Glitz Battles is a fighting game for the Wii and Nintendo VR being made by Koopa Kastle Productions. It features every team from the Glitz Pit in a 3-D fighting game. Each team/fighter has 3 attacks that they can use in the match. You hold the Wii Remote sideways if you play this on the Wii.

Glitz Battles
Developer(s) Koopa Kastle Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii, Nintendo VR
Genre(s) Fighting, Action
Release Date(s) July 26, 2010
Mode(s) Story, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) E-10


Jolene has re-opened the Glitz Pit. Thousands of contenders rush to the arena to fight once again. The Glitz Pit has never been so busy. But one day, Jolene got a call from someone she did not know. The voice on the other end said: "I'm coming back, and you can't stop me." then the phone hung up. Jolene is scared and heads to the major league locker room. She finds the Koopinator and tells him what had just happened. She also told him to spread the word and tell everyone to pass it on.

Soon, the news was all over Glitzville. The city was in a panic. Who was the mystery caller? What did they want? Then, one night, someone smashed into the Glitz Pit and stole the belt. The next morning, Jolene is shocked to find the belt gone. But she had found a note tapped to her desk. It read: "I warned you I would be back. Now the only way you can defeat me is to send your fighter to fight to the top, then he must face me and win. But none of your fighters will be able to stand up to me, for I am far too powerful." Jolene then tells every fighter to train like they've never trained before, for they had to be in top condition to face that mystery challenger. Jolene watched the fighters train and hoped that they would be strong enough to fight this mysterious fighter.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay differs from which console you are playing on. If you play it on the Wii, you will be able to see your fighter and move him as such. But if you play it on the Nintendo VR, you see the arena through your fighter's eyes.

Wii Controls

  • D-Pad - Move Fighter
  • 1 Button - Run
  • 2 Button - Execute Attack #1
  • A Button - Execute Attack #2
  • B Button - Execute Attack #3
  • - Button - Swap team member (teams only)

VR Controls

Coming soon...


Team/Fighter Attacks Team Members
The Koopainator Charge, Shell Spin, Power-Up One Dark Koopatrol
Chomp Country Slam, Chomp, Pound 2 Red Chain Chomps
Hamma, Bamma and Flare Hammer Swing, Boomerang Throw, Fireball Hammer Bro., Fire Bro., and Boomerang Bro.
Craw-Daddy Spear Throw, Spear Smack, Spear Charge One Dark Craw
The Magikoopa Masters Magic Blast, Multiply, Nose Dive 3 Magikoopa's
The Fuzz Suck, Flash Attack, Buzzsaw 3 Fuzzy's
The Shellshockers Spin, Shadow Spin, Dark Dive 2 Shady Koopa's and one Shady Paratroopa
The Pokerfaces Recoil, Spin Attack, Roll 2 Bristles
Tiny Spines Hide, Shell Attack, Thorn Drop 2 Tiny Spines
The Armored Harriers Charge, Ground Pound, Solidify 2 Iron Clefts
Bob-omb Squad Explode, Jump, Ram 4 Bob-ombs
Punk Rocks Headbutt, Power-Up, Rock Throw 3 Hyper Bald Clefts
Mind-Bogglers Ghastly Attack, Dark Rush, Vanish 1 Pale Piranha, 1 Dark Puff and 1 Pider
Hand-It-Overs Nab, Rush, Jump 2 Bandits and 2 Big Bandits
Spike Storm Poke, Spin, Aerial Bomb 2 Spinies and 1 Lakitu
Dead Bones Bone Throw, Fall Apart, Skull Bowling 3 Dead Bones
Pokey Triplets Head Attack, Spiny Spin, Defense 3 Pokeys
KP Koopa's Shell Attack, Shell Stomp, Shell Shield 3 KP Koopa's

Secret Fighters

Goomba Bros. Headbonk, Chomp, Bullet 5 Goomba's
Great Gonzales Hammer, Jump, Koopa Shell Mario and his partners.
Rawk Hawk Slide Kick, Flying Fist, Strike Rawk Hawk
Prince Mush Kung Fu, Spin Attack, Jump Prince Mush
Macho Grubba Power-Up, Stomp, Defense-Up Macho Grubba
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