The Glitch series is a series of games made by Keyhole Gaming. It was originally created by 1-UP INC.


WorkingOnGlitch 2: The X Files
WorkingOnGlitch 3: Perfect Timing


In June 2013, Keyhole Gaming announced two spinoffs, one currently untitled. One will star Pilot Gary and the other will have Jenny as the main protagonist.

WorkingOnUntitled Jenny Game
WorkingOnGlitch Zero



  • Jack- The main protagonist of the series. He was an eleven-year-old boy who liked playing video games, until he got The Game.
  • Pilot Gary- A glitch character in The Game. He was programmed to be a boss, but it turned out he wasn't so bad after all. He is no longer a glitch character in Game Over.
  • Jenny- The sister of Jack, who also likes playing video games. She is Jack's guide.
  • Jerry- In the first game, Jerry appeared as an invisible man who was the main antagonist of the game. He is turned into a normal human in the second game, and is an ally of Jack.
  • Screach- Screach is the final boss of the first game, and wants revenge on Jack and Jenny. It is unconfirmed if she will appear in any future games.
  • Errol- Errol is the Glitch King, the ruler of Glitch Town. He was first in The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Hurricane's Eye- A duplicate of Jack, who seems friendly at first but turns out to be Jack's worst enemy.


  • Ashura- Ashura is the Glitch Princess. She is an ally of Jack and his friends.
  • Bagu- Bagu is Errol's friend. He is also a member of the WHATEVER, a force of "lifeguards." He suspects that his boss is evil, and is trying to find out.
  • Wechnia- A friend of Ashura, and a police officer of Glitch Town.
  • Terry the Koopa- An exclusive character in the Nintendo Silver version of the first game.
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