Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Ultimate
Developer(s) Lazy Studios
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Games
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Godzilla
Release Date(s) April 27th, 2020
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer, Online
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Ultimate is a 3D fighting video game developed by Lazy Studios and published by Bandai Namco, released on the Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PS4 and PC. The game features various kaiju and mechas from the Godzilla franchise, duking it out in massive cities. The game is being developed on April 27th, 2020.


In the year of 2XXX, a mysterious meteor shower begins raining down upon Earth. One meteor, housing the powerful Spacegodzilla, lands in the middle of New York City. Seeking world domination, he summons large crystals across the world, which result in earthquakes, climate changes, and natural disasters. Worst of all, old monsters are being reawakened, and new monsters are being discovered, as a result of the activity. These monsters begin destroying cities, and fighting for power by using the crystals and attempting to defeat each other, eventually forming four factions between each other. Now, Spacegodzilla has declared war on the world, and you, as either a monster of Earth, a robot designed to protect humans, a servant of the evil Vortaak, or a creature seeking ultimate power, must decide the fate of the world, and either defeat Spacegdzilla, or join him in his dream of conquest.


Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Ultimate is a 3D fighting game inspired by the Godzilla Pipeworks Trilogy. The game supports up to four players, in or not in teams. Fights takes place at an isometric angle, with you looking down at the monsters and the city.

Basics & Combat

Each monster has a Health Bar that goes down when taken damage. Once a monster's health has been fully depleted, they are KOed. It cannot be restored unless the monster picks up a power-up. Each monster also has an Energy Bar, which goes down when performing a special. It is restored overtime, or by picking up a power-up. Each character has access to three different types of attacks, one Basic Attack and two Special Attacks. Your basic attacks are the easiest ways you'll be dealing damage, while special attacks are a bit more elaborate, but deal more damage overall The attack will change depending on if you simply tap the button, hold it, or are in the air.  The player can also jump to get up to elevations or attack enemies with an aerial, as well as block oncoming attacks.

By pressing attack and one of the special attack buttons together, you can perform a Grab. When grabbing an enemy, you can either Bash them to deal extra damage, or Throw them into a building or other hazard.


In game, players fight inside large cities. Players can damage these buildings with their attacks, eventually causing them to crumble. Destroying buildings builds up Rage and may unveil a power-up. You can also grab buildings and throw them at your enemies to deal damage to them, though the larger a building is the harder it is to carry. Alongside them are Crystals, which can't be picked up but give out a large amount of Rage when fully destroyed.


By dealing damage to enemies or destroying cities, you build up your Rage Meter. Once it is filled, you can active Rage in order to give yourself a temporary boost in size and damage. You can perform a Rage Attack, a powerful attack that can easily turn the tide of a battle, but will use up all of your Rage.


During the match, the Military will appear and attack the monsters with tanks, planes, helicopters, and other weapons. They will target the monster that has done the most damage to the city. If a player is eliminated in a match with more than 2 players, they can play as Military, controlling a reticle to target certain monsters and have the military fire at them.

