Goombumpkins (refered to as Goonbumpkin) is a enemy that appears in the Mario series. It is a Skeleton Goomba with a Pumpkin head, it acts like a Dry Bones, attacking by spitting bones at Mario. If jumped on, it will fall apart like a Dry Bones and come back together like a Dry Bones. It can be defeated the way the Dry Bones can be defeated: being hit by objects thrown by Mario, hit by Star Mario, or either sled on, etc. It appears in some castle levels, it appears in desert levels during a Sandstorm, and finally appears in ghost house levels during darkness.


It looks like a Bone-like goomba. It has the same pumpkin head as the Goombumpkin from the Wario series, except it has a yellow pupil glowing in the eyes of the pumpkin, and the mouth moves. When broken apart, the pupil will be gone. it has a tail that's gray.


Goonbumpkins has the ability to spit bones out of their mouths like Dry Goombas, they have the ability to cast darkness in some ghost house levels to blind Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yellow Toad/Blue Toad, they can fly like Raccoon counterparts and Tanooki counterparts, they have the ability to turn into a statue like a tanooki counterpart, if Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yellow Toad/Blue Toad look away while its a statue, it will begin to attack them from behind, by throwing the spear, and turns back into itself again, it will spin its tail at Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yellow Toad/Blue Toad, it dosen't fall off ledges but instead, turn around, it dosen't tire out after spinning it's tail


  • It was originally going to not have a pumpkin head and reveal it's Bone-like goomba head, and have the name, Dry Goomba, this was scrapped for obvious reasons.


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Japanese : ドライクリボー (Translation : Dry Goomba)

Chinese : 亡灵南瓜 (Translation : Undead Pumpkin)

Korean : 죽은 호박 (Translation : Dead Pumpkin)

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