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Gotcha! is an umbrella game for smartphones, developed by sunset☀studios. Unlike most umbrella games, it takes on the form of a gacha strategy RPG, pretty much stealing its gameplay from Fire Emblem: Heroes. But hey, you're here for the wild and wacky cast, right?

The Arcade

Arcade Cabinet

You'll start at the Arcade at the beginning of every play session. It's here that gives you access to everything the game has to offer. For starters, you might wanna spend some well-earned Dolphins at the Gotcha Grabber machine.

Dolphin Ring

...Yeah. The currency for this game is just a dolphin floating through a ring. It's weird, I'll admit. And I don't really have any excuses. It's just the only thing I could find that worked even remotely.

Gotcha Characters

Gotcha Logo
Peach SSBUltimate
Mushroom Princess
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Parasol
Peach is the long-standing princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Though she's often kidnapped, she's shown over and over that she's well able to hold her own. Armed with a parasol, and skills to boast, Peach is a force to be reckoned with.
Peach creates a gust of wind with her parasol, pushing enemies a few spaces back.
Peach Beam
Peach shoots a concentrated pink laser at her enemies.
Peach Blossom
Cherry blossom petals fill the arena as Peach performs a dance, sending her enemies to sleep and spawning healing peaches.
Peach - TennisAces
Tennis Ace
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Racket
In her downtime, Peach loves to take part in various sporting events. Tennis is one of her favourites, and she's damn good at it! Watch out for this tricky courtside queen.
Ribbon Twirl
Peach dodges an attack while twirling around, and then hits her enemy with a ribbon.
Zone Shot
Peach hits her opponent with a tennis ball, dealing great damage. The catch is that you'll have to aim it properly.
Heart Shot
Peach fires several hearts, which will deal damage to foes, and heal allies.
Jennifer Goines
Jennifer Goines!
Travelling Primary
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Primary ○ Weapon: Rifle
Jennifer is... uh... where to begin? She's the head of Markridge, the leader of the Hyenas psuedo-terrorist group, a little bit crazy, and, most importantly, Primary! She can see through time in ways nobody can really understand, but she's a definite asset to Team Splinter.
Shots Fired
Jennifer fires a bullet from her rifle, dealing high damage at a long range.
Splinter Serum
Jennifer waves goodbye as she injects herself with the Splinter Serum, disappearing for a turn.
Primary Weapon
Jennifer drinks red tea, allowing her to channel Primaries across time. A machine is constructed around a selected opponent, removing them from the timestream.
Valkyrie Zelda
Valkyrie of Light
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Valkyrie ○ Weapon: Rapier
Zelda has taken on many appearances throughout her many incarnations. During the events of Hyrule Warriors, she would have dressed as a valkyrie in some concept art. This outfit is elegant yet... oddly practical.
Rapier Rush
Zelda thrusts her rapier forward, sending out a blast of light.
Light Arrow
Zelda shoots a light arrow, dealing heavy damage.
Focus Energy
Zelda is surrounded by a green energy, powering her up significantly. She can pass this effect onto allies.
Vengess Ava Nameless
Ava Ire!
Wrath Incarnate
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Host ○ Weapon: Axe
Ava Ire is a poor girl who was born with a demon named Wrathia haunting her. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, Ava merges her soul with her tormentor, giving her incredible powers.
Ava hits her enemy into the air with her axe, and creates a small fiery statue beside them.
Limbo Lenses
Ava puts on her Limbo Lenses, allowing her to see enemy stats, as well as find their weak point.
Moribund Malediction
Ava releases a massive heatwave, setting parts of the arena on fire, and boosting her stats.
Agent 8 - Splatoon 2
Agent 8!
Participant #10,008
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Octoling ○ Weapon: Octoshot
Agent 8 is just another passenger on the Deepsea Metro. Originally part of the Octarian Army, 8 wakes up without any memories, and is told to clear the stations of the metro and obtain the four thangs. With no other options, this poor octoling begins her journey to the promised land.
Splat Bomb
Agent 8 throws a bomb, which will inksplode at the end of the turn.
8 Ball
Agent 8 shoots an 8 Ball, which will deal damage to enemies it runs into, as well as act as cover.
Test Failed
If one or more 8 Balls are active, holes will open underneath them, causing them to fall off the stage. Depending on how many 8 Balls were active, opponents will explode into blue-green ink.
Spoiler Owl
