Glitch is a game made by 1-UP INC. and Keyhole Gaming.

Developer(s) 1-UP INC.
Publisher(s) 1-UP INC.
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS, Nintendo Silver
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s) 12/12/13
Mode(s) Single Player, 3-Player
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included Wii U Game Case, 3DS Cartridge, Nintendo Silver Game Case


Jake and his sister Jenny are playing video games when Jake wants to change his character. He goes to the character selection screen, then decides to make a character. However, when he tries to make a character, the character you edit is not there, giving him an invisible man. He decides to make the character wear sunglasses, a tuxedo, and jeans. When he is done, the man laughs at him. Jack decides to delete the character when he jumps into the real world and all his video games are stolen and taken into the game. Jack decides to get them back, and Jenny tells him things "that are worth knowing." Jack goes into the game, but since he has no code in the game, he falls through everything, finding the code room. He is electrocuted by the Invisible Man's code, and he suddenly gets the abilities of characters in that game. He floats back to the top, and ends up in Glitch Town, where all glitches live. A cutscene shows where the Invisible Man opens up Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Errol and Bagu come out and run into Glitch Town, where Errol becomes king and Bagu decides to help Jack. A pilot from that game is in Glitch Town, and becomes an enemy of Jack.


In Glitch: Silver Edition, there is a sidestory that if you complete, you unlock Terry the Koopa.

Halfway through the game, the invisible man appears, and you must defeat him. The boss fight is in each version of the game, but nothing else is. In Silver Edition, the invisible man forgets one game, accidentally leaving it open. You look inside of it, and find out that it is Terry the Koopa. The game asks if you would like to enter the game or walk away. If you choose walk away, then you continue with the normal story but can come back here later. If not, you warp inside of the game. The world is called World 8, and you must help Terry defeat Captain Shy Guy.


From "The Game"/Playable

Image Name Status
JackGlitch Jack Playable
Jenny Jenny Guide
PilotGary Pilot Gary Boss
Terry Koopa 3 Terry the Koopa Exclusive in Silver Editon

From Other Games

Image Name Status
Errol Errol/Glitch King Boss
Bagu Bagu Ally
276px-Sonic-Generations-artwork-ashura-render-2 Ashura/Glitch Princess Boss
Wechnia Wechnia Ally
Screach Screach Boss


There are a total of eight worlds in the game (nine in the Silver Edition).

Name Description Boss(es)
Glitch Town Glitch Town is the home of all glitches in this game. And some other games, since that invisible guy stole our games. This town can't be reached in the game, so I wonder why it even exists. Pilot Gary,
Glitch Princess,
Glitch King
The Village of Technology The Village of Technology is an abandoned village where robots currently reside. The Invisible Man has decided to go into this land to find an ancient tomb, with an evil villain inside of it. The Invisible Man,
The Ancient Villain
Cloud Fortress The Cloud Fortress is a gigantic, multipurpose fortress. There is a weaponry, a plaza, and many other things. In the middle of it all, a golden throne is hidden. The first person to find the throne becomes the new King of the World. The Cloudy Grandfather Clock
Ryan VIII's Tomb Who is Ryan? Well he's- he's- actually, I have no idea who Ryan is. Well, this is apparently his tomb, and I guess we have to get out of it! Tomb Guard,
Ryan VIII's Ghost
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