The game's boxart.
Developer(s) KinglerMaster (tbc)
Publisher(s) Wiki-wordmark
Platform(s) Thermo Z
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Series Geometric
Predecessor N/A
Successor Geometric 2: Three-Dimensional Chaos
Release Date(s) Summer 2016
Mode(s) Story Mode, Geocyclopedia, Settings
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E Cero a YfgPEGI 3.svgUSK 6

Geometric is a beat 'em up video game released in Summer 2016 for the Thermo Z. It was initially created as an entry to GAME CHALLENGE 1.

The game revolves around the kingdom of Figuria, which is inhabited by shapes of various kinds. Eight chosen shapes from the kingdom have been choses to stop a three-dimensional figure known as Mirage, which is altering the kingdom and causing trouble. It is a beat 'em up-style game, although it includes some RPG elements to shake things up.


Long ago in the majestic (yet retro) kingdom of Figuria, all shapes lived in harmony, let it be standard shapes, figures, or even shape-built monsters. There was no war, no arguments; only reason and peace. But one day, a star-shaped wizard was doing some magical experiments. After some chanting, a rainbow-colored portal appeared in the middle of his lab's floor, and out came a three-dimensional rainbow-colored orb with an open mouth with jagged jaws and a menacing glare. It began to wreck havok, turning the beautiful kingdom into a morphed three-dimensional mess. Now, if there's anything the two-dimensionals didn't appreciate, it was three-dimensional trouble. All the morphing and unusual look just disgusted them. And portals like these were how three-dimensionals appeared into the two-dimensional world.

In a scripture the wizard read, it was said that "Soon a force with so much power will wreck havok in our world. However, eight chosen ones will keep things under control. Using their bravery, they will stop evil!". A picture under the aforementioned words depicted an orange circle, purple square, red triangle, green hexagon, cyan diamond, yellow star, pink heart, and brown octagon. These colors were not common for those shapes. The wizard wondered. "Where have I seen those first four?". He then remembers that some of them were young residents of the very village he lived in!

The wizard raced off to the chosen ones' houses, speaking with their parents to speak of the issue. Their parents, not knowledgeable of the recent three-dimensional havoc being caused, found the book and story to be a bunch of bull. But one particular adult square believed him; and let his child go. One by one, each set of parents of the chosen ones let their kids go; the circles were quite reluctant, however. The wizard than spoke with them; he told them of their fate, and what they must do. He also spoke about how there will be other special shapes along the way, but finding them may not be easy. He said keep a look out for them. And with the words "Stop the villain", the four figures raced off to save the kingdom.

The shapes ran around the outside of the kingdom, going through various worlds and environments to defeat bosses such as Blokraken and the Elemental Guardians. With each win, they obtained a Rainbow Shard; using these shards, they could enter World 6 to fight Mirage.

Mirage is a very tough foe; he deals high damage himself, and takes in a lot of damage, too. However, if the shapes have been unlocking Secret Levels and completing them, they will eventually be bestowed the Distortion Sword by completing every Secret Level; and then, they can fight Mirage with it, who is weak to the sword's cosmic power. The shapes fight him, and it turns out to be an intense and long fight, but they eventually did the job. They defeated Mirage!

Soon after, Mirage's effects were undone, and the Kingdom of Figuria returned back to normal. The shapes were celebrated for their victory, and were given medals, certificates, gifts and lots of food. Let's hope the kingdom stays safe...


