This spot looks pretty good for a blood-pumping power-dive! Skree-EEEE!

BIRTHPLACE Tostarena, Sand Kingdom
SERIES Super Mario series

Glydon (Japanese: カックー Kakkū) is a character from the 2017 release Super Mario Odyssey. Mario and Cappy first encounter Glydon in the Sand Kingdom, standing atop the ledge of the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower. Glydon's goal is to glide from all of the highest peaks in the world, and travels to various different kingdoms to do so. He apparently hails from the Sand Kingdom, as implied by several of the locals and the design of of his bandana matching the kingdom's aesthetic. In addition to being found in the Sand Kingdom, Mario also encounters Glydon in the Seaside Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, and the Darker Side of the Moon.

Glydon can be captured using Cappy. When Mario takes control of the reptilian creature he is capable of gliding through the air to reach otherwise-impossible or hard-to-reach areas. While airborne, the player can also shake the controller in order to increase the amount of time he will remain airborne. Glydon can not swim in water and will disappear upon contact with it; in he does not, however, sink in quicksand, and is one of the only ways to circumvent it.

Physical Appearance

SMO Glydon

Glydon is a reptilian creature, similar in appearance to a real-life flying lizards (albeit much larger, being greater in size than even Mario). He is primarily of a yellow colour with the underside of his wings being red and a tan stomach, and possesses three green hairs on the top of his head. Glydon wears a pair of orange-rimmed glasses on his nose and a red and yellow-coloured bandana around his neck. He also sports brown shoes that are similar in appearance to those worn by Mario.

Like all other characters (and objects), he will sport Mario's trademark red hat and moustache upon being captured using Cappy.

Game Appearances


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