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Ghost Smile: 2nd Chance
Developer(s) Purpleverse Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, RPG
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer (seperate)
Age Rating(s) T for Teen
Media Included Wii Disk.

Ghost Smile: 2nd Chance, 微笑はもどって来る (lit. "Smile Returning") in Japan, is the sequel to acclaimed action/adventure RPG Ghost Smile. The protagonist, Smile, has been ripped from his peaceful, mortal life on Earth back into the ghost dimension in order to take down the newly-resurrected Mythic and his cultish band of followers. The gameplay is essentially the same as in the first game, and the multiple endings were abolished.



The gameplay of Ghost Smile: 2nd Chance, like its prequel, is three dimensional. Most of the time, the player is in an "overworld", in which the player can speak to other characters and explore. When an enemy is encountered, the player goes into a turn-based battle in which attack items can be used. Once the enemy is defeated, the player returns to the overworld. There is a 30% chance the player will recieve an item after the battle.

Universal Shift

The most popular feature of Ghost Smile, the Universal Shift, returns in 2nd Chance. While playing as Smile or any other ghost, the player can switch between universes. The universes are parallel with each other, as the geography is identical in all universes but the NPCs and houses differ. The universes are not levels, but sometimes playing a level on a certain universe changes the outcome.

  • Mortal World- the universe the player starts in. Identical to Earth.
  • Spirit World- though always dark and gloomy, it has been made even more so by Mythic's return.
  • Toy World- a disturbing land of toys, each with a hideous rictus grin. Always bright and "cheerful", the buildings in Toy World are all doll houses. The NPCs living there are children's toy soldiers and dolls.
  • Power World- a world filled with boxing arenas, where might makes right. The houses are boxing rings, and the NPCs are gigantic toads.
  • World of Mirrors- this world is made of glass, everything inside it reflecting against something else. The houses are made of glass as well, and so are the people.
  • Mythic's World II- an eerie, physics-bending world in which the player can walk up walls and across ceilings. It is based off of the "Mythic's World" from the original game, but is more difficult.


Smile is living on Earth as a human, with a wife named Isabel who is not aware he was once a ghost. He recieves a message from the Spirit World, saying that Mythic has returned. Now he has to hunt down his old enemy and kill him... which is harder than it sounds...