The game is a beat 'em up game, as mentioned before. The player has 8 choices of playable characters - all of which are shapes. Each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages; they all do better and/or worse in their set of stats as well. Stats are just attributes that affect a shape's gameplay; there are a total of 6 stats in the game, but only 5 are changed by the character. They are listed below;

  • Health/HP: How much damage a character can take before death. The more health they have, the longer they will last in battle. Health is not related to the character being used; it is also the only stat that can be raised in battle, albeit only to heal the character.
  • Power/Pwr: How much damage a character's physical attacks will deal. This stat determines the damage of literal combat (headbutting and the such) and equipped items such as swords and bombs. The shape with the highest Power stat is Diamond.
  • Boost/Bst: How strong the player's Boost is, as well as how much of it they can use before needing a refill. These two attributes are tied to the one Boost stat. How much boost can be used before a refill is also tied to the attack being used. The shape with the highest boost stat is Star.
  • Defense/Def: How much damage a character will take from attacks. This stat applies to both Power and Boost attacks. Having a high defense is important, as it promotes the player's Health staying high. The shape with the highest Defense stats are Square and Diamond.
  • Speed/Spd: This stat determines the order of how every character will go. Those with the highest speed will go first; those with the lowest will go last. This stat also determines how often the player will dodge attacks, and how often they miss. The shape with the highest Speed stat is Hexagon.
  • Luck/Lck: A minor stat that only determines two things; how often the player's attacks will land a critical hit, and how often side effects occurring with the player's attacks. The shape with the highest speed stat is Heart.

There are three commands in battle; FIGHT, which allows the player to execute an attack; GUARD, which allows the player to block themselves to take less damage; and ITEM, which allows the player to use an item, but take up their turn. Always attacking is not the best way to battle; nor is always guarding yourself from damage. You must use a mix of the three commands and use them at the right times to battle efficiently.

Up to 4 characters can be in the player's party at once; there is also a leader of the party, who will gain small stat boosts from the leadership and decide the team's battle type (which are Offensive, Defensive, and Support). Up to 8 characters can be on a battlefield at once; 4 protagonists, and 4 antagonists. Aside from fighting regular characters, at some points, the player will have to enter levels on the map that contain bosses. These bosses are difficult to defeat and sometimes require a strategy to be beaten efficiently. Each level in the game has a ranking system; the player's rank will vary from , A, B, C, D, E, and F. Getting a on the world's boss level unlocks a secret level of the world.

In battle, the player will simply fight the other characters in a somewhat-turn based system. However, the player can sometimes gain an advantage through items or spells. The player has a choice between two battle forms; AUTO, which has the AI fight for you, or MANUAL, which allows you to choose your attacks, choices, and the such. Boosts are special attributes that the team can use as a whole; each player shares the same boosts, and up to 3 boosts can be equipped to the player's party. Boost Energy, which is what is used to attack with Boosts, is refilled each turn. It can be refilled further by items, however. Attacks may also land a critical hit (Physical or Boost), which will deal extra damage.

Playable Characters

Circle is the main protagonist of the game; he is also one of the default four characters and the most balanced of all characters, as all of his stats are the same and at 3/5.

Pwr: 3/5
Bst: 3/5
Def: 3/5
Spd: 3/5
Lck: 3/5

Square is one of the default four characters and is overall a very defensive character. His attacking stats don't shine, nor does his speed; his Defense is where he's best. Be sure to have him use lots of status and healing moves; it's his best talent!

Pwr: 2/5
Bst: 2/5
Def: 3/5
Spd: 2/5
Lck: 3/5

Triangle is a glass cannon essentially; he excels in offense, but one strong attack will straight up knock him out. He's not the luckiest either.

Pwr: 4/5
Bst: 3/5
Def: 1/5
Spd: 4/5
Lck: 2/5

Hexagon is a character that's all about speed. Speed, speed, speed. Gotta go Just forget about the physical attacks and defense and stuff! Magic...and Speed! He's pretty lucky sometimes too.

Pwr: 1/5
Bst: 4/5
Def: 1/5
Spd: 5/5
Lck: 3/5

Diamond is the first unlockable character, and a full-on physical wall. He's got the defense, and the strength. He's just extremely slow and can barely use Boosts. His luck's nice, though.

