God's Realm is an other dimensional realm, accessable if the gods summon you from the Fantendoverse. It is the location in which The Fan, the Black God and the White Goddess reside and watch over the Fantendoverse from. The Enemy occasionally resides here, but usually lives in his own universe the Darktendoverse. Most of the Balance Keepers and Angels also reside here, the Balance Keepers who manifest negative things are contained within the Chaos Prison, while the others are free to do as they wish.




The Fan's Castle

The Fan's Castle is, as the name suggests, the home of The Fan.

The Enemy's Lair

The Enemy's Lair is sometimes inhabited by The Enemy, although he usually stays in the Darktendoverse.

Black God's Temple

Black God's Temple is where the Black God resides.

White Goddess' Palace

White Goddess' Palace is where the White Goddess resides.

Chaos Prison

Chaos Prison is where the Balance Keepers of negative things are kept, they are guarded by beings known as Dimensional Guards, who make sure they stay in the prison at all times.



  • God's Realm is thought to have been in existance even before the Fantendoverse was.

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