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Again a new games from Zentech Studios, for this time, this is a XBOX 360 racin' game ! He are the second games from All-Star Squad Adventures games series.

Racin' Game from XBOX 360

A new games from Zentech Studios, a racing game like Mario Double Dash, or Mario Kart 7. He takes inspirations for one of part of All-Star Squad Adventures, when you need to win the Gravity Zero Brawl.


The Story begins into the Space-StarsShip, GreenKiss receive a message from Jennyfer, her girlfriend ;

" Hi Green-kun ! I have good news for you & your friends, the Racing Brawl from the Gravity City will be begins ! This is a luck for you to be more fast & famous ! I waiting you in front of the City Gates !  

                                      From Jenny-swan     "

More to come...

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