Pwr: 5/5
Bst: 1/5
Def: 5/5
Spd: 1/5
Lck: 4/5

Star is a real wiz (literally) and really shows off his smarts with Boosts well. He's not big on physical combat; nor can he handle it well. Rather, he is lucky, speedy, and knows how to use those Boosts. He's also the only shape with hands.

Pwr: 2/5
Bst: 5/5
Def: 1/5
Spd: 4/5
Lck: 4/5

Heart is the only known female shape, and also one lucky girl. Seriously, have you seen the luck she has? She might as well have money come out of her shower at this point! Besides that, she's pretty good with boosts and is also somewhat fast. You could compare her stats to Star's.

Pwr: 1/5
Bst: 4/5
Def: 2/5
Spd: 4/5
Lck: 5/5

Octagon is rumored to be the strongest shape of them all. His stats are all great, and he's feared by many. It's said that you have to be very skilled in defeating foes to be considered worthy of his friendship. Will you ever meet him?...

Pwr: 4/5
Bst: 4/5
Def: 4/5
Spd: 4/5
Lck: 4/5

Unlocking Criteria

  • Diamond: Complete Grassland's Secret Level.
  • Star: Get a ranking on at least 20 levels.
  • Heart: Complete Beach's Secret Level.
  • Octagon: Get a ranking on at least 50 levels.


There a total of 6 worlds in the game.

World Theme Levels Boss(es)
World 1 Grassland 6 (4 Normal, 1 Boss, 1 Secret) B-Blockz
World 2 City 8 (6 Normal, 1 Boss, 1 Secret) Geometry Train
World 3 Beach 10 (7 Normal, 2 Boss, 1 Secret) Crustaceo
World 4 Temple 12 (8 Normal, 2 Boss, 2 Secret) Elemental Guardians
World 5 Volcanic 15 (7 Normal, 6 Boss, 2 Secret) B-Blockz
Geometry Train
Elemental Guardians
World 6 Dungeon 1 (1 Boss) Mirage



Boosts are a concept in the game that give the shapes lots of magical capabilities. Most boosts are based off elements, but others are based on other concepts, such as stat raising or healing. Up to 3 Boosts can be equipped per party at a time. There are a total of 11 boosts, one of which must be unlocked.

Boosts can be upgraded to learn more tactics. Each boost has 5 tactics; only the Level 1 tactic is default, but the other 4 can be unlocked.

There are 5 levels for a Boost;

  • Level 1: The least useful tactic. It only costs a little bit of Boost Energy.
  • Level 2: A mediocre tactic. It only costs a small amount of Boost Energy.
  • Level 3: A decent tactic. It costs a moderate amount of Boost Energy.
  • Level 4: A good tactic. It costs a lot of Boost Energy.
  • Level 5: The best tactic of a boost. It costs almost all of the player's Boost Energy.


This boost is based on fire element attacks. Most of this Boost's attacks cause burning or have a high chance of landing a critical hit.

Name Attacks
Scorch The player burns the opponent with a weak burst of fire. There is a 10% chance the target will get burned.
Fireball The player blasts a blazing fireball at their opponent. This fireball does moderate damage and has a high chance for a critical hit.
Heat Wave The player emits a wave of heat, lowering all opponents' Power and Defense.
Trireball Three fireballs are blasted at their opponent. This is considered a better version of Fireball. It has a very high chance for a critical hit.
Inferno The player creates a vortex of fire, trapping opponents for 3 turns. Each turn a trapped opponent will take damage. Opponents may leave this attack burnt.


These attacks are mostly water-based. They are generally offensive, but with some supportive side effects as well. Most side effects involve trapping the opponents.

Name Attacks
Water Stream The player blasts a small stream of water at the opponent.
Bubble Trap The player traps the opponent in a bubble, causing them to be unable to attack for 2 turns. There is a 5% chance it may last 3 turns and the opponent will die from suffocation.
Geyser The player has a geyser erupt from under the opponent. The scalding water has a 50% chance of burning the opponent.
Tidal Wave The player has a huge wave cover and crash on all opponents. It deals moderate damage.
Whirlpool The player traps all opponents in a whirlpool for 3-4 turns, preventing them from attacking. They will also take a tiny bit of damage each turn.


