Greninja (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Pokemon
Official Debut Pokemon X and Y (2013)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Battle Bond: Ash-Greninja

Greninja is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and comes from Generation 6 in Pokemon. Greninja retains each voice actors in their respective region, due to different names in the respective regions.


Outside of custom move changes, Greninja mostly stays the same from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. He gets a new Final Smash thanks to Ash-Greninja being from the Battle Bond Ability.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Water Shuriken Throws a charagable water shuriken. Hold to charge.
Side Special Shadow Sneak Silently sends a shadow forward. Letting go zips Greninja to the location the shadow is.
Up Special Hydro Pump Unleashes a powerful blast of water that can change directions.
Down Special Substitute Poses. If hit during the pose, places a Substitute doll and then strikes foes with a kick.
Final Smash

Battle Bond: Ash-Greninja

Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Water Pulse Blast a pulse of water that multihits and after a fixed distance, it detonates.
Side Special Smack Down Tosses a small rock that does more damage to aerial foes.
Up Special Waterfall Greninja travels faster up a waterfall that multihits foes.
Down Special Mat Block Slams its foot on a mat to bring it upright for about 2 seconds. The mat blocks projectiles, but does not deflect, and blocks attack.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Extrasensory Detonates Psychic energy in a fixed distance. The energy is undetectable, but weak.
Side Special Night Slash Delivers a swift slash that shifts Greninja behind its foes. It's not a counter.
Up Special Quick Attack Greninja delivers a quick rotating tackle that multihits. Can control the direction.
Down Special Spikes Lays down spikes that damages foes minorly. The spikes disappear after 5 seconds.

Ground Attacks

Jab: Delivers a punch. Press for another. Press and hold for an infinite jab that stops with an underhand hand strike. The non infinite press releases a water burst with two hands.

Side Tilt: Delivers a spin kick.

Up Tilt: Swipes upward with the tongue

Down Tilt: Quickly kicks with a foot.

Side Smash: Delivers a slash from a water blade.

Up Smash: Uses water blades to slash up and then out.

Down Smash: Uses water blades to slash forward and backwards with both hands.

Dash Attack: Does a sweep kick.

Get Up (On Back):

Get Up (On Face):

Get Up (Trip):

Air Attacks

Neutral: Focuses a short multi-hit burst of water 

Forward Air: Delivers a horizontal slash with a water blade.

Back Air: Delivers two kick behind it.

Down Air: Greninja swipes downward with water blades

Up Air: Spins and delivers a multihit drill kick with both feet.


Pummel: Does a horizontal slashes with a water blade.

Forward: Punches foe forward

Back: Kicks the foe behind

Down: Slams the foe down.

Up: Throws its foe upward similar to its "beam" animation pose.


Crawl: Yes

Wall Cling/Jump: Both

Tethering: No

Jump Number: 2

Standing Still: Poses like all Greninja do in Pokemon X and Y

Idle: Stretches arms out far

Idle 2: Does a ninja hand gesture with both hands

Entry: Comes out of a Pokeball and does a ninja hand gesture.

Special Animations

Up Taunt: Does a ninja pose that serves as its "beam" special attack animations.

Side Taunt: Jerks its head to move its tongue. 

Down Taunt: Creates two geysers of water from its hands. Geysers do minor damage.

Victory Animation: Greninja uses Double Team in a ninja pose.

Victory Animation 2: Greninja does ninja gestures before posing

Victory Animation 3: Greninja sends Water Shurikens before landing in camera sight, posing in the standing still animation. 

Team Victory Animation (Charizard): Charizard uses Fire Pledge while Greninja uses Water Pledge.

Team Victory Animation (Decidueye): Decidueye uses Grass Pledge while Greninja uses Water Pledge.

Team VIctory Animation (Sheik):

Team Victory Animation (Ryu Hayabusa):

Trophy Info


Number 658, Greninja, the Ninja Pokemon. This Pokemon evolves from Frogadier. This Pokemon can create very powerful shurikens with compressed water and toss them. Greninja, like its namesake, is a ninja like Pokemon who toys with prey with high speeds. Like real ninjas, its stealth and speed are the pride and joy of Greninja. The irony of Greninja is, that it has been discovered and put into the databases of each trainer's Pokedex once the trainer gets a Greninja. How is Greninja still considered a ninja after a Pokedex confirms its existence is beyond me.

Greninja (Alt)

Battle Bond: Ash-Greninja

Summoning all of its strength, Ash-Greninja form is born. In this new form, Greninja slams down on the ground, creating two water geysers. If any of the geysers hit, the opponents caught in them are subject to to a flurry of stronger Water Shurikens and slashes from a water blades. Ash-Greninja finishes its opponents off with a powerful punch. After the punch or the geysers fail to hit anything, Ash-Greninja turns back to normal and continues on in base form till the next use of this Final Smash. 

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Greninja Costumes
Default Blue It's appearance as depicted in all Pokemon games it appears in.
Palette Black Greninja's official "Shiny" variant.
Palette Black Greninja's black palette from Wii U/3DS
Palette White
Palette Pink
Palette Brown Brown body and light brown tongue for deset like appearances
Palette Purple
Palette Green Matches the woods with a green body and brown tongue
Palette Yellow
Alt Blue Takes Sidney's Gen 6 outfit as its own.
Alt Black The "shiny" also gains Sidney's Gen 6 outfit.
X-Over Blue Greninja gets a Shiekah suit based off of Sheik. No head wrappings
X-Over Black The "Shiny" variant also gets the Sheikah suit based off of Sheik. Again, no head wrapping.

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "Evidence" against Greninja is the the Pokedex entries and an icon of its secondary type "Dark".
  • Kirby regains the non-"Shiny" Greninja's headpiece and Water Shuriken as a Copy Ability.
  • Greninja's Victory Theme is the Battle Trainer! track from Pokemon X and Y.


  • Phoenix Wright's "Evidence" against Greninja is essentially the irony that Greninja was discovered despite being a Ninja Pokemon.
  • The Greninja in this game has two Abilities active (which is impossible to possess in the games), Battle Bond and Protean.  
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