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Glenster 'Navy' Salt's stressed battle cry

Glenster 'Navy' Salt
FULL NAME River 'Navy' Salt
Glenster, Glenn, Navy
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
AGE 22 (Misstical Mystery)
25 (The Void)
BIRTHDAY 16th September
WEIGHT 12 lbs
RESIDING AT Emarown, Nexonation
CLASS Middle Class
OCCUPATION(S) Bartender (Misstical Mystery)
Studio Artist (The Void)
Alternative and Classic Rock, Cooking, Supernatural
Open Wounds, Martial Arts
WEAPONS Rusty Wrench, Guitars, Dodgeballs
Mystical Power
SERIES Glenn's Adventure
Glenn's Adventure

Glenster 'Navy' Salt, real name River 'Navy' Salt, is a biracial (Japanese-American and British-Italian) young adult who currently resides in Emarown. After being alerted through a strange dream that Glenn and three others are now the reincarnated of the Four Warriors from a Save Stone crashing through his window, Glenn's future is forever led off path and entangled with the forces of evil. He is the main protagonist of Glenn's Adventure, Four Warrior leader successor, and the co-leader of The Legacy, next to ally Vincent 'Alex' Halifax.


Glenn is optimistic and motivated to work hard to hopefully achieve his nearly unachievable dreams of success and someone with a golden heart. However, he always finds himself struggling whenever he's by himself as he unfortunately can be easily set off track. He has also found himself vulnerable to peer pressure in some situations, which most of the time leads him to doing something that he isn't comfortable with. Glenn can also become naive, short tempered and too cocky for his own good, under stressful situations.

Despite this, Glenn is always ready to get any jobs done or tackle any problems that face him, hoping that one day he will be able to overcome his weaknesses and finish his journey of self-discovery. 


Misstical Mystery

Glenn usually wears an unbuttoned blue cord shirt over a plain grey t-shirt with tight black jeans, with the end of his jeans curled up to not get onto his trainers, which are basic navy blue as well. His hair is always seen as overgrown, messy, and all over the place with the tips of his hair dyed dark navy blue. Rarely, Glenn wears rings and a bracelet on his hands. After the spirit becomes one with Glenn, Glenn receives the original reincarnate's birthmark and scars, giving Glenn a massive slash wrapping around his torso and a meteor shaped birthmark on his left shoulder.

The Void 

Glenn switches from a cord shirt to a striped dark blue hoodie over a light grey t-shirt, keeping everything else. His hair is still overgrown but short and more kept.


Raised in Bridged, Nexonation, he was born into a family of the middle-class and grew up with one older brother and sister. Whilst 13, his parents were unfortunately killed during a shoot-out and he and his siblings were raised by Notsi Noikishi, the leader of the Noikishi Family, whose men had killed his parents. At 15, Industry members from the Hustrain family attempted to kill Glenn and his siblings, however one of the men turned and killed the other members before leaving. Because of this, Glenn alongside his siblings were sent to a youth prison originally for 7 years each, but were released early due to good behaviour. Despite that, Glenn wished to be like the man who saved his life.

After his tragic childhood, Glenn decided to move to Emarown with his youth prison cellmate Luke and house pet Duke. Although finding a job was hard due to his criminal background, he was accepted a job at a sandwich cafe however fired for unknown reasons, before finding a job at a local bar as a bartender.

Abilities & Weapons

With the Save Stone awakening Glenn's dorment Mystical Power, Glenn can either attack enemies with his different abilities, defend his team, increase stats or teleport to previously visited areas, based off a meter known as Brain Power, powered by age. In order to fill his meter, Glenn must either recover in a bed or eat some Mystical Fruit, found in strange places. After Misstical Mystery, Glenn uses Mystical Power to enhance his guitar playing skills.

There are three different categories of Mystical Power that Glenn can use, these are:

  • Offensive Mystical Power, allowing Glenn to use up to five different elemental powers being:
    • Fire, allowing Glenn shoot quick fiery rays, put up flame walls or throw fireballs.
    • Earth,allowing Glenn to manipulate the ground however he likes, such as putting up a wall or making a dome around him.
    • Water, which can cause an earthquake and create high-rising erupting water from the ground or slow down enemies.
    • Ice, allowing Glenn to shoot hard, fast rapid bullets towards his enemies or freeze the enemy.
    • Cosmic, where objects such as shooting stars or comets are used as projectiles to send flying towards enemies or form miniature black holes, sucking the enemy, before popping back out damaged.
      • In addition, Glenn can also transform into a Mystical Beast, where Glenn gains Mystical Gloves, which increases Glenn's maximum health and offence although decreasing defence, and is given the ability to perform a Mystical Barrage, where Glenn throws a fast and powerful barrage of punches. To transform, it requires Glenn's current Brain Points, which lasts depending on Glenn's current Brain Points.
  • Recover Mystical Power, which allow Glenn to defend or heal friends in battle. Abilties that are usable are:
    • Mystical Shield, a large shield that covers Glenn and The Legacy, reducing damage done by 50% and prevents any magic from passing through.
    • Mystical Healing, which can reverse any illnesses and recover lost health.
      • Glenn can also transform into a Mystical Angel, where Glenn grows wings and recieves a healing and defense buff, although offence is significantly lowered. To transform, it requires Glenn's current Brain Points, which lasts depending on Glenn's current Brain Points.
  • Assist Mystical Power, despite having a small selection, it is very useful depending on the situation. Abilities used are:
    • Mystical Teleport, allowing Glenn and The Legacy to teleport to previously visited places.
    • Mystical Offense/Defence, increasing either offense or defence for two rounds.

Unknown to Glenn is the side-effect of having this new power is Mystically Mental, where under certain circumstances such as a last hurrah, Glenn turns Mystically Mental, whether he wants to or not. In this form, Glenn's offense and health is increased, and can use a unique Mystical attack called Mystical Storm, which allows Glenn to harness a powerful storm upon his enemies.

When Glenn runs out on Brain Power, Glenn can use either his trusty pipe-wrench or dodgeballs. These weapons can be enhanced with Mystical Power however. In dire situation, Glenn always keeps knuckle dusters on him, as Glenn does not trust his real fighting strength to save himself.

Relationships (TBA)

Major Appearences

Glenn has appeared in a variety of media. To view all of them click here

NOTE - All appearences here are considered canon to Glenn's story.

Misstical mystery.png

Glenn's first adventure. After fusing with the soul of the Four Warriors leader from his Save Stone, Glenn must recruit the brand new Four Warriors in hopes of defeating an imminent threat, known as Misstical. Fortunately, The Legacy defeat Misstical. A few months after these events, The Legacy would temporarily disband to pursue other interests.

The void ga.png

Coming out of early retirement, Glenn teams up with Vincent to reunite The Legacy to locate and neutralise a threat, known as Cynical. Unfortunately, The Legacy would fail defeating Cynical, and would eventually find themselves in the Fantendoverse Tau universe.



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