Military Vehicles

Type-10 Tank These tanks appear on stage and attack by shooting at the monsters with their cannons.
M270 MLRS These ground-based multi-rocket launch systems keep their distance from the monsters, and attack by firing off missiles.
AH-64 Apache These attack helicopters will fly near the monsters and attack by firing at them with machineguns, and the occasional missile.
Mitsubishi F-2 These Japanese fighter jets attack by flying across the screen and launching missiles at the monsters.
MBT-MB92 These compact Maser cannons only appear on stage if over half of the city has been destroyed. They attack by firing powerful maser beams.
CLT-95 A modified version of the standard Maser tank, these only appear on stage if over half of the city has been destroyed. They attack by firing maser beams which freeze enemies.
Hatsuyuki-Class Destroyer These Japanese warships appear near the edge of water in stages, firing at the monsters with their cannons. They only appear the Tokyo stage.
Haruna-Class Destroyer These Japanese warships appear near the edge of water in stages, firing at the monsters with their cannons. They are larger and can take more damage than the Hatsuyukis. They only appear the Tokyo stage.
Ohio-Class Submarine These American nuclear-powered submarines only appear if over half of Tokyo has been destroyed. They will pop out of the water, and launch cruise missiles at the enemies.
Vortaak Tank These alien tanks appear only on the Vortaak Colony, and attack by firing at the monsters with their cannons.
Vortaak Walker These compact alien vehicles appear only on the Vortaak Colony, climbing up buildings and attacking by shooting energy blasts.
Vortaak Fighter These flying alien vehicles appear only on the Vortaak Colony, flying near the monsters and firing blasts of energy at them.
Vortaak Laser These compact powerful weapons only appear on stage if over half of the Vortaak Colony is destroyed. They attack by firing out powerful lasers.
UFO This Vortaak spacecraft will randomly appear on the stage and move around. It cannot attack, but destroying it will cause it to drop a random item.


  • Left Stick: Move
  • A: Jump
  • B: Attack
  • X: Special Attack 1
  • Y: Special Attack 2
  • L: Block
  • R: Activate Rage / Rage Attack

Controls are shown as if the player is using a Nintendo Switch controller.


  • Dash: Quickly double tap a direction to perform a dash, which can be used to quickly dodge attacks or get closer to the enemy. Dashing uses up a bit of your energy.
  • Heavy Attack: Hold down an attack button to charge up and perform a Heavy version of the attack. While charging, you can't turn around, though you can still move.
  • Grab: Press down on two of the attack button to Grab enemies. While grabbing, you can carry them, Bash them by pressing the normal attack button, or Throw them by pressing one of the special attack buttons.
  • Parry: Quick tap or release the shield button during an attack to perform a Parry, unleashing a close-ranged blast that leaves your opponent vulnerable to damage.
  • Fly: For certain characters, holding the jump button allows you to fly, suspending you in the air for a short time. Flying slowly drains your energy.


During matches items may appear on stage after a large building or UFO is destroyed. Collecting them will grant its user some kind of temporary boost. Items can be disabled in VS Mode.

Health Orb An orb of green unknown energy, collecting this item will grant you a boost in health.
Energy Orb An orb of yellow unknown energy, collecting this item will give you infinite energy for a short time.
Rage Orb An orb of red unknown energy, collecting this item will grant you a boost in your Rage Meter.
Inferno Bomb An explosive bomb containing alien energy, grabbing and throwing this item allows you to create a large explosion, taking out anything in its vicinity.
Permafrost Bomb An explosive bomb containing icy energy, grabbijng and throwing this item allow you to create a large explosion, freezing anything in its vicinity.
Summon Crystal Summons a random horde of Crystal Sentinels to attack the nearest enemy.
Gotengo Assist Summons the Gotengo to fly around the stage, firing shots from its Maser Cannons, ramming into enemies with its giant drill, and freezing enemies with its Absolute Zero Cannon.
Super X2 Assist Summons the Super X2 to hover near its summoner, firing off missiles and using its Fire Mirror to reflect oncoming projectiles.




Serving as the game's main singleplayer mode, Story Mode allows the player to control a monster in a massive faction war. Your monster must complete various missions within a 14 day campaign in the hopes of defeating SpaceGodzilla, or gaining ultimate power. Your actions in each mission will change your reputation between the different factions, changing what missions you may get, and determining what will happen during the last day


Arcade Mode is a single-player mode where players fight in a series of 8 matches, each with randomly selected characters that are each harder than the last. At the end of Arcade Mode, the player fights against SpaceGodzilla as a final boss. Players can select between three difficulties, EasyMedium and Hard.


Survival Mode is a single-player mode where players must fight every monster in the roster. The order you fight the monsters is random. Your health carries over from fight to fight, and the only way you can restore your health is by grabbing healing items.


Training Mode allows players to freely train against monsters without distractions. This allows them to practice combos or how to fight with certain characters. You can also complete various missions to learn how to use various attacks.


