Ghostrealm Heroes
Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Platform(s) GhostDrive
Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) 2018
The most ambitious crossover ever.
The game's tagline.

Ghostrealm Heroes is a crossover fighting game inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series developed and published by Ghostrealm Studios as a "celebration" of Krexxal (tbc)'s time on Fantendo.

Intro Movie

The game opens with a computer screen labeled "Ghostrealm Heroes". A sigh is heard as the person looking at the screen clicks on it, before the camera zooms into the computer, following the wires and cables.

The camera then focuses on a view of Ghostrealm Stadium, where Kaiden, Taikari, L.K., and Volta stand before each other. Grinning, they leap into battle as the game's logo is shown. The next shot shows Elina firing off spheres of flame at Timid Guy, who's slashing through them with his sword. The following shot depicts Felton and Trent running alongside each other, before flying into the air alongside Yikkal, who's in his ship.

The next shot shows Kaiden and Taikari defeating L.K. and Volta, before turning towards each other. Exchanging grins, they leap at each other, with the camera focusing on five silhouettes of the unlockable characters: the Soul Grazer, Trumbone, Mario, Link, and the Yoshi King. If they're unlocked, they'll actually appear instead of just a silhouette. After this scene, the game's title screen is shown.


Ghostrealm Heroes plays similarly to the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games made by Nintendo, more specifically Melee and Smash 4, in that traditional health bars are absent in favor of attacking foes to raise a damage percentage. As this percentage rises, players are more easily knocked off the stage. To score a KO, the player needs to rack up enough damage to be able to knock the opponent off the stage. Characters have a wide array of moves, ranging from ground attacks, to aerials, to special moves, to Super Moves, special moves akin to the "Final Smashes" of Super Smash Bros., which are activated by filling up a bar above their damage meter. Each character also has a Passive Ability which grants them a small bonus of sorts.

Unlike Super Smash Bros. however, the game has no such thing as a "fall state", meaning that recovery is essentially a nonfactor, not to mention that every character gets two midair jumps. This places a greater emphasis on aerial combat, and makes fights last much longer as the aim is to KO the opponent before they can regain control of their character, rather than leaving them at the mercy of being unable to get back to the stage.. Another unique mechanic is that when attacked, the damage meter takes time to go up. If you land an attack on the opponent during this time, it won't go up as high, allowing you to essentially regain health by attacking your opponent after they've hit you.

Grabbing remains a vital technique, but unlike in Smash, you can actually angle your grab above or below you, allowing you to grab opponents who are in the air. Airdodge physics are also similar to that of Melee, allowing for wavedashing and wavelanding. Wavedashing in particular is much easier to perform than in Melee.

Game Modes


Group modes are intended to be played with two or more people.

Showdown The main mode for fighting, supporting up to eight players. Choose between Time or Stock, maybe set up teams, and when you're ready, duke it out!
Tournament Hold a tournament with AI or regular players. Various options are available such as winners/losers' brackets, round robin gameplay, and varying sizes.
Special Match Enjoy some crazy modifiers to make matches more interesting, such as adjusting movement speed, giving everyone infinite midair jumps, or even making everyone invisible!
Rules Adjust match rules. The following can be adjusted:
  • Rule: Choose between Time, which has you fighting to score the most points within a time limit, or Stock, which gives you a set amount of lives.
  • Handicap: Maybe some players are just too good, or maybe you wanna up the stakes. In that case, a Handicap might be a good idea!
  • Damage Ratio: Adjust by how much you're knocked back by attacks!
  • Stage Choice: Decide how you're picking stages. Choose them every time, leave it up to random selection, take turns with others, play in a set order, or let the loser pick!
  • Super Moves: Turn Super Moves on or off.
  • Assist Orbs: Turn Assist Orbs on or off.
  • Stock & Time: Maybe you want a time limit for Stock matches.
  • Pause Function: Enable or disable pausing mid-match.
  • Score Display: Enable or disable the ability to see your score mid-match.
  • SD Penalty Set the penalty for self-destructing: one point, two points, or no points.
  • Damage Gauge: Enable or disable the ability to see how much damage characters have taken.
  • Random Stage Switch: Filter the stages that will be picked when you choose stages randomly.
Name Entry Enter names and adjust controls.


Solo modes are intended to be played by one player, though some support two.

Adventure The main singleplayer mode has you fighting random opponents in the roster, with platforming levels in between to mix things up. You also have a limited number of lives going in, so be careful!
All-Star Fight every character in the roster with no breaks! They're fought in the order of their debut.
Scenarios Scenarios are matches that have special gimmicks or objectives, and in some cases force you to play as a particular character.
Horde Mode In Horde Mode, you'll have to face off against weaker wireframe variants of the roster. Choose between several variants:
  • 10-Man: Defeat 10 enemies as fast as you can!
  • 100-Man: Defeat 100 enemies, but they'll get tougher as time progresses!
  • 3-Minute: Survive for three minutes!
  • 15-Minute: Survive for fifteen minutes!
  • Rival: Defeat more enemies than your rival until you die!
  • Endless: How long can you survive?
  • Cruel: How long can you survive against tougher opponents?
Target Test Break all the targets as quickly as possible! Each character has their own unique map, and you can race another player as well!
Line Jump Traverse a character-specific stage and try to get as high up as possible as the screen descends! Just like Target Test, you can race a friend.
Boss Battles Show your skills against a gauntlet of bosses!
Training Practice your skills with the help of the optional debug menu! Plus, take some Lessons here to learn a few special techniques!


Online modes can be played with players via the internet.

Casual Match Play a match with all stages enabled and a more casual ruleset that allows for any stage!
Ranked Match Go into more serious matches with a more restrictive ruleset. Ranked Matches operate on a season system, with rankings that rise with every win, and fall with every loss. At the end of the season, you'll receive rewards based on how well you did.
Tournament Take part in online tournaments!
Spectate Spectate and bet on matches!
Leaderboards See how you compare to other players around the world!


The Vault contains all collectables within the game.

Replays Watch your replays!
Movies Take a look at character reveal trailers and other videos!
Sound Change stage music and listen to the game sounds!
Records Look at all of your statistics!


