Giare is a a major character in Fantendo - 100 Floors, one of the two antiheroes of the story, and initially introduced as a member of the Daredevil Quartet; Dare's four most trusted advocates who do his dirty work when he needs them to. In Chapter 4, however, he and fellow Quartet member Diablo form a temporary alliance to work against Dare after realizing what he is doing, indirectly helping Unten and co. during their journey in the Daredevil's Mansion.

Physical Appearance

Giare is a Peruvian dragon snake, and as such closely resembles an anthropomorphic snake, though he has a few dragon-like qualities as well. His skin is crimson, and he sports some spike-like features on his head and back, as well as a signature snakelike tongue and tail. He also sports claws. He wears a multicolored cloak with a golden libra zodiac symbol (a scale) on the front. His right hand sports a ring with a bright yellow diamond on it.


Giare sports a very deceptive type of personality, sporting a convincing "quiet and awkward" personality on the outside towards Dare and any other enemies, but actually being...well, still quiet and awkward, but also headstrong and defiant, around others. This allows him to deceive basically anyone with a weakling-like attitude.

Powers & Abilities

Giare's primary fighting capabilities revolve around venom; his fangs and claws are basically drenched in them. Hitting a foe particularly hard with his claws or fangs will begin the effects of the poison: while it doesn't kill, it does cause short-term paralysis and low stamina. In fact, some victims may even pass out when they come under the effects, making Giare a surprisingly deadly foe.

Giare is also skilled in creating projections; in other words, creating physical clones of people using cybernetic energy. If he is hooked up to a good computer, or around someone like 3.14 or Copypaste with strong cybernetic energy surrounding them, he can create them very easily.





  • Giare's name was taken from an Italian word for snake, serpeggiare.
  • A running joke in 100 Floors is regarding his speech mannerisms: because he's a snake, he tends to draw out his S's on accident, much to the chagrin of some.


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