Frostbitten fun.

The company logo.
Type of Company Game company.
Founder(s) DoodleFox
Founded at/in November 15th, 2002
Defunct at/in As of now, no
Headquarters Temecula, California
Area(s) Served Murrieta
Owner(s) DoodleFox
No. of Employee(s) TBA
Predecessor None to be heard of.
Successor None to be heard of.
Parent Company Glacier™ functions on it's own.
Subsidiaries None to be heard of.
Fate Still in business.
Glacier™ is an up and coming video game company founded in Murrieta, California. They were founded on November 15th, 2002, and is lead by the current CEO, DoodleFox. The goal of the company is to create immersive video game experiences for the entire gaming market. They originally started as a third party developer named Icy Cold Gaming Industries. They're currently developing their first console, Codename: Blizzard.






  • The company was inspired by another company at the time: Toucan. Before it was closed, one of their many series helped influence Flip The Frog. In addition, many of the companies' morals and values came from Nintendo and Sony.
  • ICGI has purchased the rights to make their own amiibo for their games.

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