Ghostrealm Heroes has 13 playable characters from the company's various projects. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to try them all out!

Each character also has access to a wide array of Skins, which change their appearance and in some cases their voices. Skins also have a little bit of flavor lore associated with them, and tend to describe "what if" scenarios that are just for fun.

Default Characters

Default characters are available from the start.


Kaiden had his life changed forever when the krexxon burned down his village and invaded Ascerth. Yet, he didn't let it stop him as he rallied a team of like-minded allies to stop the krexxon and save the planet. From there, Kaiden would also go on to end the invasion of the Circle of Shadows as well, before heading to Jalgor to kick their asses even further!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Kaiden is a balanced fighter intended for beginners. He utilizes a swordplay-oriented moveset that revolves around his swords, and more or less has an aggressive playstyle fitting the game's physics, with his sword attacks having great range. He also has access to a projectile for zoning as well as good grab range and strong air attacks, and great defensive capability thanks to his Parry passive.

Yet, Kaiden isn't without his weaknesses. He lacks a reliable way of combatting projectiles unless he shoots his own, which leaves him open. Kaiden also suffers from slow air speed due to his armor, and also takes time to land on the ground.

Overall, Kaiden revolves around an aggressive playstyle that's ideal for newcomers, but veterans may find themselves lacking specialization in some situations.

  • Parry: Whenever Kaiden perfect shields, the opponent is knocked back a short distance.
  • Ferocious Strikes: Kaiden's neutral special is a flurry of sword strikes that deal heavy damage.
  • Thunder Blade: Kaiden's side special has him fling a blast of electricity from his swords. The blast goes in a single direction, but can be angled.
  • Whirlwind: Kaiden soars up a fair distance in his up special by creating a miniature tornado with his swords.
  • Power Slash: Kaiden prepares his swords for a slash of tremendous power in his down special that, if it connects, deals immense damage while also stunning the foe for a short period of time. However, this move has no super armor, so be sure to use it when the time is right!
  • Netherspace Aura: Kaiden's Super Move, Netherspace Aura, has him unleash a slash that transports the foe into a platform above a void. From there, Kaiden lunges at them while under the effects of the aura and sends them flying an immense distance.

  • Default: Kaiden sought to protect Ascerth from any threats that may approach it, whether they be from within or beyond.
  • Armored Hero: After the disastrous failure of an attack on Jalgor, Kaiden suits up for a fight in this mechanical suit as Ascerth makes its last stand against the Circle of Shadows.
  • Hero of Hyrule: Blue tunic? Check. Lost memories? Check. Silent voice? Double check.
  • Secret Operative: The so-called "Vyrus" needed to be dealt with. Mukaan's solution? Send their finest soldier into the internet itself to stop her.


Kaiden simply walks onto the battlefield before unsheathing his swords for his entrance animation.

Kaiden's taunts depict him clanging his swords together, sitting down and meditating, and looking around before clenching his fist.


Taikari, a well-reknown mercenary, once fought for her own glory in the Zalvar Sector, trusting nobody and making a name for herself. However, a series of events involving a crash on a foreign planet and the assembly of a crew of like-minded allies to work on solving a mystery regarding the Circle of Shadows. Taikari and her allies became leaders within the Vanguard of Spirits, and worked hard to successfully put an end to them!

In Ghostverse Heroes, Taikari is the definition of "heavyweight": her attacks hit hard at the cost of reduced mobility, due to her heavy armor. She also has access to a decent range of projectile attacks, making her deadly from a distance. Combine that with her general resistance to knockback and her tether grab, and you have a solid character.

Taikari does suffer from several weaknesses however. Being a heavyweight, she has a faster falling speed, as well as low movement speed on the ground. This makes it difficult to reach opponents from afar, and also means she attacks slower than others. Taikari's poor mobility also extends to her jump height.

Overall, Taikari is a high-risk, high-reward character who rewards players that manage to land hits on their opponents, but suffers when it comes to movement options, thus forcing players to work defensively in a sense.

  • Aim Assist: Taikari's helmet has a build-in tracker that makes it easier for her projectiles to hit opponents.
  • Pistol Charge: Taikari charges up her pistols before unleashing a blast of energy. The pistol round can be saved for later as well.
  • Flamethrower: Taikari unleashes a blast of flame from her wrist-mounted flamethrower that consumes the area before her. The flames remain in place for a few seconds before dissipating.
  • Fire Jump: Taikari uses her flamethrower to proper herself upwards into the air. The button can be held down to "glide" in a sense.
  • Grenade: Taikari grabs a grenade from her armor. It will eventually explode, but it can be thrown at opponents.
  • Sword of Light: Taikari pulls the sword given to her by Xanvor off of her back, before striking the opponent in front of her. The opponent is then taken to the interior of Taikari's ship, before she lands a devastating blow that deals immense damage.

  • Default: Taikari dons this armor for any combat engagements she undergoes. It's been through a lot, but it gets the job done.
  • Pirate: Captain Taikari's got herself some modified cannons to utilize on the seven seas. Yarr!
  • Coronite Warrior: Spear in hand, orange and grey armor adorned, this warrior is ready to fight for the future of her world.
  • Meta Mercenary: The pink puffball has come for the Halberd, but Meta Knight is confident that his newest recruit can stop him.


Taikari's entrance animation consists of her flying into the battlefield in her ship.

Taikari's taunts depict her taking off her helmet and smirking, spinning her pistols, and shooting her flamethrower into the air.

Felton & Trent

These two birds have been best friends since childhood, and have had to endure all sorts of adventures thanks to their teamwork. While initial battles saw them going against a thieving hawk, the arrival of the Circle of Shadows on Wanotori led to them heading to Ascerth, and even beyond to Jalgor!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Felton and Trent uniquely play as a duo of characters, fighting alongside each other. One bird will always be in the front, with Felton being faster but weaker, and Trent hitting harder but moving slower. This mechanic allows for them to perform unique combos and attacks no other character can achieve, while also granting a sheer increase in attack power. The duo, being birds, also benefit from a strong aerial game that grants them more mobility in the air than other characters, not to mention them getting an additional midair jump.

