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Hylian Royal Family (formerly),

The Gerudo are an attractive, quick witted and tough race of people from the Gerudo desert in Hyrule they are all female except for one male born every 100 years who will be their King. They dark tanned skin with red hair and rather beak like noses, which leads some to believe that they may have evolved into the Rito. They are well known to go to Hyrule Castle Town to find men to date and even marry so that they can procreate, it seems that the Gerudo gene is stronger than the Hylian one and their offspring even with Hylian men are pure Gerudo.


The Gerudo claim to have sailed to the deserts of Hyrule from the far west which means that they are not native to Hyrule. They have been shown as pirates in Terminia so it is possible that this is their homeland and they sailed to Hyrule where they became a tribe of theieves.

However the Gerudo people must have been there for a long time as the Spirit Temple is found within their land and the sage is one of their own people Nabooru, who is the second in command. It is possible that the goddesses sent the Gerudos to Hyrule so they could take care of the Spirit Temple.

However they do not last long in Hyrule even though after Ganondorf is defeated the Gerudo people become allies with the Hylians, for an unknown reason they seem to have left behind the land possibly to return to their homeland. it is also possible that they breed in with the Hylians as many of the people in the Great Sea have tan skin and round ears a trait that is descriptive of the Gerudo people.


Legend of Zelda: Online

The Gerudo is a selectable race from the Hylian section in the Legend of Zelda: Online they are very good on horses and also uses swords, bows and spears to attack, they are fast warriors but they cannot carry sheilds, hammers or axes as they are too heavy. If you select the Gerudo race they are all female. However if you enter the Gerudo fortress there is a single male Gerudo named "Nabonon" who is involved in a quest.

The Legend of Zelda: Waking of Ancients

The Legend of Zelda: Waking of Ancients introduces a new Link that happens to be Gerudo herself. The Gerudos are important characters in the storyline and many live in Link's hometown, the Gerudo Fortress as NPCs.

The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King

The Gorons appear in The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King as a friendly race. They mostly appear in the Eldin province, but there are minorities in AkkalaCentral Hyrule and Gerudo.

The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King
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