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Gray Demon
CLASS God of Rage

Gray Demon is a deity of the Fantendoverse, representing anger and rage. The other gods viewed his powers and nature as dangerous and a threat to their peaceful existence, so they trapped him in a pocket dimension where he was weakened. After thousands of years, he finally regrows his power and begins his quest to get revenge.

He's the main antagonist of Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy. Reception has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy

Gray Demon appears in the game as the main antagonist, his goal being to assimilate every planet and become the ultimate ruler of a hivemind to get revenge on the other gods for sealing him away. It's up to F.A.N.T to stop him and his invasion.

Physical Appearance

Gray Demon is a slender, tall creature made out of a grey slime that texturally resembles Smile. He can morph his body into many shapes, but his default form is humanoid with sharp claws, a floating base, a horned head, and dark red eyes.

We later learn that his true form is a giant, bubbling spherical monstrosity with several red eyes, and that his default form is just used for easier movement.


Gray Demon is incredibly powerful due to his status as a god. He can form his body into various shapes and use it as various types of weapons. He can also split himself up into blobs, open and create dimensions, and teleport.

When his blobs or he consume a creature, the creature will be assimilated into his hivemind, meaning it mindlessly follows Gray Demon and will attack anything it's instructed to, even it's friends and family.


Despite being the God of Rage, one couldn't tell how angry Gray Demon is from first glance. This is because he's not outwardly angry usually, preferring a much more scary behavior: cold, quiet rage (although if things go wrong for him, he results to loud rage in the form of tantrums). He feels no mercy for anyone and will murder, steal, and lie to accomplish his goal of assimilation. Gray Demon's only friend is himself, and even that is debatable.

This personality isn't necessarily his fault though, considering that he was born for the purpose of anger and rage. He secretly just wishes that he was a normal person who could be loved, but he can't, making him the bitter god he currently is.


  • The character is a reboot of Gray Demon. Obviously.
  • This version was originally the secondary antagonist of Fantendo - Imperium and the primary antagonist of Season 2 of Fantendo - Gaiden.
  • The idea of rebooting Gray Demon came from a staff discussion, where the others had no use/space for Gray Demon. Sr.Wario, needing a villain for Legacy, took up the opportunity.