Despite these strengths, Felton and Trent suffer from flaws no other character has to deal with, namely the fact that the bird in the back can be KO'd independently from the leader, thus forcing the leader to play on their own for a minute or so before the other bird responds. While solo, Felton and Trent's damage potential is much lower, and they can be more easily knocked around. Besides this mechanic, the duo are quite floaty in general, making them more vulnerable to being knocked around, and the lack of a proper projectile also hinders them.

Players looking to play as Felton and Trent have a unique playstyle to handle, albeit one that has its own pros and cons compared to other characters.

  • Gliding: While in midair, holding down the jump button allows Felton and Trent to glide in a sense, allowing for them to move faster in a single direction in the air.
  • Beak Attack: The leading bird pulls back their beak until the button is released, before letting out a flurry of beak attacks at the foe in front.
  • Beak Spin: Felton and Trent get into a spinning maneuver together, hitting anyone in their way. The spin can be angled as well.
  • Take Off: Felton and Trent jump high into the air, before getting into a glide. The initial ascent will hit anyone in their way.
  • Swap Leaders: Felton and Trent swap positions. This switch is quick and can be done in midair as well.
  • Phoenix Form: Felton and Trent transform into their Phoenix forms as they shoot a fireball at opponents in front of them. From there, the duo ravage their foes with countless attacks before unleashing a strike together. After the move is done, both members of the duo will be ready for battle even if one was eliminated earlier.

  • Default: Felton and Trent have been through a lot of adventures together. Let's see how they do on the battlefield!
  • Ducklett and Noctowl: Scientists in the Kalos region were fascinated by how this Ducklett and Noctowl became close friends. It was unusual for two Pokémon of different species to come together like this.
  • Olympic Athletes: Felton and Trent have come to represent Wanotori in the Olympics. However, they aren't too used to running marathons.
  • Pixellated Birds: 1985 saw the release of Super Bird Bros., a platformer that featured two birds as the protagonists. Seems like people didn't like plumbers around then.


Felton and Trent's entrance animation has them flying onto the battlefield together before high-fiving.

Felton and Trent's taunts depict them running in a circle together, flapping their wings and smirking, and laughing at each other.


Leon "L.K." Capture was the first companion to join Mario after Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom. Together, the two of them explored the world, taking on Bowser's empire while building up a resistance movement against the tyrant. And in the end, they took down Neo Bowser City and restored the Mushroom Kingdom to its former glory. And after that, they even went all the way to the Kaliente Kingdom to defeat another tyrant.

In Ghostrealm Heroes, L.K. is a master of grabs and utility, being able to grab opponents in midair and perform aerial throws. This makes L.K. extremely formidable up close, and requires you to think carefully as you take him on. L.K. also benefits from a strong combo game on the ground, using his cloud and camera to dish out heavy damage.

L.K. does however suffer from numerous weaknesses. He's literally one of the floatiest characters in the roster, which makes him easy to knock around. L.K. is also quite slow on foot, making it difficult for him to reach opponents, though this is remedied with his Red Shell projectile.

To sum things up, L.K. is a fighter who has a bit of an offensive playstyle, and suffers when it comes to incoming attacks. Yet, those who can master him are capable of performing outrageous combos.

  • Cameraman: The intense light of L.K.'s camera will increase the amount of button mashing needed to break out of his grabs.
  • Red Shell: L.K. throws a Red Shell forward that will lock onto opponents. However, it can be destroyed if the timing is right.
  • Cloud Smash: L.K. dives forward in his cloud, dealing impressive damage.
  • Hover: L.K. soars upwards in his cloud, hitting anyone in his way.
  • Recording: L.K. brings out his camera, charging it up. Once it's fully charged, the opponent is stunned for a brief period of time.
  • Video Montage: L.K. uses his camera to teleport anyone hit to a movie set. From there, he turns on his camera before letting loose a barrage of attacks on video, before landing an uppercut that sends the foes flying through the air.

  • Default: L.K. is always eager to film what's going on in front of him, and never lets go of his camera. Maybe there's something on it he doesn't want us to see...
  • Eggman Empire: In Eggmanland, the reporters are expected to deliver news painting Dr. Eggman in a good light. L.K. however has heard something about a growing resistance movement.
  • Nintendo Rep: At E3, Nintendo employees are expected to keep the demos in order. L.K. here just wants to try the new Super Smash Bros., but knows he has a job to do.
  • Gambler: The tables of Las Vegas are ruthless, and full of cheaters. Let's just say L.K.'s cloud has something he can use to turn the tides...


L.K. flies onto the stage in his cloud for his entrance animation.

L.K.'s taunts depict him taking pictures of the nearby scenery, filtering through his camera for a photo, and ducking into his cloud while looking around.


Elina practiced magic all her life. Studying it, utilizing it, fighting with it, et cetera. Yet, the arrival of the krexxon on Ascerth forced her to utilize more of the latter as she fought alongside Kaiden and several others for the future of Ascerth. From there on, she'd study magic even further as the Divinios, and eventually confront the Soul Grazer in a matter of life and death!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Elina is the definition of glass cannon: she hits ridiculously hard with her various projectiles, and each of them have their own purposes. She can attack from relatively far away, and is great for keeping distance from opponents, battering them with countless projectiles.

However, as a glass cannon, Elina is relatively lightweight and can be knocked around by attacks relatively easily. This makes zoning important, as you'll need to keep your distance from enemies in order to make the most of Elina's abilities. Elina also suffers from low ground speed and a poor grab game.

Overall, Elina is a hard-hitting character who needs to keep her distance from enemies. In the hands of a skilled player, she's extremely powerful.

  • Magic Shield: A magical aura surrounds Elina, reducing her knockback when she goes over 75%.
  • Flame Sphere: Elina fires off a fireball that moves a short distance before exploding. If it lands a direct hit, it deals more damage.
  • Icicle Blades: Elina creates an array of icicles before firing them in a chosen direction with the analog stick. When they hit enemies, they're briefly slowed down.
  • Soaring Meteor: Elina covers herself in magical energy, before rocketing upward and hitting anyone in her way.
  • Earth Shock: Elina fires a blast of energy into the nearby ground, causing a pillar of rock to erupt upwards. Enemies hit by it will ascend upwards whilst taking damage.
  • Divinios Strike: Elina forms a laser made of all five magical elements, before firing it at the damaged opponents and sending them flying.

