Grammar Hunt
Grammar Hunt is an upcoming new IP for Fuzzball Incorporated, set for a 2018 release on Steam. The game follows the carnage of an English-Language Arts teacher who has gone insane and into a murderous rampage to kill all of her studies, solely for the existence of their poor grammar, with the help of his partner, a straight-A student in his class who wants to get into his dream college and is bribed into helping Herr. The game is rated M for mature.


The game begins with our main protagonist, Dr. Graham Herr, grading papers in-class during his 9th period Language Arts class for 12th graders at Bernie Sanders High School (commonly known as BSHS) while the class is finishing up an assignment. He notices that, while the papers are well-written, he has to take many points off simply for poor grammar, like mixing up much and many, and your and you're. With ten minutes left until school ends, he calls on his students to read the answers they out for the assignment. As the students read their answers, Dr. Herr notices more and more that the poor grammar is everywhere, from usage of could of over could've, and mixing up there, their, and they're. Eventually, he snaps, just as the bell rings. The students quickly leave, and Dr. Herr, feeling a new murderous emotion inside of him solely due to the poor grammar, quickly leaves the classroom, with one thought on his mind; grammar.

That night, without any thought process, he seeks out his top student in class, Travis DeCallius, with a gun. Instead of killing him, however, Dr. Herr bribes him into helping him exact his "grammatical revenge" on the other students, in exchange for a chance for Travis to get a scholarship for his dream college. After some thought, Travis agrees, and gives Dr. Herr his default weapon, the Swiss Grammarmy Knife.




Main Characters

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TBA Dr. Graham Adam Herr is an aging, balding, get-me-out-of-here-ing Language Arts buff and English teacher at Bernie Sanders High School. Before the events of the game, he was a relatively kind but strict teacher who treated his students fairly and wasn't afraid to dish out a punishment or two if they broke the rules. However, upon realizing the grammar of his students is atrocious, it drives him to insanity and places him in a murderous rampage, where he targets the grammatically incorrect students that "plagued his life with depression and the constant need for knives".
TBA Travis DeCallius is a 12th grade student at BS High School, and the top student in Herr's class, being the only student with proper grammar. Typically, he has a snarky, smartass personality, but he manages to somehow be likable anyways. One fateful night, Herr approached him at his house when he was home alone, and he was bribed into helping Herr with his carnage in exchange for a scholarship to his dream college.


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Other NPCs

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TBA The Swiss Grammarmy Knife is...literally just a fucking knife. A Swiss Army knife, to be exact. This knife is the starter weapon for Dr. Herr in the game, and he prizes it, due to it being the thing that kills his first victim. It is a relatively small yet powerful knife that can be thrown to hit faraway opponents. Given to you by Travis as a gift at the beginning of the game


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TBA Bernie Sanders High School is the high school where Dr. Herr works and Travis attends. It is a relatively civilized school where the students are treated fairly. Dr. Herr, however, as a lasting grudge on the principal, who seems to be unphased by the poor handling of the poor sentence structure.



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