In Versus Mode, up to four players can fight against eacother in various cities. You can determine the rules, from the time of the match, to the CPU difficulty, to the military, to the items.


Fight against eachother until only one monster is left.


Compete to get the most points by destroying the city and the military. The bigger the building is, the more points it gets. Getting KOed causes you to lose some of your points. Once time is up, the player with the most points wins.


In Online Mode, players can fight against other people online. You can choose between ranked matches, friendly matches and against friends. When playing on a Ranked Match, you have a rank, which increases or decreases depending on if you win or not. 



In the Shop the player can use Credits which they earn to purchase characters, stages, character costumes and bios. The player can also go here to access the DLC Shop, where they can purchase DLC after the game has been released.


In the Gallery, the player can view all of their collected bios on all the characters, alongside NPCs, military vehicles, rage attacks and the cities. You can gain bios of a character by completing their Arcade Mode, and can unlock bios of their Rage Attacks by completing Survival Mode with them. The rest of the bios are purchased from the shop, or are unlocked randomly when playing the game.


Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Ultimate features 30 playable monsters at launch. Each monster is split into four factions, the Earth Defenders, the Global Defense Force, the Vortaak Aliens and the Destructive Mutants. Each faction has a different motive. To see a character's moveset, click on the character's name to go to their character page.

Earth Defenders

The Earth Defenders want to protect the Earth from any threat coming its way. Because of this, they see the crystals as a problem, and want to destroy them at all costs, even if it means the destruction of human cities. They avoid using Rage, and attack those who use it.


Godzilla (Heisei)
The King of the Monsters

The King of the Monsters, Godzilla was once a Godzillasaurus living on Lagos Island. When the island was exposed to hydrogen bombs, Godzilla was mutated into a massive creature. Neither despising nor helping humanity, Godzilla spends his time feeding upon radiation and destroying threats to him and the planet.


The Fierce Beast

An ancient kaiju related to the ankylosaurus, Anguirus would serve as one of Godzilla's first adversaries. However, after that first fight, he would become a defender of Earth and a close friend of Godzilla. Despite his lack of any special abilities, Anguirus' tenacious spirit makes it a powerful fighter even when outmatched.


The Flying Inferno

A giant pteranodon kaiju, Rodan lived underground before he was mutated by nuclear waste. Living on a remote island, though at first he was enemies with Godzilla, he would later become allies with him, and become a defender of Earth.


The Unbelievable Flying Lizard

An ancient reptilian which lived during the Mesozoic era, Varan escaped extinction for millions of years by hiding in the bottom of a lake. Worshipped as a god by the villagers living near his lake, but emerged when a team of scientists came too close to his lake. He has skin membranes that allow him to glide incredibly distances.


The Protector of Life

A divine moth kaiju, Mothra is a defender of earth and humanity. Normally a benevolent and peaceful creature, Mothra only causes destruction when the Earth is in danger, or when her twin priestesses, the Shobijin, are threatened.


The Subterranian Earth Guardian

A monster with an affinity for the Earth he lives on, Baragon is easily the smallest of the Earth monsters, but it gives him high speed and mobility, especially in the air. He can control the earth, summoning earthquakes.


King Caesar
The Guardian of Okinawa

A giant shisa (guardian creatures that are a cross between lions and dogs) kaiju, King Caesar is the guardian of the royal Azumi family. A powerful fighter, despite being aligned with the Earth Defenders, he does show deep concern for humans.


The Cryokinetic Leviathan

A long-lost mermaid-esque kaiju, Mizuryu was once the protector of a now sunken kingdom somewhere in the Pacific. Sealed inside of a massive iceberg, crystal activity destroyed her icy prison and letting the beast free. She now wanders the world, searching for any remnants of her lost kingdom.