  • Default: Elina prefers simple robes when it comes to travelling and fighting. She has a distaste for more "formal" clothing.
  • Dark Mage: The Soul Grazer's magics proved to be tempting for Elina. As his apprentice, she'd be the first to lead the final attack on Ascerth.
  • Hylian Princess: Sheikah technology has proven to be intriguing. Question is, is it good enough to stop Calamity Ganon?
  • Lawyer: Phoenix Wright's greatest adversary? The magically-adept lawyer known as Elina.


Elina's entrance animation has her teleporting onto the battlefield.

Elina's taunts depict her flipping through a book, creating a flame in her right hand, and spinning her staff around.

Timid Guy
Timid Guy

This sword-wielding Shy Guy jumped ship from Bowser's army to join Mario and co. in the struggle against the shelled tyrant. He explored the world alongside Mario, taking on all sorts of foes, and later went to the Kaliente Kingdom to take on all sorts of new foes!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Timid Guy is a unique character, being a heavyweight that not only uses a sword, but has a small hitbox. Timid Guy hits hard with his attacks, and they have frightening knockback too, allowing him to disrupt combos easily. He also benefits from reduced knockback himself, and isn't that floaty as a whole. His Shield Buster Passive also makes him extremely powerful against shielding opponents.

However, Timid Guy is slow, both on the ground and in the air. He cannot move around all that easily, and more or less relies on enemies coming for him. He also suffers in regards to slow attack speeds, though this is compensated by his heavy damage output.

To sum things up, Timid Guy is a hard-hitting character who may have trouble navigating the battlefield at times. But if you hit someone, you hit them HARD.

  • Shield Buster: Timid Guy deals 25% more shield damage at all times, making it easier to break through enemy shields.
  • Mega Slash: Timid Guy winds up his sword until the button is released, before unleashing an overhead slash. The longer the button is held down for, the stronger the slash will be, to the point where it can even OHKO!
  • Leaping Strike: Timid Guy leaps forward with a swift sword strike. If it hits someone's back, it deals even more damage!
  • Sword Ascent: Timid Guy tosses his sword into the air, before leaping for it. The sword will spin in place until Timid Guy grabs it.
  • Sword Flip: Timid Guy performs an underhand slash that will launch opponents high into the air.
  • Shy Guy Mob: Timid Guy whistles for a horde of Shy Guys to come for the opponents, who then attack the opponent before Timid Guy comes in with a sweeping sword strike.

  • Default: Every Shy Guy likes to wear simple robes. Timid Guy however opted to have a helmet and a cape. Because capes are cool, right?
  • Wedding Guy: The wedding of Mario and Princess Peach saw Timid Guy acting as one of the groomsmen. Naturally, he decided to dress up for the occasion.
  • Octoling Guy: This particular Octoling, despite his short stature, is more than willing to utilize his paintbrush to ensure that the Inklings don't rescue the Great Zapfish.
  • Fencing Guy: Representing the Mushroom Kingdom at the Olympics, Timid Guy's decided to see how he does as a fencer.


Timid Guy's entrance animation depicts him riding an Autobomb from Super Mario Bros. 2 into the battlefield.

Timid Guy's taunts depict him tossing his sword into the air, attempting a spin attack but then getting dizzy, and striking poses with his sword.


From the age of seventeen, Volta Everblitz received the ability to manipulate and control machinery, not to mention a vast array of electricity-based powers. She sought to use these powers as a superhero known as the Vyrus, defending the city of Vancouver from all sorts of threats. And after finding out her brother also received powers, she took him on and stopped a terrorist organization from conquering the world!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Volta is a character who operates around deceiving and tricking opponents. She's by far the fastest character when it comes to dodging attacks, and can even perform attacks right out of shield. Volta also possesses unprecendented mobility, allowing her to avoid attacks quickly and bombard opponents with her own, taking advantage of combo-friendly moves.

However, Volta tends to lack KO power at higher percentages, making her weaker in the late game. She's also quite lightweight and can be knocked around easily, as well as being floaty as a whole.

Overall, Volta is a fast-paced fighter who lacks raw power at later percentages. Use her speed to confuse enemies!

  • Dodge Master: Whenever Volta airdodges, a ring of electricity forms around her that deals a small amount of damage to opponents on contact.
  • Shock Orb: Volta fires an orb of electricity forward, which will then loop back to her after going a certain distance!
  • Shock Punch: Volta throws an electrically-powered punch with high knockback.
  • Drone Flight: Volta ascends upwards while controlling a drone. She can also fire off projectiles while ascending.
  • Killer Roomba: Volta throws a Roomba onto the battlefield. It will move around, hitting opponents in its way, before eventually exploding.
  • Giant Robot: Volta possesses a giant robot, before heading inside and smashing the stage, and all of the characters on it, with a flurry of punches. She then finishes off with a massive punch that dishes out heavy damage.

  • Default: Volta chose to wear this superhero garb in order to conceal herself. But hey, secret identities are always easy to figure out.
  • Virtual Boy: Nintendo panicked when an AI took control of all of their leftover Virtual Boys, making a body for themselves in the process with it.
  • Rotom: Volta's encounter with a lone Rotom was scarring, but in the end, the Rotom took possession of her. Creepy, eh?
  • Lylat Soldier: Andross's forces devastated Katina. But Volta, a proud pilot of the Husky Squadron, refuses to back down.


Volta's entrance animation depicts her arriving in the form of a blast of electricity.

Volta's taunts depict her looking through her phone briefly, firing a small blast of electricity into the air, and bursting out in laughter.


At the age of twenty, Yikkal led the Vigilants mercenary team. He was initially beset by his own sense of inferiority and worthlessness, but over time, he learned to brush those aside. Him and his team searched the galaxy for the newly-discovered mineral Astrium. On the way, they found themselves fighting in a war and making a name for themselves!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Yikkal is notorious for having the most reach on his attacks, thanks to his staff. He doesn't need to keep his distance all that often. However, the staff is far from his greatest trait. Yikkal has access to an anti-projectile tool in his Reflector, as well as homing missiles from the Rocket Launcher. His special moves are versatile and can usually be used for multiple purposes.

