Green Toad
Green Toad's basic appearance.
AGE 13.5
CLASS Friend
WEAPONS Poison Plant

Green Toad (also known as Greeny) is one of the many Toads in Toad Town, and Luigi's closest friend.

New Super Mario Bros.:Fusion

In New Super Mario Bros.:Fusion Green Toad moves into the Mushroom Kingdom getting a letter from Princess Peach saying to come to the castle and when you get there to fill the paperwork. When Green Toad gets there it turns out it was a suprise party. After the party the Koopalings kipnap Princess Peach. Green Toad then joins the hunt for Peach.

Super Mario Bros. V

In Super Mario Bros. V, Green Toad is the host of the Green Toad Houses, which reward you 1-Ups when you pop balloons.

Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island

In SMW 3: BTTI, Greeny functions as the host of all Toad Houses - yes, all of them. The 1-Up Houses, Star Houses, and Power-up Houses alike. What a busy guy! He will always give Luigi a nice prize (anything but amushroom) whenever they meet in a Power-up House.

Super Mario and the Quest for the Mushroom World

Green Toad reappears as a playable character in Super Mario and the Quest for the Mushroom World. Very much like in New Super Mario Bros.:Fusion, Green Toad adventures throughout the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach and Princess Daisy along with the help of Luigi, Blue Toad, and Mario.

Super Peach 3D Land

Green Toad appears as a playable character, exclusive to players playing through Download Play.

Splatoon x Mario Party

Green Toad appears as an NPC in Splatoon x Mario Party. Like the rest of the Toad Brigade, he needs help finding one of their friends.


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