Godzilla (Legendary)
The King of the Monsters

An ancient creature that has lived on the Earth for millions of years, this incarnation of Godzilla was a force of nature used to maintain balance in the ecosystem. Reawakening in 1954, he is shown to be a territorial creature with no interest in humanity, focusing rather on fighting off those who disrupt the Earth's balance.


Godzilla (Shin)
The King of the Monsters

Originally a prehistoric sea creature, this incarnation of Godzilla fed upon nuclear waste and slowly gained the ability to replicate its DNA to adapt to its surroundings. Coming ashore in 2016, it rampaged across Japan, destroying everything in its path and rapidly mutating, until it was stopped by the military.

Global Defense Force

The G.D.F. want to protect humanity, and built a variety of mechas to defend it. They don't tolerate the destruction of human cities. The mechas themselves are vulnerable to corruption from the crystals.


Jet Jaguar
The Bringer of Justice

Jet Jaguar is a mecha created by Goro Ibuki, who invented him for unknown reasons. At first controlled by the Seatopians, he broke out of his mind control, became sentient, and helped Godzilla beat Megalon and Gigan. He fights to protect others, and acts like a superhero.


Mecha-King Ghidorah
The Cyborg Dragon

After his death at the hands of Godzilla, King Ghidorah's body was excavated in the 23rd century, enforced with mechanics, and transformed into Mecha-King Ghidorah. Piloted by a rebel Futurian, he was used as one of the GDF's first anti-Godzilla weapons.


Super Mechagodzilla
The Anti-Godzilla Weapon

Heisei Mechagodzilla is the second incarnation of Mechagodzilla. Created as an anti-Godzilla weapon, he was created from the salvaged parts of Mecha-King Ghidorah. He's armed with a variety of weapons, and can attach a flying tank, the Garuda, to his back, transforming him into Super Mechagodzilla. He's one of Godzilla's most powerful opponents, managing to almost kill him.


Combined Super Mobile Weapon

The Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-Type (abbreviated as Moguera) is a robot made to kill Godzilla. Made out of the left over pieces of Mechagodzilla, despite his variety of long and close-ranged weapons, he was deemed too frail, and is now only used as long-ranged support.


Multipurpose Fighting System Type-3

The Modified Type-3 Kiryu, or simply Kiryu, is the third incarnation of Mechagodzilla. Build around the skeletal structure of the first Godzilla, similar to the second Mechagodzilla, he is designed to defend Japan from kaiju attacks. The restless soul of the original Godzilla is capable of taking control of Kiryu, causing the machine to go berserk.


The Crystalline Valkyrie

With Spacegodzilla's crystals cover large parts of the world, the G.D.F. had theorized the ability of using these crystals as a power source. To test this out, they created Athenaega, a mecha that can collect and draw the energy from these crystals. With its agile speed and control over these crystals, its considered one of the GDF's best bets at defeating this galactic threat.

Vortaak Aliens

Monsters under the control of the Vortaak, they want to conquer the earth and using the crystals to support their master's invasion. They are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, even if it means destroying humans or kaijus.


King Ghidorah
The Three-Headed Dragon

A golden, three-headed dragon, King Ghidorah is often considered to be Godzilla's archenemy. At first, they were three genetically-engineered creatures called Dorats, left in the place of Godzilla when he was teleported to the Bering Sea by people from the future. The creatures were mutated from a hydrogen bomb, and fused together to become King Ghidorah. He is incredibly violent and destructive.


The Smog Monster

Also known as the Smog Monster, Hedorah is an alien creature that crash landed on Earth from a comet. Though at first resembling a tadpole, it fed on pollution until it became as big as Godzilla. It kills and destroys anything in its way with its acidic body.


The Cyborg Eviscerator

Gigan is a brutal and violent kaiju who enjoys cutting his enemies to pieces. Though defeated by Mothra thousands of years ago, he was revived by the Vortaak and was outfitted with their technology to increase his power. 


The Guardian of Seatopia

Megalon is a large insectoid kaiju with large drill-like hands. He is the guardian of Seatopia, an underground civilization, where he is worshipped as a god and serves as a defender against threats. With Seatopia's hatred against humans, they allowed the Vortaak to use Megalon in their plan for planetary conquer.