However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for Yikkal. All of his special moves, as well as his staff, use up energy from their own energy meters. When the meter is depleted, those moves have reduced functionality, and in the case of the staff, it simply deals less damage, but will return to full after some time. Energy can be monitored via Yikkal's damage display, and careful management of it is key to playing as him. Besides the energy mechanic, Yikkal lacks a strong aerial game, forcing you to play close to or on the ground.

To sum things up, Yikkal is a fighter with a myriad of tools at his disposal. However, he has to watch out for how much energy he has.

  • Long Reach: Yikkal's staff will not consume energy when it hits an opponent farther away from him.
  • Blaster: Yikkal fires a singular blaster shot that will stun the opponent briefly upon hitting them. If it's out of energy, the blaster will shoot smaller, weaker shots rapidly.
  • Rocket Launcher: Yikkal fires a rocket that homes in on the closest target. Without energy, it will simply fly in the direction the stick is angled in.
  • Gatling Gun: Yikkal uses a gatling gun to propel himself upwards. The bullets will damage anyone in their radius. Without energy, the gatling gun fires slower.
  • Reflector: Yikkal activates a reflector, consuming 1/12th of its energy meter. If it successfully reflects a projectile, it regains 2/12ths of its energy, with the overflow (if any) going to the special move with the lowest energy. If it's out of energy, incoming projectiles are simply destroyed and you cannot regain energy this way.
  • Airstrike: Yikkal orders for the rest of the Vigilants team to attack the opponents caught in their range of fire, before he finishes them off with a staff strike.

  • Default: Yikkal opted for simple armor when he got around to starting mercenary work. Yet, this armor has been through all sorts of battles.
  • Cyborg: Yuwaka insisted on giving Yikkal the full cybernetic makeover. After all, she only wanted the best for the one she admired most.
  • Octoomba: King Kaliente demanded his soldiers to prepare for Mario's arrival. Yikkal is no exception.
  • Gladiator: 100 enter. 1 leaves.


Yikkal's entrance animation depicts him flying onto the stage via his ship.

Yikkal's taunts depict him talking with his team via a communicator, poking his staff in front of and behind him, and looking at his reflector on his belt briefly.

Unlockable Characters

Unlockable characters must be unlocked by fulfilling specific criteria or simply playing matches.

Soul Grazer

Broken by his greatest adversary. Beaten. Left to die. All of this came to an end with the mercenary known as Kalgosh became the Nullifier's champion and the leader of the Circle of Shadows. He tore apart planets, killed legions of soldiers, and ushered in an era of darkness for the galaxy. Yet, he never forgot about his true foe: Taikari. It took an invasion of the planet Jalgor to end this monster's life.

In Ghostrealm Heroes, the Soul Grazer is a defensive character focused on turning his opponents' strength against them. This comes into play with his Shadow Shield move, which can block enemy attacks and allow him to counterattack, not to mention that he can absorb enemy projectiles to heal himself with it! The Soul Grazer also possesses a good projectile game, being able to utilize his Soul Bomb move and move it around to target specific enemies. Plus, he has a lot of KO power for when enemies get to higher percentages thanks to his Vorsalach Strike move, on top of an excellent grab game.

However, the Soul Grazer isn't without his weaknesses. Most of his attacks have a lot of ending lag, making it risky if an attack misses, not to mention that his Soul Bomb move leaves him vulnerable in the process of using it. The Soul Grazer is also lacking in regards to his combo moves, as they usually only hit once or twice for big damage, and he has a naturally large hitbox due to his height.

Players looking to play as the Soul Grazer need to focus on landing attacks precisely and effectively.

  • Dark Aura: All of the Soul Grazer's attacks will affect the opponent with a dark aura for a few seconds after. Under the effect of the aura, they have increased traction and reduced jump height.
  • Vorsalach Strike: The Soul Grazer readies his axe, Vorsalach, for a massive strike at an opponent. If it connects, they take heavy damage and knockback. The move can also be turned around during the startup animation for even more damage!
  • Soul Bomb: The Soul Grazer stands in place as the player is given control of a massive ball of shadow energy. Once they let go of the B button, the ball explodes ferociously.
  • Gateway: The Soul Grazer creates a portal above him, which can be angled so that he comes out at a specific spot. When he emerges from the portal, he deals damage upon arrival.
  • Shadow Shield: The Soul Grazer puts up a sphere of energy around him, which will deal damage to physical attackers should it be put up fast enough, and heal him if it absorbs a projectile. However, you cannot act while Shadow Shielding, so be careful!
  • Nullification: The Soul Grazer attacks his opponents with a blast of magical energy, before teleporting them to the Citadel of Anguish on Jalgor. From there, he calls upon the Nullifier, his master, who tears apart the foe, before the Soul Grazer finishes them off with a strike from Vorsalach.

  • Default: Kalgosh was given a new body in his transition to becoming the Soul Grazer, made from mechanical parts and spare body parts. Many wonder where those were obtained.
  • Skeleton: Being a skeleton is rough, but at least you've got a funny bone! Right? Right?
  • Separatist General: General Grievous felt the shadow magic going through his veins. With lightsabers, he had been set on his path. With magic, he would be unstoppable.
  • Tribal: The chieftain of the tribe never takes off his mask. Some say he hides a secret.


The Soul Grazer's entrance animation depicts him forming on the stage via shadow magic.

The Soul Grazer's taunts depict him placing Vorsalach on the ground, creating a ball of shadow energy in his hand, and putting his fists together while laughing.


Created from assorted bones, the Dry Bones known as Trumbone simply found himself wandering the world alongside his trumpet, searching for an audience for his music. Yet, when he came across Mario and the burgeoning resistance movement against Bowser, he was eager to join and find allies for the first time. And along the way, he explored the world and found all sorts of new compositions to play. And even in his journey to the Kaliente Kingdom he found even more adventure.

