Gigamechamadkid-M.E.G.A. (Mean Enlarged Giant Anderobot) Type is a boss in Diaper Duty 5: Koopa Kid Gets Mad. He is one of many Anderobots His name is a pun on giga mecha mad kid. He is the most powerful of all the Anderobots and is fought twice.


Type A

Gigamechamadkid-M.E.G.A Type A is fought on the Big Ape City level where he has kidnapped Baby Donkey Kong and Baby Pauline. He is a vicious robot that almost defeats the young babies. However he is defeated and the babies presume that he is dead.

In this form he has the ability to throw barrels and shoot lasors from his eyes as well as hover for a short amount of time, he can not move whilst he is hovering.

Type B

Gigamechamadkid-M.E.G.A Type B is fought on the Yoshi Island level where he has kidnapped Baby Yoshi. He is even stronger and seemingly more evil than before. Once he is defeated this time he blows up and that is how the babies know that he is defeated once and for all.

In this form he has all of his previous abilities as well as the ability to fly around freely as opposed to just hovering as he could before he is also stronger than before and thus his throws are more accurate and faster. He shoots fireballs now instead of breathing fire as he did before.

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