The Alien Superweapon

Showa Mechagodzilla is the first incarnation of Mechagodzilla. An alien created by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens, he was used as a tool to conquer the Earth. Created out of "space titanium", the robot is outfitted with a variety of weapons.


The DNA Scourge

Originally a group of Milennians, a species of alien kaiju, Orga crash landed onto Earth and stayed hidden from human sight for eons. When submarines found their ship, it flew away to find genetic material. They believed Godzilla was the best vessel to conquest Earth, having Organizer G1 in his cells, and absorbed his DNA. They were unable to withstand the properties of Godzilla's DNA, and rapidly mutated int Orga. He wants to collect as much DNA as possible, to become the most powerful lifeform in the universe.


Monster X
The Super Space Monster


Keizer Ghidorah
The Strongest Monster in the Universe

An unknown alien kaiju who crash landed onto Earth, concealed within an asteroid, Monster X, despite his skeletal appearence, is a powerful member of the Ghidorah family, and can transform into Keizer Ghidorah at will. He's one of Godzilla's most powerful opponents.

Destructive Mutants

With a lust for power, the Destructive Mutants want to use the crystals and their power to cause destruction to everything in their paths. 


The Amphibious Dinosaur

Once a peaceful underwater creature, Titanosaurus wishes to get revenge on humanity for waking him up, even if it means tapping into the power of the crystals. He isn't inherently evil, and maintains is own ideology, rather than become part of one of the factions. He's seen as a rogue among the factions.


The Bionic Monstrosity

Created by Genshiro Shiragami, Biollante was created from fusing rose cells, Godzilla cells, and the DNA of the scientist's dead daughter, Erika. Though at first resembling a rose, it transformed into a more monsterous form, which seeks nothing but destruction and covering the world in her plants.


The Vengeful Protector of Earth

The yin to Mothra's yang, Battra is a guardian of Earth, though unlike Mothra, sees humanity as a threat. He believes that they will eventually destroy the planet if any of them are left alive. He wants to use the crystals to give him the power to eradicate the human race.


The God of Destruction

An alien clone of Godzilla, Spacegodzilla was created when Mothra dropped Godzilla cells into a black hole. An intelligent and malicious creature, he serves as the game's main villain, and the source of the many crystals that now cover the Earth.


The Ancient Demon

Once a colony of Precambrian crustaceans, Destoroyah was mutated by the Oxygen Destroyer (the weapon that destoryed the first Godzilla), fused together, and became a massive and incredibly powerful kaiju. He is a mercilous foe, and takes pleasure in causing death and destruction.


The Queen of the Meganulas

The Queen of the Meganulons, Megaguirus was created when a colony of Meganulons arrived into the present day from a black hole. The Meganulons stole the DNA of Godzilla, and used it to create Megaguirus. She wishes to gain as much energy as possible, be it by using the crystals, or by taking it from others.


The Pyroclastic Brute

Though most of Spacegodzilla's crystals embedded themselves on the surface, some crystals punctured the Earth's crust and entered the lithosphere. Those crystals, brought together by magma flows, and fusing with the materials of the earth, created Obsidius. He is loyal to his creator, and seeks the crystals to increase his power.

Non-Playable Monsters

These are monsters that are not playable.



Ebirah is a large mutated shrimp kaiju that made his first appearence in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Irradiated as a result of nuclear waste, it partrolled the waters of Letchi Island and attacked anyone that came near. He appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.



Ookondoru is a large mutated condor kaiju that made its first appearence in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Like Ebirah, it was irradiated by nuclear waste, turning it aggressive. It appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.



Kamacuras is a praying mantis kaiju that made its first appearence in Son of Godzilla. They were mutated as a result of weather experiments on Solgell Island by the United Nations. He appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.



