Graffiti Runner (Mario Form)

A Graffiti Mario as it appears in New Super Mario Sunshine.

Graffiti Mario (beta named Graffiti Runner) is a clone of Shadow Mario (similar to how a Cosmic Clone is a clone of Mario) that appears in New Super Mario Sunshine. Unlike Shadow Mario they usually try to chase Mario. But they have paint brushes (like Shadow Mario does) that can act as a wand by shooting goop from it. If Mario is hit by it, he will be covered in it and will sink Mario underground then causing him to lose a life. It can also paint on walls and makes the paint be able to transport A Graffiti Mario to another area. Mario can go in it as well but he has to spray it with F.L.U.D.D. in order for it to transport him to the same location. They can only be defeated by completing a certain challenge.

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