Ghostverse Stories is a small anthology series that takes place in the Ghostverse as an "epilogue" of sorts to the events of Hour of Reckoning. Each episode tends to focus primarily on a small group of characters, and are a lot more lighthearted compared to past stories.


War Hero

Taikari grapples with her newfound status as a war hero as old rivals of hers seek to make amends.


Felton and Trent's return to Wanotori is marred by their realization that they're just ordinary birds, who need to step up in strength.

Bar Crawl

Orthesu and Grik get into some...sticky situations when they have one too many.


A bachelor party leads to some surprising confessions, followed by a wedding that unites two lovers.


  • The decision to utilize a script format for all four episodes was done due to Tigertot (tbc)'s preference for it when writing Hour of Reckoning.
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