Spoiler Owl!
Darth Vader is Luke's Father
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Owl ○ Weapon: Spoilers
On Spuunt's adventure through Termina, he encounters an asshole of an owl. Sure, Spoiler Owl gives Spuunt the Lens of Truth, but then he proceeds to spoil Star Wars. What a dick.
Lens of Truth
Spoiler Owl uses the Lens of Truth on an opponent, revealing their stats and providing a spoiler for their home series.
Wrong Channel
Spoiler Owl screams at an enemy, dealing damage and creating a large onscreen spoiler for whatever is relevant at the time. Frequently updated.
CN Leak
An entire, randomly selected episode of Steven Universe plays during the enemy's turn, preventing them from seeing. Great job, Cartoon Network.
Tumblr mwqd5yFwAv1qhsr6bo1 400
Cookie Cat!
Super Duper Yummy
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Astronaut ○ Weapon: Laser Blaster
Cookie Cat! He's a pet for your tummy! Cookie Cat! He's super duper yummy! Cookie Cat! He left his family behind! Cookie Caaaaat! Now available at Gurgens off Route 109!
Cookie Blast
Cookie Cat shoots three shots from his blaster - white, pink, and brown. It's like Neapolitan ice cream, but painful!
Limited Edition Healing
Cookie Cat hands out Cookie Cat® ice creams to his allies, healing them as they eat.
Interstellar Bang
A spacehsip crashes into an area selected by the player. With the press of a button and a single tear, Cookie Cat detonates the ship.
Agent 3 Artwork
Agent 3!
Veteran Newbie
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Inkling ○ Weapon: Hero Shot
Agent 3 was just your average teen inkling, until she was recruited to the Squidbeak Splatoon. Nowadays, she fights the Octarian menace with her fellow agents, and was recently brainwashed.
Agent 3 throws an oddly shaped bomb, which will move toward the nearest enemy and inksplode at the end of the turn.
Agent 3 shoots at a sponge to provide cover. From here, she can fire her Hero Shot with very limited range.
Agent 3 summons an Inkjet, allowing her to fly, and shoot exploding shots.
Inner Agent 3
Agent 3!
The Hero Within
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Inkling ○ Weapon: Hero Shot
The final challenge that Agent 8 must conquer is this odd memory of Agent 3. She's very skilled, and has removed her limiter, allowing her to use specials over and over!
Agent 3 throws an Autobomb, which will home in on a target and explode at the end of the turn.
Agent 3 uses a Splashdown, attacking enemies within her radius.
Autobomb Rush
Agent 3 throws a barrage of Autobombs, which will home in on enemies and eventually explode.
Madame Hydra
Madame Hydra
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: AI ○ Weapon: Electricity
Ophelia is... where to start? She started her life as a simple AI, who eventually gained consciousness and tapped into some dark magic. Since then, she hijacked her creator's invention - the Framework - and used the great minds within to construct herself an organic body. It comes complete with all sorts of cool powers, too!
Short Circuit
Ophelia throws a device at her enemy, before zapping it with electricity, causing a small electrical explosion.
Shatter Portal
Ophelia teleports to another spot in the map. The square she once stood on crumbles, leaving nothing but a void. Only 3 spaces can be inactive at a time.
Ophelia hooks an opponent up to the Framework, sending them into a paradise customised for them. She pulls the plug on the machine, killing the victim, but keeping their mind alive in the Framework.
Star Butterfly Gotcha
Star Butterfly!
Mewman Princess
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Wand
Star is the princess of Mewni, who wields a magic wand - a family heirloom passed down through generations. She's armed with countless spells, including some she created on her own!
Raspberry Ribbon Lasso
Shoots a ribbon of light at an opponent, wrapping them up and preventing them from moving or attacking on their next turn.
Shimmering Destructo Cannon
Star's wand turns into a bazooka, and she launches a magical missile, which causes an explosion that harms nearby targets.
Mega Narwhal Blast
Star shoots a flurry of rainbows and mini narwhals at her enemies, finishing up with a massive narwhal that will crush anybody it lands on.
Star butterfly blood moon ball outfit by wholuvcartoons-dbkg3hm
Star Butterfly!
Blood Moon Ball Dame
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Wand
Star's spells have all sorts of uses, and she seems to have one for every occasion. Need a new outfit? Radiant Shadow Transform! Need a bigger workspace? Sparkle Glitter Bomb Expand! This wand truly is powerful, as is whoever holds it.
Summoning Cloudy Charm
Star summons Cloudy to act as a shield for her.
Dagger Crystal Heart Attack
Star fires a barrage of crystal heart daggers from her wand, with a great range and high damage.
