• Giant Snake: Pretty much like the first boss of Wario Land 2 but in 3D. Just jump on its head 10 times and the fight is finished! But the snake can attack by biting you or shooting poison or acid.
  • Hairbuster: So, this fight is pretty much a complicated one. Like the Giant Snake, Hairbuster has to be hit 10 times to be defeated. But instead of acid or poison, Hairbuster shoots cannonballs. All you have to do, is shoot a cannonball at Hairbuster's ship while she's exhausted. Then find a long wood plank to jump off and into Hairbusters ship. When your inside, defeat the pirate wolfs and then go for Hairbuster. But theres a catch. Hairbuster will then have 100 HP for you to get rid of and 10 Phases are generated. When she's down to her last phase, she will throw a bomb. Get of her ship and onto yours before the 60 second countdown is over. When onto your ship and you dont have 2 seconds left, it will be put into 2 seconds and the bomb will explode. This will also destroy her ship and kill her in the process, thus causing your ship to blasted back to shore.
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