Kumonga is a large spider kaiju that made its first appearence in Son of Godzilla. Found on Solgell Island, after getting hit by a boulder it attacked Godzilla's son, Minilla, threatening to kill him, before being defeated by him and Godzilla. He appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.



Gezora is a giant mutated cuttlefish kaiju that made its first appearence in Space Amoeba. Mutated by the titular amoeba, it was seen as a mythical beast by the people of Sergio Island. He appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.



Kamoebas is a giant mutated mata mata kaiju that made its first appearence in Space Amoeba. It was used as part of the amoeba's plans to conquer the world, though ended up fighting against a giant crab and fell into a crater. He appears as a part of Titanosaurus' moveset.


Ghidorah Spirit

Ghidorah Spirits are bizarre alien-like creatures. They are said to be the weakest of the Ghidorah race, only able to manifest as a single head coming out a portal. They are controlled by Monster X and Keizer Ghidorah, and used throughout both of their movesets.

Ultimate Spacegodzilla

After a defeat at the hands of his enemies, Spacegodzilla sought any way to beat them. Absorbing the power of his crystals, he fuses with them and transforms into Ultimate Spacegodzilla, an incredibly large and powerful form. He seeks nothing but to destroy everything in his way. Ultimate Spacegodzilla appears as the final boss of Story and Arcade Mode.

Crystal Sentinels

Crystal Sentinels are creatures created by SpaceGodzilla and his crystals, used primarily as his foot soldiers and guards for large Crystals. They appear as common enemies in Story Mode, and can also be summoned in VS Mode with a Summon Crystal



A Crystal Sentinel resembling a bug, these small enemies are among the most common normal enemies you'll face off in Story Mode. They are extremely weak, but they're quite fast and often appear in groups.



A Crystal Sentinel a dromeaosaurid dinosaur, Seekers are a common enemy the player will face in Story Mode. They are stronger than Stalkers, and attack by slashing with their claws.



A Crystal Sentinel resembling a thin humanoid with a crossbow-like arm, Arbalests are ranged enemies the player will fight in Story Mode. They will keep their distance, firing blasts of crystal energy at the player.



A Crystal Sentinel with a humanoid body, blades for arms, and blade-tipped tail, Bladers are vicious enemies that appear in Story Mode. They will attack by rushing towards the player and slashing at them. They are vulnerable when attacked from long-range however.



A bulky Crystal Sentinel primarily composed of a large cluster of crystals, with small arms and legs, Guardians are tanky enemies that appear in Story Mode. They are often found guarding large crystals, and possess powerful attacks that utilize super armor.



A Crystal Sentinel resembling a winged humanoid with large, mantis-like claws, Sirens are enemies often found in Story Mode. They possess wings which allow them to fly, but they are vulnerable to anti-air attacks and after they perform a dive. 



A Crystal Sentinel resembling a snake with arms, Nagas are defensive enemies often found in Story Mode. They will pursue the player, attacking with either their tail, or a jumping attack, all while attempting to block oncoming attacks. Watch for what they will do and counter accordingly.



A Crystal Sentinel primarily composed of a floating head, a body and two hands, Acolytes are enemies found in Story Mode. They attempt to zone out the player, and attack by charging up before launching orbs of energy.

Unlock Criteria

Certain characters will not be available at the start of the game. The player can unlock them either by purchasing them in the shop, or by completing certain requirements.

  • Athenaega: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase her for 1000 credits.
  • Biollante: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase her for 1000 credits.
  • Destoroyah: Win the good ending for Story Mode while playing as a monster from the Mutants faction, or purchase him for 1000 credits.
  • Hedorah: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase them for 1000.
  • King Caesar: Win the good ending for Story Mode while playing as a monster from the Earth Defenders faction, or purchase him for 1000 credits.
  • Kiryu: Win the good ending for Story Mode while playing as a monster from the G.D.F. faction, or purchase him for 1000 credits.
  • Godzilla (Legendary): Complete Arcade Mode and/or Survival Mode with every starting character, or purchase him for 2000 credits.
  • Godzilla (Shin): Win 100 matches, either locally or online, or purchase him for 2000 credits.
  • Mecha-King Ghidorah: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase him for 1000 credits.
  • Megaguirus: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase her for 1000 credits.
  • Mizuryu: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase her for 1000 credits.
  • Monster X: Win the good ending for Story Mode while playing as a monster from the Aliens faction, or purchase him for 1000 credits.
  • Spacegodzilla: Obtain the Tyrant ending in Story Mode, then purchase him for 2000 credits.
  • Varan: Complete the mission, ?, or purchase him for 1000 credits.


Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Ultimate features 12 stages. Most of the stages are  real-life cities that have seen climate changes and natural disasters as a result of the crystals.

Boxing Ring A large boxing ring located in the middle of the United States, this small stage is great for players who simply want a clean fight, without any buildings or military to worry about.
Cairo The city of Cairo, Egypt has been hit by massive earthquakes, shifting the land and creating a massive wall that surrounds the city.
London A large amount of crystals dispersed energy into the city of London, England, causing it to float into the air. The stage features no boundaries, and anyone who falls off the edges will be instantly KOed.
Los Angeles A massive volcano has suddenly sprouted out of the ground in the city of Los Angeles, California. Occasionally during the fight, lava will flow in and damage anyone touching it.
Monster Island The home of many of Earth's monsters, as a result of its remote location, hasn't seen many severe climate changes. The stage lacks buildings, besides a small base in a corner of the stage, though mountains and rock formations act similar to them.
New York City New York City in the United States is the location of Spacegodzilla's crash site, and now serves as the location for his crystalline fortress. Much of the surrounding city has been leveled, and crystals litter the arena.
Osaka Clouds of poisonous fog now cover the city of Osaka, Japan. Occasionally clouds of poisonous gas may materialize on the stage, dealing damage to anyone in them and obscuring their vision as well.
Paris The city of Paris, France is now covered in massive plants and vines, turning the once beautiful city into a massive mutated jungle. These plants cover many of the buildings, and may explode into a cloud of poisonous gas when destroyed.
Shanghai The city of Shanghai, China has been ravaged a large thunderstorm that covers the sky in dark clouds. Occasionally a large tornado may suddenly appear, moving around the stage, destroying buildings, and launchign any player in its way into the air.
Sydney A freak blizzard has hit Sydney, Australia, covering the entire city in a thick layer of snow and ice. When player walk on ice, it will cause them to slide, which can make it harder to control your character.
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan has been hit by a massive typhoon, flooding much of the city besides skyscrapers and major landmarks. The water can make lower attacks harder to see.
Vortaak Colony An alien city created on Planet X, it was built by the Vortaak to spy on Earth and its inhabitants. Because it takes place in space, players have less gravity and can jump much higher than they normally do on other stages.

Unlockable Stages

The player can purchase versions of each of the game's cities (with the only exceptions being the Boxing Ring and Monster Island) that aren't affected by natural disasters. This allows players to simply play in that city's normal state, without the worry of hazards. In the case of the Vortaak Colony, the entire city will be gone, and players will simply fight on Planet X with a few rock pillars which act similar to buildings. Each stage costs 500 credits.


  • This game was inspired by this video.
  • The gameplay is inspired by Gigabash, an upcoming indie fighting game that is also inspired by the Godzilla pipeworks trilogy.
  • This is the first Godzilla game in which Shin Godzilla and Monster X are playable characters.
  • The game features a similar roster to Godzilla: Unleashed, with the only ommisions from that game being Krystalak, Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla 1954.
    • The two Godzilla's were scrapped to make room for Legendary Godzilla and Shin Godzilla. Heisei Godzilla was kept and made the main version of Godzilla since the Heisei design is often considered his most iconic look.
    • Krystalak was cut as the creator's wanted to focus on the new original monsters. To compensate, the Crystal Sentinels (the games main enemies) were designed after him.
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