Grand Theft Fazbear
Developer(s) Rockstar Games, Fazbear Entertainment
Publisher(s) Nintenonysoft
Platform(s) Super PSBox One
Genre(s) Free-Roam
Series Grand Theft Fazbear
Predecessor None
Successor Grand Theft Fazbear 2: Pizza Dreams
Release Date(s) January 13th, 2015: North America

Jaunary 10th, 2015: Japan December 20th, 2014: Europe January 19th, 2015: Australia

Age Rating(s) M for Mature
Media Included Five Nights At Freddy's, Five Nights At Freddy's 2
"Grand Theft Fazbear" is a game that brings both universes of Five Nights At Freddy's and Grand Theft Auto, with characters from FNAF and the gameplay from Grand Theft Auto. It was developed by Rockstar Games and Fazbear Entertainment, and published by Nintenonysoft on the Super PSBox One. It was released in North America, Japan, Australia, and Europe all on different days. The game is said to come with full voice acting and Xbox One-like graphics.


The game plays much like Grand Theft Auto, with you shooting things and stealing cars and more. However, this time, you world you explore is WAY bigger, and crammed with new mechanics. One of them includes the new Pizzeria robberies. In these missions, you rob any nearby pizzerias and take their entire supply of dough, pizza toppings, and prizes. You can then sell these to Saint Rocky to get cold, hard cash. The BIG aspect of this game, though, is the fact it takes place in the WAAAAAAAAAAAY farther future, with chrome building and rocket boots. So you aren't just stealing cars. Your stealing cars under the watch of Everything Co, who are pretty much the animatronic police. You also have a wide variety of guns and other weapons to choose, along with new ones from the future.



Playable Characters


Image And Name Old Job Description Skins


Freddy Fazbear III

Worked at a honey-making company. Freddy Fazbear is no average robotic bear creature! He has a good handle on guns, and has the best strengh in the game. TBA


Foxy Rumpenheimer

Was a veteran in World War III. Foxy is an old war veteran. Because of that, he has the best control on guns, and has good speed and the best strengh. TBA


Chica Chickadia

Was the famous owner of a bib-making company. Chica is the only playable female in the game. Despite that, she's the only character who can fly over large gaps. She's the third-weakest. TBA


Bonnie Bunz

No job because Bonnie is a bum. Bonnie has had no jobs. Ever. Well, except the one time he helped four other robots rob a city blind. He has the worst speed, but second-best power. TBA


Barney "Balloon Boy"

Was once a circus preformer. Barney, while a mysterious psycho, is a smart robot overall. He can hover over enemies for a short time, but has TERRIBLE strengh. TBA

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