Spider With a Top Hat Blast
Star summons Spider With a Top Hat, who fires several rounds of bullets from his hat.
Breath of the wild linkle by hatsunation-dacml5x
Hero of Time?
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Archer ○ Weapon: Crossbow
Linkle... isn't the Hero of Time. But boy, does she believe she is. She sets herself out on a quest to save Hyrule, armed only with a crossbow, some fancy footwork, and her treasured compass. Surely nothing can go wrong, right?
Duplex Shot
Linkle fires two arrows from her crossbow.
Spin Kick
Linkle lunges forward in a spinning kick.
Cucco Swarm
Linkle throws a Cucco at her enemy, who will attack in reflex. A swarm of angry Cuccos will follow, dealing tremendous damage.
Mccree Blackwatch
Sharp Shooter
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Cowboy ○ Weapon: Gun
Jesse McCree is... uh... I'll be honest I just know he's the hot cowboy from Overwatch. I don't keep up with the lore.
Combat Roll
McCee rolls a few spaces to the side, then fires his gun.
McCree throws a flashbang, stunning the enemies temporarily.
McCree fires shots at every enemy within a scope of sight.
Mccree Summer
Safe Ass Motherfucker
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Lifeguard ○ Weapon: Gun
McCree got this skin for the summer event last year, and he's rocking the look! I'd let that lifeguard save me any day. It's high swoon.
McCree throws a lifering at an enemy, trapping them for a turn.
Stand Off
McCree simply fires his gun at an enemy. Deals more damage if McCree is further away from the target.
It's High Tide
A tidal wave hits the battlefield, dealing heavy damage to every enemy hit by it.
Amethyst - S3 Tied Hair
Most Mature Crystal Gem
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Gem ○ Weapon: Whip
Amethyst is a member of the Crystal Gems, who wields whips in battle. She often acts as the comic relief of the group, though she's got a bit of an inferiority complex. But by god if she isn't the best Crystal Gem!
Amethyst rolls into the enemy at a high speed. Can also be used to traverse a large number of spaces at once.
All Tied Up
Amethyst ties her enemy up with her whip, preventing them from moving and dealing a bit of damage.
Amethyst pulls two whips from her gem and uses them to fire bursts of energy at her opponent.
Pearl Octo Expansion
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Inkling ○ Weapon: Dualies
MC.Princess in da house! With a steady win streak of 6 Splatfests currently, Pearl is dominating the competition with a healthy dose of mayo and cake. And her girlfriend, Marina, of course!
Action Dodge Roll
Pearl dodge rolls away, and an explosion occurs where she once stood. Team Action, baby!
Four-Pronged Fury
Pearl takes aim, and then throws a massive red fork like a spear. Team Fork, baby!
Killer Wail
Pearl uses her Special Weapon: the retired Killer Wail! With a mighty Booyah, Pearl annihilates anybody in earshot.
Masked Royal
Masked Royal!
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Pokémon Trainer ○ Weapon: Pokéball
The king of the Battle Royale! The Masked Royal has been a fan favourite since his debut, thanks to his sick skills and... other attributes. His partner Pokémon - Incineroar and Lycanroc - are really the ones who usually pull the weight, though.
Seismic Toss
The Masked Royal throws his opponent. Does more damage to higher-levelled targets.
The Masked Royal throws a few dirty punches and kicks, dealing extra damage if he's low on health.
Darkest Lariat
The Masked Royal summons his Incineroar, and activates his Incinium Z. Incineroar will deal heavy damage to any opponent he comes in contact with as he twirls across the stage.
Azula Vespers
Fire Nation Princess
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Firebending
Azula is an extremely skilled firebender, being one of the only ones known to bend blue flames. She's a woman of many talents, successfully infiltrating the Dai Lee, rocking sharp outfits, and being okay at volleyball.
Fire Swarm
Azula surrounds herself with swirling blue flames, protecting herself from physical attacks and damaging anybody caught in the blaze.
Lightning Blast
Azula fires a bolt of lightning forward, dealing heavy damage and stunning enemies.
Agni Kai
Azula propels herself into the air with jets of fire, and creates a massive blast of blue flames.
Daisy Vespers
Agent Daisy Johnson
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Agent ○ Weapon: Quake Gauntlets
Daisy's really been through the wringer. She's faced with being a mascot for Inhumans, had to erase her dad's memory, dug up her immortal mother's bones, and had to carry the weight of potentially destroying the entire planet for a while. At least she's got friends, right?
Daisy fires a blast from her gauntlets, knocking opponents backwards.
