#19 Pokemon #658 Glacella
Glacella's Dream World Art
Category Ice Queen Pokémon
Original Region Sarkoko
National Dex Nr. #19
Generation 6
Pokémon Color Purple
First Appearance Pokemon Ocean Blue and Thunder Yellow
Latest Appearance Pokemon Vortex
Type(s) Ice/Psychic
Ability/ies Forewarn, Oblivious
Average Height 1,8 m, 5'11"
Average Weight 55,0 kg, 121.0 Lbs
Evolves From Jynx

Glacella (美しさ結 Utsuksu in Japan) is an Ice/Psychic pokemon who evolves from Jynx when traded with a Glacellizer. She is the final form of Smoochum.

Pokedex Entries


Years of wlaking through snow made the bottom of there dresses wet and soon the water froze leaving the bottom of there cloths frozen. there hair is frozen too making it a great weapon. They are considered the most beautiful pokemon ever even more than Milotic.


During winter months all the ice melts of of their bodies, this is because they warm up their bodies. Glacella has got four forms, Summer Glacella, Winter Glacella, Spring Glacella and Fall Glacella.

Pokemon Vortex

Glacella, queen of ice and snow has been curupted to creat Corrupted Glacella, but her lond fangs and flowing hair is no mach for Pikachu and Friends! 

Name Origin

  • USA/England: Glacier + Bella (Beauty) = Glacella

Japan: Utsukushi-sa (Beauty) + Tōketsu (frozen) = Utsuksu

German: Niedlich (Cute) + Kälte (Cold) = Niedälte

France: Magnifique (Magnificent) + Vanille (Vanilla) + Danse (Dance) = Magnivanse

Netherlands: Sournois (Sly) + Glace (Ice) = Sourlace

China: Bīngqílín (Ice Cream) + Nǚshì (Lady) = Bīngshì

Rusia: Led (Ice) + Zhenshchina (Woman) = Lenshchina



  • She is part of a Trio with Magmortar and Electivire
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