Gooper Blooper!

Gooper Blooper is a giant, perhaps mutated Blooper. He has four tentacles and a cork in his mouth. He can jump very high, and use his tentacles to attack people. He appears in Super Mario MHL as a boss.



Gooper Blooper appears as a boss in Super Mario Galaxy: Universal Expedition where he attacks by squirting ink at Mario and then jabbing his tentacles at him. After jumping on him three times the cork will come out Fourth Icy Boss of his mouth and he will deflate. He is a very easy boss.

Oh, So Mushrooms Are Now Parasites That Are Controlling Squids... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Goomboss seized control of this giant Blooper in Goomsday Wii. He is accessed through Glass Float, where a statue of him awaits. When the cork is struck, the player is transported to his true Super Castle, the Queen Anne's Return. It would be unwise to use Bowser Jr. excessively in this battle, since Gooper can just suck up the Paint with his tentacles and use it to replenish his health. For most of the battle, only his tentacles appear. Three times, he surfaces. This is when he can be hurt, by hitting his cork with Paint, a Shadow Ball, or yourself. He must be struck three times for his defeat. Waluigi can swim in the ocean and punch Gooper's cork multiple times, but he must beware of the beast's movement. The next boss is General Guy.

Okay, This Is Getting Old!

Gooper Blooper returns in Godzilla vs. Bowser as Wendy's minion and World 3 Fortress boss.


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Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

Gooper Blooper appears as a NPC that appears in the court Pirate Ship. Gooper Blooper tips the boat from side to side which causes barrels to fall and hit players. This makes a fun gameplay experience.

Mario Tennis Deuce

In Mario Tennis Deuce Gooper Blooper appears as a boss.

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