Daisy uses her powers to propel herself into the sky for a turn. ...No, it's not named after the ship. Okay, maybe a little.
Daisy summons the Monolith, which will transform into a black liquid-like substance, abducting an enemy, never to be seen again.
Maggie Gotcha
Maggie Lacivi!
Lust Incarnate
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Host ○ Weapon: Rose
Maggie is the host of Tuls - a long-dead tree-like alien. With her secret pact, Maggie is practically unkillable, and boasts excellent stength. Unfortunately, lust will always be her downfall.
Portal Drawer
Maggie opens the door on her stomach and pulls out a blue rose, which has the ability to stun the next opponent to attack Maggie.
Tuls' Trunks
Maggie's arms become large and wooden, and she delivers a heavy blow that reaches a fair distance.
Magnolia's Garden
Maggie summons her tree arms, and holds her rose above her head. The battlefield is covered in thorns, brambles, and vines, all of which Maggie can manipulate.
Flame Princess - new costume
Flame Princess!
Ruler of the Fire Kingdom
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Fire
FP is the princess of the Fire Kingdom, who once lived her life imprisoned in a jar in her father's throne room. With the help of Finn and Jake, she managed to escape, and overthrew her father, taking the throne for herself, being more powerful than her father could ever hope to be.
Flare Dash
Flame Princess becomes fire on the ground, and dashes forward, damaging anybody she comes in contact with in the process.
Flame Sword
Flame Princess creates a sword of blue flames, which she uses to attack anybody in front of her.
Infernal Rage
Flame Princess is filled with rage, and becomes a massive behemoth of flames. She's extremely powerful in this form, and is immune to any attacks that aren't water-based.
What does that mean
Guy in a Hat!
What Does That Mean?
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Guy ○ Weapon: ???
In a challenge to get somebody to shake his hand, Q manages to really confuse this poor fellow. He didn't really have an angle. He just went in with cryptic phrases and expected a handshake. Poor fella.
The Fat Man Flies At Midnight
The screen goes black, and a random enemy is flattened when it returns to normal.
The Train Goes Backwards Through The Tunnel
A train runs through the battlefield. Unfortunately, its path is straight, and randomised, so this is a risky move to use.
The Hand Shakes Now, The World Is Saved
As a devastating meteor approaches the earth, this young lad shakes hands with his nearest foe. The comet changes directions, and the handshaker is defeated.
Crowned Creation
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Princess ○ Weapon: Parasol
When Toadette grabs a Super Crown, she transforms into the mysterious Peachette. She's cute, pretty, and tears apart the Mario lore as we know it!
Peachette creates a gust of wind with her parasol, pushing enemies a few spaces back.
Peach Beam
Peachette shoots a concentrated pink laser at her enemies.
Peachette does a short dance, and holes open underneath any fallen allies. After they fall through, they'll bounce back with a flower effect, and half their full health.
Stevonnie Jacket
An Experience
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Gem ○ Weapon: Sword
Stevonnie is the fusion of Steven and Connie. As inevitable as it was impossible, nobody expected Stevonnie to be formed. I mean, Steven's not even 100% Gem, and Connie's human!
Discus Strike
Stevonnie throws their shield at an opponent. While they're stunned, they go in for a strike with Rose's sword.
Flutter Jump
Stevonnie hops on an opponent's head, and flutter jumps a few tiles away.
Here Comes A Thought
The area turns blue, and white butterflies fly around Stevonnie. The butterflies target an opponent, and the area turns orange as the butterflies take on the form of a fear.
Ochaco Uraraka KOFB
Ochaco Uraraka!
Zero Gravity Hero
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
Class: Hero ○ Weapon: Zero Gravity
Uraraka is a student at U.A. High, training to be a Pro Hero. Her Quirk - Zero Gravity - allows her to relieve anything or anyone of gravity by touching them with the pads on her fingertips. Due to the nature of her Quirk, she's an odd mix between a support Hero, and a close-combat Hero. Overuse of her Quirk will cause Uraraka to get sick, and that's no bueno!
Skill Release
Uavity touches her hands together and exclaims "Release!" A randomly selected object will fall from the sky, landing on the selected enemy.
Antigravity Touch
Uraraka touches her enemy, sending them floating into the air. They're pretty much helpless in this state, save for a few characters.
Meteor Shower
Uraraka releases a barrage of debris from the sky, dealing heavy damage to every enemy onscreen. It gets more powerful the longer you wait to use it!