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Trumbone is a lightweight fighter who specializes in disabling opponents with his music, more specifically his Trumpet Honk move, which can lock opponents out of a specific special move for a few seconds! Trumbone's special moves are mostly designed around either crippling opponents or enhancing his own capabilities, and as such he can be a formidable force if left to his own devices. He has good mobility on the ground and in the air due to his lack of muscle as a living skeleton.

However, Trumbone falls faster than most lightweights, and can easily be knocked around as well. His special moves, while also powerful, aren't exactly the best for dishing out direct damage, and are more gradual in a sense. Trumbone also lacks KO power at higher percentages, with a lack of finishing moves.

Overall, Trumbone is a character who places an emphasis on tricking opponents and punishing them, but lacks when it comes to sheer power.

  • Shell Shield: Unlike other characters, Trumbone ducks in his shell when shielding. Compared to other shields, it has a tiny hitbox and takes longer to break, but cannot fall through platforms.
  • Trumpet Honk: Trumbone fires a blast of sound at an opponent, dealing damage. If it hits them while they're using a special move, that move is disabled for three seconds!
  • Shell Smash: Trumbone gets in his shell and collides with an opponent. If they're shielding when he hits them, the shield is immediately disabled but not broken, but the attack deals less damage.
  • Fly Guy: Trumbone grabs onto a Fly Guy's legs to ascend upwards. The propeller on top can damage opponents.
  • Trumpet Boost: Trumbone plays a song on his trumpet that, if left unattacked while playing it, will grant him an immunity to knockback for two seconds along with a damage boost.
  • Song of Triumph: Trumbone smacks nearby opponents with his trumpet. From there, he plays a deafeningly loud song that dishes out damage, before finishing them off with an extremely loud burst of noise.

  • Default: Trumbone had standards compared to other Dry Bones, choosing to wear a hat and cape alongside his shell. And plus, wearing a shell on its own is boring anyways.
  • Big Band: New Donk City needed new musicians, and Trumbone was the first to accept the call.
  • Ocarina Player: When Trumbone got his hands on an ocarina, he found himself playing some VERY strange songs.
  • Koopa Troopa: He's alive! Alive! ALIVE!


Trumbone's entrance animation depicts him forming from a pile of bones.

Trumbone's taunts depict him playing a brief song on his trumpet, cleaning it out, and taking off his hat briefly.


The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario saw himself fighting Bowser's biggest plan yet when he destroyed Toad Town and conquered the world. Yet, with the help of L.K., Timid Guy, and Trumbone, along with many of his past friends, Mario not only saved Princess Peach from Bowser again, but also brought about peace between him and the Koopa King! And later on, Mario saw himself going to the Kaliente Kingdom to stop another tyrant he'd fought before!

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Mario plays similarly to how he does in the Super Smash Bros. series, except in regards to his special moves, as he draws from Super Mario Excursion and Super Mario Expedition, including the outfit from the latter. He retains his all-around status with average stats in just about everything, and no identifiable weaknesses, making him a versatile character, much like Kaiden. In general, he lacks lag on his attacks and is difficult to punish, and also possesses a good projectile game.

However, being a jack of all trades has its disadvantages. Mario lacks specialization, meaning that most of the cast is stronger than him in at least one regard. Mario does lack consistency with his KO setups as well, making it tough to find the perfect situation to kill.

Overall, Mario is a jack of all trades who can be powerful if mastered, but is a master of no particular trait, which is a double-edged sword of sorts.

  • Jumpman: Mario's footstool jumps have a meteor effect, such that if he lands on an opponent with a jump, they are buried or sent flying down the stage.
  • S.T.E.A.M.: Mario fires a blast of fire or ice from S.T.E.A.M.'s Ball Module. The element can be chosen by either lightly tapping or smashing the button, with fireballs dealing more damage, but iceballs immobilizing opponents temporarily.
  • Long Jump: Mario performs a long jump with a kick at the end of it. This attack has heavy knockback and can be comboed into other attacks.
  • Spin Jump: Mario soars into the air with a Spin Jump, hitting people on the way up.
  • Hammer: Mario readies either S.T.E.A.M.'s Hammer Module, or a generic hammer, with the difference being cosmetic. He can hold down the button to charge it up, and release for a ferocious strike. If he has the hammer out for too long however, he'll start taking damage!
  • Firebrand: Mario unleashes a blast of fire that traps opponents it hits. From there, Mario utilizes his physical prowess to hit the targets repeatedly, culminating in a heavy-hitting Ground Pound.

  • Default: Mario's vacation wear was first purchased on Isle Delfino. Ever since then, he's never seen outside of the Mushroom Kingdom without it.
  • Classic: Sometimes the traditional outfit is the best one.
  • Brooklyn: Everybody walk the dinosaur! Or maybe not. This outfit has a...bit of history to it.
  • Hedgehog: They used to say SEGA does what Nintendon't. Now Nintendo is what SEGAin't.


Mario's entrance animation has him jumping from a Warp Pipe.

Mario's taunts depict him flipping his cap into the air, looking above himself, and running in place.

ToonLink SSBUltimate

This particular incarnation of Hyrule's hero draws from three timelines: one where Hyrule fought a war against the nation of Termina, one where Ganon sought to bring the Triforce into the Dark World, and another where the lands of the sky and the desert below came into conflict. No matter the timeline, Link fights for justice with the help of the Triforce of Courage.

In Ghostrealm Heroes, Link plays much like Toon Link in the Super Smash Bros. series, but draws upon The Legend of Zelda: War of the Triforce, The Legend of Zelda: Fields of Hyrule, and The Legend of Zelda: Pierced Skies. He possesses a myriad of useful tools and projectiles at his disposal, making him a versatile character. Link also benefits from a strong ground game with impressive combo potential. His shield also grants a useful way of dealing with projectiles.

Yet, Link is not without his weaknesses. He doesn't do that well against characters with reflecting capabilities, as they shut down his projectile game and make it difficult for him to land combos. Link is also quite floaty and easy to knock around, and is generally weak in the air.

Players looking to play as Link have a versatile set of projectiles to play around with, but can easily be punished for making mistakes.

