The Golden Fox is the machine driven by Dr. Stewart, which was originally constructed by his late father, Kevin Stewart. Kevin had fashioned the machine in such a way that it completely leaned on acceleration with a remarkable max speed count. However, this greatly cripples the overall handling that the Golden Fox
Golden Fox
could have possessed and makes it nearly impossible to clear tight corners and handle consistent boosting(unless you've mastered all of the basic racing techniques, as Dr. Stewart has). Ever since it was passed down to him by his father, Stewart has constantly been making upgrades and adjustments to the machine's internal and external structural integrity, upping it's potential and strengthening safety protocol.


  • Body: D
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: D


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The Golden Fox appears on the Mute City stage as a stage hazard. The machine also appears along with its pilot Dr. Stewart as a collectible trophy.

F-Zero U

The Golden Fox returns once again in F-Zero U. Compared to previous appearances, the body of the vehicle was made slightly stronger.

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