The game is regularly updated with new Scenarios - essentially sets of levels.

Gotcha Logo
12 Monkeys Icon
Hyena Raid
Jennifer Goines - leader of the Hyenas and soon-to-be oracle - needs some extra manpower to recover some Markridge assets.
Emerson Ruins The Emerson Hotel has been long destroyed. Jennifer won't tell anybody why, but you'll need to clear out the Emerson of hostiles before you can go anywhere else.
The Night Room Take out hostiles guarding the Markridge assets, and make your way into the back! Just... don't break the glass container holding a corpse. You do that, and it's game over. Trust me, nobody wants that disease out in the world.
Kamabo Co
Test Failed
Part 1
You find yourself waking up in a strange subway, with no idea how you wound up there. If you wanna escape, you're gonna have to solve some puzzles, endure some tough challenges, and escort some 8 Balls.
Achy Breaky Station Your objective: smash crates as they're highlighted, but don't let the enemy Octolings break anything they're not supposed to. You'll have to work wisely, as there's a pretty strict turn limit.
Girl Powered-Up Station You remember Girl Power Station, right? The one where you gotta protect that orb, while you're being bombarded with Octolings from all sides? Good luck with this turn-based edition.
Hole in One Station Just your average 8 Ball mission aside from one twist: it's a golf minigame. It really doesn't matter who you choose for this mission.

Night Vale Morphs

In free play and certain Scenarios, there is a chance of Night Vale Morphs occurring. These are strange phenomenons that are simply unexplainable, and will affect the tides of battle.

Gotcha Logo
S2 Weapon Special Ink Storm
Ink Storm
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
This occurrence creates a large pink cloud above the battlefield, which will rain ink. As long as your're in the radius of the storm, you'll take chip damage and have your movement slightly decreased.
Stage Summon
Gotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha StarGotcha Star
A Stage Morph Trophy appears on the stage. If anybody picks it up, the map will transform into a randomly selected one. Even if this happens in the middle of a Scenario, your objective and the story will remain the same. You'll just have to get your bearings all over again.


When playing as Agent 8, you can use your CQ-80 to communicate with Cap'n Cuttlefish, Pearl, and Marina. They'll give you some background info on your enemy. Or not.

