Her artwork from Mario 3D World.

Gina is a magical genie from the Freezeen Kingdom.


Not much is known about Gina, but what is known is that she was not always a genie. Instead, when Bowser took over her kingdom, he turned her into a genie and she was rescued by Fishin' Lakitu, who then took care of her lamp until the heroes arrived.




Mario 3D World

Gina's first appearance was in Mario 3D World, where she served as the Super Guide. You could also play as her by canceling Super Guide in the middle of her adventure through the level- however, if you die as her, you will become Mario, Luigi, Toad or Green Toad again.

Unnamed Mario Sports Mix Game

Gina will also appear in an upcoming Mario Sports Mix game by Peanutjon. Her type will be Tricky.

Paper Mario: The Color Stones

She is a partner found in Chapter 3, on Genie Island.


Her abilities in PMCS.

Field Ability

In the field, Gina can pull you into your lamp, making you invisible. This is similar to Bow and Vivian.

Battle Attacks

  • Genie Punch - Genie Punch is Gina's normal attack.
    • FP Required: None.
    • Effect: Gina punches.
    • Damage Dealt: 10
    • Action Command: Hold the Control Stick back until the light lights up.
  • Hide - Hide is Gina's secondary attack.
    • FP Required: 5
    • Effect: Gina hides Mario and herself in her lamp, making them invincible for one turn. However, they cannot attack.
    • Damage Dealt: None.
    • Action Command: Press A while the light is lit, but release when it goes off.
  • Fishin' Lakitu - Fishin' Lakitu requires Gina being leveled up once.
    • FP Required: 8
    • Effect: Gina calls Fishin' Lakitu, who tries to carry the enemy away on his fish hook. It doesn't work on bosses.
    • Damage Dealt: None.
    • Action Command: Press A while the light is lit, but release when it goes off.
  • Unknown.


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