Gerard B. Croquer

Gerard B. Croquer's basic appearance.

Gerard B. Croquer, commonly referred to as Bitey, is a mutated Piranha Plant that lives within the Mushroom Kingdom. Unlike other Piranha Plants, who sprout within pipes, Gerard sprouts from a small brown block; as he has feet that protrude from the bottom of such block, it is likely that he doesn't "sprout" from it in the same way a normal Piranha Plant would.

Physical Appearance

At first glance, Gerard appears to be a normal red Piranha Plant that sprouts out of a small brown block via a hole in its top. Gerard is actually a mutant Piranha Plant, though his true appearance remains hidden in the block he "wears". Two red shoes sprout from the bottom of the block he hides in, though this is the only abnormality most people know of as he hides his body a majority of the time.


In the Galactic Space Year of 4236, Gerard, then a normal Piranha Plant, resided in a pipe outside of a long-abandoned castle. Though not exceptionally popular with the other creatures that lived in the general vicinity, he did have a number of acquaintances with whom he would sometimes converse. At some point during the year 4236, an alien lifeform made its way to this castle, scaring away most of those who resided near it due to his uncanny resemblance to a well-known criminal. Over the next few years, Gerard would get to know this creature, learning of his past and eventually gave him the nickname of "Bwowsers". Though Bwowser was a wanted interplanetary criminal, he warmed up to Gerard, who he described as "so insane he's the sanest person on this planet".

Over time, Gerard found that the presence of this alien had a strange effect on him. Gerard's body began to mutate in a strange way, including sprouting two feet and a torso. Scared of these changes, Gerard migrated from his pipe into a block, to hide his body away. He would eventually bare his mutated body to his sole friend, as the latter began to experiment on his own body to understand how the atmosphere effected him. Gerard and Bwowsers would become closer as they worked together to understand the changes that the Mushroom Planet had on Bwowsers and Bwowsers on Gerard.


  • Gerard often changes what the "B" in his middle name stands for. He initially claimed it to stand for Bitesalot, which spawned his nickname of Bitey.
  • Gerard is the only person who knows of Lamry Kuppra's current whereabouts and status. How he knows is unknown.
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