Peach SSBUltimate
S2 Icon Pearl 2
Peach is stepping on my turf. Worst part? She doesn't even notice!
S2 Icon Marina 2
S2 Icon Pearl 2
I'm MC Princess! I'm the only pink princess allowed here! I'm challenging her to a rap battle ASAP. Cap, gimme a beat!
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
*gargled beatboxing*
Jennifer Goines
Jennifer Goines
S2 Icon Marina 2
Hey Eight, how much do you remember about your time with the Octarians? Have they invented time travel yet?
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Time travel!?
S2 Icon Marina 2
Last I heard, they were close to cracking it.
S2 Icon Pearl 2
Sounds fake but okay.
S2 Icon Marina 2
I'd love to time travel! See some humans, maybe?
S2 Icon Pearl 2
But what if you changed the past and we never met?
S2 Icon Marina 2
Oh, Pearlie, don't cry...
Valkyrie Zelda
S2 Icon Marina 2
Alright, Eight, that's Zelda. She's the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom and-
S2 Icon Pearl 2
Well, she's one of 'em.
S2 Icon Marina 2
Er, yeah. She gets reincarnated a ton.
S2 Icon Pearl 2
Hey, Cap! If you could come back as something else, what'd you want it to be?
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
I'd be me again! Jellies are just too squishy.
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
And don't get me started on-
S2 Icon Marina 2
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Uh... I...
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
Forget what this ol' cap'n said,
how 'bout we help Eight instead?
Vengess Ava Nameless
Ava Ire
S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish
S2 Icon Pearl 2
I know, right? Rawsome.
S2 Icon Marina 2
S2 Icon Pearl 2
Ava's a perfect example of why you shouldn't mess with me.
S2 Icon Pearl 2
She started out as a small girl, and now she's a fiery creature from the depths.
S2 Icon Marina 2
Do I need to call somebody?
S2 Icon Pearl 2
You get on my bad side, you've gotta face the wrath of MC Danger Noodle!

Spoiler Owl

One of Spoiler Owl's attacks allows him to view his opponent's stats, as well as reveal a spoiler from their home series. Though it's never otherwise stated, each character has 2 corresponding spoilers: a real one and a fake one. It's up to you to figure out which is which. Following is a list of said spoilers. So, uh, be warned.

Gotcha Logo
Peach SSBUltimate
After being rescued from Bowser's wedding plan, Mario attempts to win Peach over with a bouquet of flowers, as does Bowser. Peach realises that she isn't some trophy for the two men to fight over, and heads back to Earth without them.
When Mario breaks down the doors of the church, Peach is ecstatic that she won't have to be forced to marry Bowser any longer. Naturally, it takes her by surprise when Mario outstretches his hand and Bowser takes it.
Jennifer Goines
Jennifer Goines
Being a Primary, Jennifer remembers all the events of the erased timeline after the cycle is broken. Unlike Cassie - who only has hazy recollections - Jennifer has tangible memories, and even greets Cole when he is inserted back into the timeline.
Jennifer has taken on many aliases throughout the series, but the most interesting one would be Madame Tuseau. In order to take on this identity Team Splinter had to kill the ancient French pop star, allowing Jennifer to pose as her.
Valkyrie Zelda
After being struck by a Light Arrow from one of Cia's minions, Zelda was separated into two entities; the princess Zelda, and the last remaining Sheikah, Sheik. Much like Lana and Cia were separated, Zelda and Sheik work together to become one whole person again.
When Calamity Ganon threatened to break free from his seal, Zelda embraced her sacred powers of her lineage to keep the Calamity at bay until the hero of legend could strike him down once and for all, one hundred years later.


Gotcha Logo
Cherry Bomb (cover) Cool Blue Off the Hook Cover
Cherry Bomb
The Runaways
Cool Blue
The Japanese House
Shark Bytes
Off the Hook
Make Me Feel Dance to This Melodrama
Make Me Feel
Janelle Monae
Dance to This
Troye Sivan feat. Ariana Grande
Fitz and the Tantrums Handclap The Neighbourhood I Love You 1983 Neon Trees
Get Right Back
Fitz and the Tantrums
The Neighbourhood
Neon Trees
Wonderland Caravan Palace Lake Effect Kid Kiiara - Low Kii Savage
Caravan Palace
Super Fade
Fall Out Boy
When I Rule the World Want To Electra Heart
When I Rule the World
Want To
Dua Lipa
Lonely Hearts Club
Marina and the Diamonds