  • Hylian Shield: Link's shield can block incoming projectiles from the front, as long as he's standing still, walking, or crouching.
  • Bow: Link charges up his bow before firing it. The longer the button is held for, the farther the arrow will go.
  • Shield Slam: Link charges up his shield, before dashing forward with it and hitting anyone in his way.
  • Fairy: Link uses the Loftian Tablet to transform into a fairy, granting him brief flight for a short period of time.
  • Bomb Matrix: Link commands Navee to drop him a bomb. It will explode after a few seconds.
  • Airship Strike: Link calls for his airship, piloted by Zelda, to bombard his foes with cannonfire before he unleashes a finishing arrow strike.

  • Default: Link usually isn't seen without his green tunic and hat. It's tradition for Hyrule's heroes to wear green.
  • Pilot: The skies of Hylavia had their incarnation of Link wearing a completely different outfit. Probably due to the airship he pilots.
  • Twili: Majora needed someone to keep watch of his mask. This particularly equipped Twili stepped up to the task.
  • Pokémon Trainer: Ash Ketchum's final opponent in the Kalos League was...relatively short? Seems like the sword he carries around has quite a bit of history to him.


Link's entrance animation depicts him using his airship to arrive into battle.

Link's taunts depict him making adjustments to Navee, hiding behind his shield and looking left and right, and juggling a bomb before it explodes in his face.

Yoshi King

I'm sorry, is that a Yoshi with a tiny crown on his head? He hasn't been seen since Super Mario World 3: Return to Dinosaur World! I mean, he didn't do much, but he was still part of it nonetheless. We did forget about him as time went on though.

In his first appearance in seven years, the Yoshi King is by far the most comedic character in the game. He plays similarly to Yoshi in the Super Smash Bros. series, but his special moves draw upon his debut appearance. The Yoshi King possesses a lot of utility with his moves, and has excellent aerial mobility thanks to his Flutter Jump passive. He's great for pressuring opponents, which is improved further by how hard his attacks hit.

Yet, the Yoshi King lacks when it comes to his grab game, due to him grabbing with his tongue instead of his hands. His Yoshi Egg-shaped shield is also among the worst in the game due to a lack of out of shield options, and he's also a bit heavy in some regards, falling quickly after being hit by attacks.

Overall, the Yoshi King is an unorthodox character who can make the most of his moveset and possesses raw power, but suffers in regards to his ground game and shielding.

  • Flutter Jump: Unlike other characters, the Yoshi King's final jump covers much more distance and is his main recovery option. Because of this, it's refreshed whenever he's attacked.
  • Chill Cherry: The Yoshi King uses the Chill Cherry powerup to shoot frost. While this frost can damage enemies, it can also create temporary platforms.
  • Headbutt: The Yoshi King unleashes a headbutt that has a meteor effect. However, this move has high ending lag.
  • Vine Flower: The Yoshi King throws a vine that will damage enemies on impact. If it hits a ledge, the Yoshi King can climb to it!
  • Egg Lay: The Yoshi King sticks out his tongue to swallow an opponent and turn them into an egg. While in egg form, opponents take less damage but cannot act. They can button mash to break out quicker.
  • Giga Grape: The Yoshi King eats a Giga Grape before turning to a giant size and grabbing his opponents. From there, he repeatedly smacks them with attacks, before swallowing them and promptly spitting them out.

  • Default: a tiny crown. Without it you'd think it's just an ordinary Yoshi!
  • Criminal: This is what you get for committing tax fraud.
  • Emperor: The Yoshi Empire came for Bowser's lands first. Next up? The Toadstool dynasty.
  • Rex King: Purple is the new green.


The Yoshi King's entrance animation depicts him hatching from an egg.

The Yoshi King's taunts depict him spinning the crown on his head, looking back and forth, and kicking an egg into the air.

Unlock Criteria

Soul Grazer Clear 100-Man difficulty in Horde Mode, or play 100 matches.
Trumbone Complete Adventure Mode without losing a single stock or play 200 matches.
Mario Complete Scenario 15: The Plumber Turns on Us or play 300 matches.
Link Defeat Boss Battles in Hard Mode or play 400 matches.
Yoshi King Complete every other character's Target Test or play 500 matches.


Various stages are available, each representing the various projects of Ghostrealm Studios. Stages are also available in Stadium and Ω Forms, which change the layouts to resemble Ghostrealm Stadium or the Void of Conflict respectively, while also retaining the music and aesthetics of the original stage. A hazard toggle is also available.

In regards to unlocking stages, only Ghostrealm Stadium and the Void of Conflict are available initially. Other stages are unlocked by simply playing matches, and will unlock in a random order.

Ghostrealm Stadium Void of Conflict Xastil City Jalgor
Origin: Ghostrealm Heroes

This open-air stage takes place within a massive stadium, and has a basic three-platform layout above one larger platform, which floats above an abyss itself.

Origin: Ghostrealm Heroes

This particularly strange stage is a singular platform above a void, which will float through space and all sorts of locales. Don't get too used to the scenery though!

Origin: Champions of Ascerth

The city of Xastil has withstood many threats. As you fight on the buildings of varying sizes, use the heights to your advantage!

Origin: Hour of Reckoning: Part 2

This hellhole is reknown for the almost lava-like green liquid that flows along the ground. As you hit it, you'll go flying into the air, so watch out!

Shiverglow Tundra The Relendar KageCo. Tower Decayed Pyramid
Origin: Birds of a Feather

Shiverglow Tundra, a land of beautiful auroras and strange fauna, features a moving platform above icy terrain, which you can slip on! Make sure not to fall off and make yourself vulnerable!

Origin: Zalvar Online

The capital ship of the Vanguard of Spirits will zoom between planets, with space junk offering new platforms to take advantage of on top of the main ship!

Origin: Vyrus

KageCo.'s corporate headquarters in Vancouver features electricity-channeling spires that can create electrical "bumpers" around themselves, knocking around and damaging anyone who hits them!

Origin: Super Mario Excursion

This pyramid was once home to hordes of Pokeys, and a few remain behind. Climb on top of them as platforms, or destroy them from below!

Vigilants Command Ship Forgotten Palace Jungle Fields Zone Mute City
Origin: Vigilants

The Vigilants' flagship is like a warzone. Fighters will fly above it, but you can use them as platforms!

