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Glitch Attack
Glitchy Logo
Logo ^
Developer(s) Star Worlds
Publisher(s) Looking for one
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch/3DS

and Steam

Release Date(s)
(Switch/3DS) - November

(Steam) - N/A

Arcade, Story, Online VS (Race/Survival) and Extra
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) EShop Title, Arcade, Adventure, Online, Shooter
Series Glitch Attack
Cost A$20

Fight against Glitchy Spaceships and other Glitchy Items in Different Places like Space or a Kitchen in a Story Mode, Amibo Challenges and a Classic Shooter Space Invader-like Arcade Mode.



Play Through 27 Stages, 4 Amibo Challenges [Nintendo Console Exclusive] and 5 Boss Battles to upgrade your ship to get better at defeating enemies and Glitches from 5 Different Worlds. 


  1. Space
  2. Tech Portal (Only 1 Level) (Teleports you to World 3 and the DLC Worlds)
  3. Nintendo Switch/Steam Machine (Console)
  4. USB Attack
  5. Computer
  6. Red Space (Glitched Space)
  • Kitchen (DLC 1)
  • Garbage Pile (DLC 1)
  • (EX Worlds DLC) (DLC ?)
EX Worlds
  1. Firey Kitchen 
  2. Hell Landfill 
  3. Console (Hardcore Edition)
  4. Virus Filled Computer
  5. Purple Space


Play Through 5 Different Difficulties in endless waves in a classic arcade shooter style way in all the worlds from story mode.


Difficulty Enemy Hp Boost
Tutorial x1
Easy x0.5
Medium x1
Hard x1.5
Extreme x2.5

 Area Order

Color Key
Tutorial Only Normal Difficulties Extreme Only
Tutorial Area (Launch Base)  -  Wave 1-5 (Tutorial Difficulty Only) (Ends after Wave 5)
Area 1 [Space] - Wave 1-10 
Area 2 [] - Wave 11-25
Area 3 [Garbage Pile] - Wave 26-49
Area 4 [Computer] - Wave 51+ (Endless) (Goes to next area at Wave 100 in Extreme Mode)
Area 5 [Red Space] Wave 101+ (Endless)

Online VS [Switch Exclusive]

Try to survive the longest or race to the end in this Online VS mode. (People you're matchmaked with will probably 

The Winner gets +2 Win Points and the Loser loses 1 point in the mode's difficulty Point scale.


  Try to Survive the Longest in Arcade Mode's each difficulty except the Tutorial against another opponent.


Try to go as fast as you can in a modified faster version of Arcade mode using Items to slow the other player down.

Picture Item Name Effect
N/A Attack Drone Puts another Enemy down with the amount of HP you have on the area, your opponent is.
N/A OOK Spray Covers your opponent's screen with OOKs for 5 secs




When you use the Yoshi Amibo in the Arcade Menu, you unlock a Powerup which you can use called "Yoshi Tounge" in Arcade Mode, which grabs the *GLITCHY* enemies and stuns them for 1.5 secs (10 sec cooldown) 


When you unlock to World 2 (The Kitchen) and when you put the Yoshi Amibo on the adapter/joycon/New 3ds on the world map, you unlock a Yoshi Statue (Level/Amibo Challenge) above 2-2 which you unlock the Tounge Grab Attack from beating it.

Qbby [3DS Exclusive]


You unlock a powerup which you can use called "Qbby Sheild", which is a square shield that you can use to block attacks for 7 secs (20 sec cooldown) [Disappears when It gets attacked 3 times]

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