. Shopkeeper

Bad Guys

Name Sprite Description Role

Lord Gridlock/largeGridlock

LordGridlockSprite Lord Gridlock wants to use Noodle as a lab rat for his Evil-Matic 3000. Main Villain/Final Boss
Sliver SliverSprite Sliver is Gridlock's assitant and a snake-like creature. Boss
Roary the Lion RoarySprite Roary is a lion with a violent temper and likes to pounce. Boss
Freez and Cool FreezCoolSprite Two chilly brothers who work a tag team. Bosses
Boogah BoogahSprite A ghost who can dissapear at will. Boss
Plantosaur PlantoasurSprite A mutated plant who is carniviorus. Boss
Snapper SnapperSprite A crab creature who is a pirate. Boss


Name In-game Screenshot Description Theme Boss
Lollipop Lake N/A A lake and a simple world, with easy enemies and lots of tutorials. Beach Snapper
Taffy Forest N/A A mass jungle with lots of different paths, it is very easy to get lost here. Jungle Plantosaur
Gummy Grotto N/A A scary place with ghost enemies and a Ghost power-up. Horror Boogah
Snowcone Tundra N/A A chilly area with very cold enemies. Snowy Freeze and Cool
Peppermint Volcano N/A A very hot and spicy volcano with fiery enemies. Volcanic Roary the Lion
Jelly Labs N/A A lab with lots of mechanical enemies. Laboratory Sliver
Shrieking Sky N/A Lord Gridlock's airship floats in the sky. Sky Lord Gridlock


  • Snapper
  • Plantosuar
  • Boogah
  • Freeze and Cool
  • Roary the Lion
  • Sliver
  • Lord Gridlock


  • Keys - The coins of Gridlock.
  • Soda - Fills up Energy Bars.
  • Ghost Sheet - Turns the Character into their Ghost form.


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