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Green Shell
The Green Shell, as it appears in Mario Kart 8.
Item Type Weapon
Kind of Item Koopa Shell
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.
Roams around and travels in a straight line.
Red Shell

A Green Shell is a green-colored Koopa Troopa Shell. They are worn by the most common Koopas and can also be weapons in the Mario Kart Series. When stomping a Green Koopa, it will or hide in its shell or will be kicked out its shell. In both ways, the Green Shell could be used anyway. If it is used in spinoffs or sidescrollers, it always bounces off. This can hurt enemies, but Mario and co. as well.

Game Appearences

Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney

In Mario Basketball: Mushroom Tourney, they appear as a common item, that will bounce off walls unlike its counterpart, Red Shell.

Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey

In Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey, Green Shells once again return, serving the same purpose as they did before. This time, however, they also appear in Item Crystals, and sometimes Koopas will kick their shells down hills or Bullet Bill Blasters will shoot them down hills at Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Sage Quest

The Green Shell reappears in the Mario & Luigi series as a returning Bros. Attack, once again under the name 3D Green Shell, and being one of Luigi's Bros. Attack, which uses up 3 Bros. Points. It is obtained by finding all 10 Attack Pieces in Rabbit Village. It acts similar to how it did in previous installments, though the amount of hits is the same as in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Super Mario: Emoji Battle

A Green Shell appears as an unlockable item in Super Mario: Emoji Battle. When the Green Shell item is equipped it increases Koopa Troopa's Special by two ranks. Green Shell is a common item that can be unlocked by finding in Point Mode, or picking the right box in Koopa Troopa's Character Battle (75% chance). Collecting Green Shell items is Challenge 1 and 5 and clearing Green Shell hats is challenge 3 and 7 in Koopa Troopa's character battles. A Green Shell is also used as Koopa Troopa's Badge.

Mario Kart (arcade)

A Green Shell appears as an item in Mario Kart for the arcade. It travels straight and bounces off walls, going in a different straightforward direction.

Koopa Kart series

The Green Shell appears in every game in the Koopa Kart series, serving the same role as in Mario Kart. In most games, it can be obtained in the top five positions, while in Koopa Kart Wii and Koopa Kart 8, it is obtainable in the top seven positions.


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