Gold, originally referred to as Ethan, was the male trainer in Pokemon Gold and Silver, now 20 years later he is the head of the Elite 4 in Pokemon Iron and Amber and Pokemon Copal. He has married the female trainer Kris and depending on what gender you choose has had two sons Iron and Zirc or two daughters Amber and Dia.

His wife Kris likes to mock him for changing his hair colour so often, she makes it out as if he changed it daily "I swear they change the host of this radio channel more often than Gold changes his hair colour", "Wow this seasons gone almost as quickly as one of Gold's hair colours"

During the start of the game Gold is overseas attending some important buisness but he returns when the player has gotton their third badge, he calls telling them to come back to Newbark because he has brought you a gift, here he gives the player an egg containing Munchlax which he obtained from Sinnoh.


  • lvl 55 - Dragonite
  • lvl 55 - Salamance
  • lvl 55 - Garchomp
  • lvl 50 - Altaria
  • lvl 50 - Flygon
  • lvl 50 - Kingdra
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