Ghoularry MMWii
Ghoularry's 3D appearance in McBoo's Mansion Wii.
CLASS Neutral
*Makes Shy Guy noises.*
Ghoularry, McToons

Ghoularry is a Shy Guy that is one of the four friends of McBoo. He is a Shy Guy with cyan shoes that is under a white sheet that has holes cut in the shape of a Shy Guy's mask cutouts.


Ghoularry appears as McBoo's friend that seems to have a shy personality. In McBoo's Mansion, he wears a purple party hat with red strips and light blue ribbons coming out of the top. This kind of party hat is also worn at the surprise deathday party for King Boo by McBoo, O'Lantern, and Akro Bat. He is the only one the doesn't take off his party hat, meaning that he could be forgetful. His party hat however, falls off in the middle of the game, which makes Ghoularry blush. The party hat and sheet is an obvious reference of Doopliss from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Ghoularry is also the only ghost out of the four that doesn't talk by only makes Shy Guy noises. Despite this, he talks twice in the McToons.


McBoo's Mansion

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Ghoularry Ghoularry He is the only ghost of the Four Amighosts that never talks. Though not much of Ghoularry's personality has been revealed, he is confirmed to be very shy, being that he wears a sheet over his head all the time. Though Ghoularry is most likely a Shy Guy, his body is never seen.
  • Pound
  • Spin
  • Shy Sheet
  • Shy Scare
  • Shy Balloon

O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?

Ghoularry appears as one of the 10 opponents in O'Lantern's Trick or Tetris?. He appears in Level 1.

McBoo's Mansion 2

Image Character Description Normal Moves Special Moves
Ghoularry Ghoularry He is the shy one of the Four Amighosts yet, Ghoularry is not a chicken. He is a fighter that would sacrifice himself for his friends, because under that plain white sheet is a brave warrior. The thing is, it's hard to communicate with his friends if all he does is make Shy Guy noises.
  • Pound
  • Spin
  • Shy Sheet
  • Shy Scare
  • Shy Balloon
  • Shy Spin
  • Shy Bomb

McBoo's Mansion Wii

So far, his artwork has confirmed Ghoularry's appearance in McBoo's Mansion Wii.

McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1

Character Name Description Moveset Moon Attack
Akro Bat & Ghoularry MM3 Ghoularry & Akro Bat The classic Halloween duo that wear extra features to try to be scary, when it just adds laughter. Akro Bat is the kind of guy or Fang that will throw a joke in when unnecessary and Ghoularry is the mute silent type. Pound
Sheet Shock - Ghoularry reveals his true look, stunning all enemies, while Akro Bat attacks them over and over rapidly.

* - This means this attack can be used outside of battle (as well as in) to help McBoo solve certain things.


Ghoularry makes an appearance in many episodes of the McToons. However, most of his lines are *Makes Shy Guy noises.*. Despite that, Ghoularry talks once in episode 7. He's first says, Save yourself Fierce Fanged Flyer!. But after Akro Bat comments that he just talked, he replies, Well YoshiEgg could talk, why ca-*makes Shy Guy noises.*. Strangely, like YoshiEgg Nook, this is the only time he talks, meaning he can talk, but is just to shy.


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