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Pierced Skies

This ancient Hylian palace has walls that will crumble when exposed to enough damage. Don't worry, they'll fix themselves eventually.

Origin: Sonic Isolation

The jungles of this island in the Lost Archipelago are home to some of Dr. Eggman's strongest robots. Hit them hard enough, and they'll fight alongside you!

Origin: F-Zero

Mute City's streets are full of street racers. They'll probably kill you on contact, so make sure to use the skyscrapers above!

Spatior Eterna Forest The Depths Hero's Labyrinth
Origin: Paper Mario: Double-Sided

Spatior switches between three phases: the city itself, Ukiki Alley, and the Underworld. Each area has its own layout and hazards.

Origin: Pokémon Diamond and Pearl 2

Eterna Forest's trees offer multiple elevations to fight from.

Origin: Metroid: Aversion

The caverns of the Depths are huge and full of all sorts of rooms and areas to fight in!

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: War of the Triforce

This temple located in the Lost Woods is more or less a basic stage, but watch out for the rising and falling platforms!

Assist Characters

Assist Characters can be summoned via Assist Orbs, and will help out the character who summoned them for a few seconds before despawning, though some can actually be knocked out! Unlike the roster of the game, all of these characters are fan favorites of Krexxal (tbc), coming from a wide array of franchises. Some of them are even made by other users on the wiki!

Bowser SSBUltimate
Sonic SSBUltimate
Chen Stormstout
Origin: Super Mario Bros.

Bowser will leap through the air, trying to grab an opponent. As soon as he lands the grab, he'll slam them into the ground to deal impressive damage.

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic will do his usual finger wag as the fighter who summoned him gets a speed boost for a short period of time.

Origin: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Chen will roll around in his barrel on the ground, damaging and knocking around anyone who hits him.

Origin: Team Fortress 2

The Engineer will immediately set up a sentry gun that will fire on any opposing fighters.

Falco SSBUltimate
Cranky Kong
Cranky Kong New
Mipha by phido senpai-daxpqz1
Origin: Pokémon Diamond & Pearl

Torterra will use Wood Hammer above itself, hitting enemies caught in an arc.

Origin: Star Fox

Falco, when summoned, immediately hops into his Arwing and begins to fly towards opponents in an unpredictable manner.

Origin: Donkey Kong Country

Uniquely, Cranky Kong doesn't actually do anything helpful. Rather, he'll sit in his rocking chair as he rants about the fight at hand and reminiscing about the "old days".

Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mipha will immediately use her ability, Mipha's Grace, on the summoner, granting them a temporary shield against attacks.

Empress Xzal
Quetz by Drybones157
Black Sun
Origin: K.O.: The Show!

Empress Xzal will create a black hole of sorts that will pull enemy fighters towards it and damage them if they're in the very center.

Origin: Morning Sun: Eyes of a Child

Agantuk will unleash three waves of energy every three seconds. Each wave will act as a powerful meteor smash to airborne foes.

Origin: Quetz's Adventure

Quetz will fly around the battlefield, attempting to attack opponents in the air with her wings. If an opponent is attacked from above, they take more damage.

Origin: Plum: Dead World

Black Sun will throw a series of floating mines into the air before disappearing. From there, if any opponents hit one, they'll take heavy damage and knockback.

Slanito (Samtendo)
Zmey the Dragon
Fenrir of the Flame
Origin: Super Mario Team-Mania

Slanito will toss Poison Mushrooms into the air periodically for seven seconds. Enemies hit by the mushrooms will be shrunk down for a short period of time.

Origin: TBA

Zephyr will shoot a volley of massive balls of electricity into the air, which will rain down a few seconds later.

Origin: Shadowcalypse: Master of the Eclipse

Umbra will cause the screen to go pitch black, with only certain things like projectiles being visible during this period of time.

Origin: Just Like Old Friends

Fenrir will float in the air for a brief period of time, creating a ring of fire that will spin around him and damage anyone caught in its path.


Bosses are fought exclusively within the Boss Battles mode, and occasionally in Adventure Mode. They follow the same rule of choice as Assist Characters.

King Boo

King Boo
Origin: Luigi's Mansion

King Boo is relatively large, and capable of summoning Boo allies to assist himself. Out of all the bosses, he's the most "balanced". His crown can be knocked off for a short period of time, and thus his head will be vulnerable to damage. In fact, his head takes double damage!

Ganon (war mode)

Origin: The Legend of Zelda

Ganon is the bulkiest of all the bosses, preferring the use of hard-hitting melee attacks to dish out damage. His slowness can be exploited to dish out damage.


Origin: Kirby Star Allies

Hyness is probably the most projectile-oriented boss, attacking quickly with all sorts of projectiles. It'll be tough to land hits on him, but you can take advantage of his floatiness.


Sha of Pride
Origin: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

The Sha of Pride is more or less a stationary boss. However, during the fight you have a Pride meter that goes up whenever you're hit by the boss alongside the damage you take. Certain attacks that the Sha of Pride uses are more dangerous the more Pride you have. Pride can be cleansed by defeating the Manifestations of Pride that the Sha of Pride periodically summons.


Heavy King
Origin: Sonic Mania

The Heavy King relies on various projectiles to attack you. However, what you should watch out for is when he pulls out the Phantom Ruby. Should he not be attacked in time, the battlefield will change to one of the game's stages, requiring you to deal with hazards alongside the Heavy King.


Ghostrealm Heroes is different from other fighting games in that any song can be played on any stage, and you can even upload your own music. Custom music is disabled in online matches however. In addition to each stage's normal music, there are several songs that aren't related to any stages at all, simply due to them being songs that Krexxal (tbc) likes:


  • Ghostrealm Heroes as a whole is meant to celebrate Krexxal (tbc)'s accomplishments on Fantendo.
  • Many of the Skins characters have are references to other franchises. In particular:
    • Kaiden's "Hero of Hyrule" Skin is meant to resemble Link, the character he was inspired by.
      • By extension, Elina's "Hylian Princess" skin plays into this, and is also meant to acknowledge the two of them being a couple.
    • Taikari's "Coronite Warrior" Skin is an obvious nod to Fera.
  • Cranky Kong's function is reminiscent of that of Mr. Resetti from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
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