Gilgamesh the Goblin
Adventure Gilgamesh.
SPECIES Animatronic Goblin
CURRENT STATUS Through to be destroyed but still active.
BIRTHDAY 1987 or less
HEIGHT Average
WEIGHT Medium-Heavy lbs
ALIGNMENT Chaotic Evil
Gilgamesh the Goblin is one of Several Nights at Fierce's animatronics. He is also known as AnimaProto, a prototype animatronic. He is the main villain of the series and the mascot of the third game.


As AnimaProto

Gilgamesh used to be the first prototype animatronic for Fierce's Foods. He was humanoid, and all of his parts were exposed, making him an endoskeleton. He has two robotic ears. He holds a lumberjack axe for some reason. One can notice many bolts and screws around his parts. His endoskeleton eyes glow red.

As Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is similar to AnimaProto in shape, but at first glance you wouldn't guess they're the same. He now has a grey suit, and his joints are hidden by figurine-like spheres. He seems to wear brown pants. He now has normal blue eyes instead of red endoskeleton eyes. His axe looks a little fancier. Only his endoskeleton neck is exposed.

Withered Design

Gilgamesh's withered design is an hybrid between his AnimaProto form and his normal form. All of his upper body's suit is gone. His leg and feet suit are still on but are cracked and withered. He appears very dusty in general. He looks pretty skeletal, having a spine-like torso. Both of his ears are gone, through some of his left ear stayed. Both of his arms are gone, but somehow, his axe is connected to the place where the right arm was and acts just like an arm.


Gilgamesh seems to be generally stronger then the other animatronics. He is both incredibly dumb (not knowing what a kid is) and pretty smart (beign able to code an effective virus). He is also pretty fast. Aside from that, he's also able to turn off cameras. Thanks to the virus he coded, he is able to control most machines, through some seem to be immune to these powers. As with other Fierce's Foods animatronic, he is surprisingly resistant and can survive many years without fully dying as shown in Several Nights at Fierce's 3. He seems to be sentient.


Gilgamesh had a personality ever since he was AnimaProto. He can very easily be disliked. He is arrogant and egocentric. He never admits his mistakes. By now, it is quite possible he does "evil things" intentionally. As Gilgamesh, he acts WAY too nice, to the point he's annoying, but is still the arrogant animatronic beneath the appearances. He is pretty violent as well. He seems to believe revenge is fair, but his revenges are usually even worse then what upset him. But he thinks it's "just".




Withered Gilgamesh


  • Gilgamesh is similar to Goblin. This makes sense, since they are both goblins and are both based on the same creature from the same game.
  • Withered Gilgamesh has the most pictures out of all of the Several Nights at Fierce's animatronics. This is likely because he was the mascot of the third game.
    • In general, he also represents pretty well everything that happens after Several Nights at Fierce's 2 in the SNaF series.
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