Being one of the World's warriors sucks.
Glenster 'Navy' Salt, after being asked about how he feels about being a reincarnation.

Glenster 'Navy' Salt

New full glenn

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A man with little talent but big responsibilities.
FULL NAME Glenster 'Navy' Salt
Glenn (Family Members and Friends)
Navy (Close Friends)
Shears (Fake Name)
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
AGE 22 (Misstical Mystery)
24 (Resisting the Regime)
25 (The End)
BIRTHDAY 16th September
WEIGHT 12 lbs
RESIDING AT Emarown, Nexonation
Joshua "Richard" Laizer (Friend/Ally)
Michael "Joel" Lloyd (Friend/Ally)
Gary "Hutch" Lewis (Good Friends/Ally)
Vincent "Alex" Halifax (Good Friends/Ally)
Luke "Michael" Stempton (Flatmate)
CLASS Middle Class
One of the Four Warriors
The Beatles, instruments, cola and discovering.
Tea, being misled or lost and disappointing people.
WEAPONS Rusty Wrench, Guitars, Dodgeballs
Mystical Power
SERIES Glenn's Adventure
Glenn's Adventure
The End of Time?!
World Tournament
LEGO Fantendo
Scheming Plans

Glenster 'Navy' Salt, otherwise known as Glenn, is a young adult who currently resides in Emarown in a flat with his university mate, known as Luke. After being alerted through a strange dream that Glenn and three others are now the reincarnated of the Four Warriors from a strange outer-space rock through the window, Glenn learns of his new future and sets of on an adventure to reunite the other reincarnations in order to prevent Misstical, the last of her kind and a supernatural humanoid being, from taking the Mystical Stones to turn into the ultimate being in the universe and taking over the Earth.


Glenn is at most, is optimistic and motivated to work hard to hopefully achieve his nearly unachieveable dreams in success. However, he always finds himself struggling whenever he's by himself as he unfortunately can be easily set off track and not good at either communicating or coordinating. He has also found himself vunerable to peer pressure, which most of the time leads him to doing something that he isn't comfortable with. Glenn can also become naive and short tempered, under stressful situations.

Despite this, Glenn is always ready to get any jobs done or tackle any problems that face him, hoping that one day he will be able to overcome his weaknesses and finish his journey of self-discovery.


Misstical Mystery

Glenn usually wears an unbuttoned blue cord shirt over a plain grey t-shirt with tight black jeans, with the end of his jeans curled up to not get onto his trainers, which are basic navy blue as well. His hair is always seen as overgrown, messy, and all over the place with the tips of his hair dyed dark navy blue. Rarely, Glenn wears rings on his hands. After the spirit becomes one with Glenn, Glenn recieves the original reincarnate's birthmark and scars, giving Glenn a massive slash wrapping around his torso and a meteor shaped birthmark on his left shoulder.

Resisting the Regime (TBA)

The End (TBA)

Background (TBA)

Raised in Bridged, Nexonation, he was born into a family of the middle-class and had grew up with one older brother. During school he received above average grades and worked at a sandwich restaurant after finishing his exams while attending Bridged University. After finishing university, him and his university flatmate moved into their own flat in Emarown, found in Bridged.

Abilities & Weapons

After awakening his dormant powers from the Save Stone, Glenn is able to use Mystical Power, unique powers that allow Glenn to use psychic abilities. The abilities run on a meter based on Brain Power, determined by the age of the current Mystical Power holder, allowing them to use a determined amount of abilities in a day before recharging itself.

There are three different categories of Mystical Power that Glenn can use, these are:

  • Offensive Mystical Power, allowing Glenn to use up to five different elemental powers being:
    • Fire, taking advantage of high temperature to shoot quick firey rays.
    • Earth, which takes advantage of any surface areas and can either lower or make the ground higher.
    • Water, which can cause an earthquake or slow down enemies.
    • Ice, allowing Glenn to shoot hard, fast rapid bullets towards his enemies.
    • Cosmic, where objects such as shooting stars or comets are used as projectiles to send flying towards enemies or form miniature black holes, sucking the enemy, that can fit, in.
      • In addition, Glenn can combine all of his Mystical Power to turn into a Mystical Monster, which allows Glenn to use any offensive abilties with in increase in damage, at a cost. To turn into a Mystical Monster, Brain Power must be at its max and once used, will lower maximum health and defence by 5% however increases offense by 5%.
  • Recover Mystical Power, which allow Glenn to defend or heal friends in battle. Abilties that are usable are:
    • Mystical Shield, a large shield that covers Glenn and The Legacy, reducing damage done by 50% and prevents any magic from passing through.
    • Mystical Healing, which can reverse any illnesses and recover lost health.
      • Glenn can also combine all of his Mystical Power to turn into a Mystical Angel, allwong Glenn to defend and heal at no cost of Brain Power. It requires the same requirements as Mystical Monster, however decreases offense by 5% and increases health and defence by 5%.
  • Assist Mystical Power, despite having a small selection, it is very useful depending on the situation. Abilities used are:
    • Mystical Teleport, allowing Glenn and The Legacy to teleport to previously visited places.
    • Mystical Offense/Defence, increasing either offense or defence for two rounds.

Unknown to Glenn is the ability Mystically Mental, where under immence pressure and stress, Glenn turns into Mystically Mental, whether he wants to or not. In this form, Glenn's offense and health is increased, and can use a unique Mystical attack called Mystical Storm, which allows Glenn to harness a powerful storm upon his enemies.

When without power, Glenn uses a small selection of weapons, being any varieties of guitars, his own trusty pipe-wrench or dodgeballs and in dire situations, anything he can get his hands on.

Relationships (TBA)

Major Appearences

Glenn has appeared in a variety of media. To view all of them click here

NOTE - All appearences here are considered canon to Glenn's story.

Pre Metro Appearences

Misstical mystery



Taking place two years after the Misstical Mystery, Glenn is brought into the Last Existential Fun Fair by Demonio, believing that he is taking part in a competition, however is oblivious to The End of Time.

Resisting the regime



Marking his first appearence in the New Fantendoverse, taking three months after Resisting the Regime, Glenn is pressured into joining the tournament by his flatmate Luke, and also believing that it can help him improve on his Mystical Power skills. Unfortunately, Glenn loses to his opponent, Strafe by pindown in the first round and in the second Redemption round, Glenn is knocked out by Reten. In the finals, Glenn is unable to do anything against Aura Angel Asuna, due to a lack of Brain Power.


After the World Tournament, Glenn's mental heatlh takes a big toll after realising that he isn't as powerful or strong that he was believed to be.

The end.



  • During the four redevelopments of Glenn's Adventure, Glenn always shared the same characteristic, being that he's short tempered.
    • In the final redevelopment, his short temper is noticably more tame compared to the other rewrites.
  • His false name "Shears" is a reference to the album, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, where the main singer is "Billy Shears".


NOTE - These are Glenn's official designs, to see fan art and other designs, click here!

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