This Boost's attacks all revolve around Ice. Every attack except one has a side effect; they vary from defense being lowered to status conditions to multiple turns of damage.

Name Attacks
Snowball The player throws a small snowball at the opponent. It has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent's Defense.
Ice Crystals The player throws a plethora of sharp ice crystals at the opponent. It has a 30% chance of causing the Bleeding condition.
Hail Hail falls down on all opponents, dealing moderate damage for 2 turns.
Icicle Shot The player shoots three icicles at the opponent, dealing heavy damage.
Blizzard The player rushes opponents with a powerful blizzard, dealing heavy damage and freezing them.


This boost's attacks are very offensive; they also tend to cause paralysis.

Name Attacks
Jolt The player zaps their opponent with a weak burst of electricity. It has a 5% chance of paralyzing the opponent.
Electro-Zap The player shocks their opponent. It has a 20% chance of paralyzing them.
Thunder Ball The player throws a ball of electricity at the opponent. It has a high chance for a critical hit.
Thunder Shield The player protects themselves with an electric shield. Anyone that physically attacks the shield will become paralyzed.
Thunderstorm The player summons a huge thunder cloud over their opponents, dealing heavy damage and paralyzing them.


This Boost's attacks are quite supportive, dealing small damage but having a lot of side effects (usually lowering Defense).

Name Attacks
Breeze A small breeze hits the opponents, lowering their Defenses.
Flurry A blast of wind hits the opponents with leaves. This deals a small amount of damage.
Power Wind A strong blast of wind is blown at the opponents. This blast of wind greatly lowers their Defenses.
Tornado A tornado strikes the opponents, dealing heavy damage.
Cyclone A huge mass of wind covers the opponents, dealing extreme damage and lowering their defenses.


This Boost's attacks don't really have side effects, but rather just deal huge amounts of damage.

Name Attacks
Rock Blast The player throws a rock at the opponent, dealing moderate damage.
Rock Shower A bunch of rocks are showered down to the opponent to deal damage.
Quicksand The player traps the opponents with quicksand for 2 turns, preventing them from doing anything.
Meteor The player launches a huge, hard-hitting meteor at the opponents. It has a 40% chance of burning the opponents.
Earthquake The player creates a huge earthquake, dealing heavy damage to all characters (and small damage to allies) and dangerously lowering opponents' Defenses.


This Boost's attacks are a lot more offensive than one would expect them to be; only a few of them have side effects, and the attacks rather just lash out damage.

Name Attacks
Leaf Cutter The player attacks the opponents with weak leaves, dealing a small amount of damage.
Poison Ivy The player throws Poison Ivy at their opponents, poisoning them.
Flower Aroma A sweet-smelling aroma fills the battlefield, resetting all stat changes and curing all status conditions.
Timber The player cuts a tree down in front of their opponents, heavily damaging them.
Venus Flytraps The player summons some Venus Flytraps that trap the opponents for 3 turns, dealing heavy damage each turn.


This Boost's attacks are a mix of offensive and defensive; some simply deal damage, but some use tactics that mess up the opponent's game but boost their own.

Name Attacks
Tele-Orb The player shoots the opponent with a weak ball of energy.
Multi-Orb The player throws multiple balls of energy at their opponents; one hits each opponent.
Hypnosis The player hypnotizes their opponent for 2 turns, causing them to attack their teammates or themselves.
Tele-Slam The player slams their opponent into one of their teammates using telekinesis, damaging both of them. If there is no other teammate, the opponent will be slammed into the ground, although this attack is weaker.
Unbreakable Hypnosis The player uses such a strong hypnotic force that the hypnotized opponent begins to work for them.


This Boost's attacks are all about healing the player and their allies, as well as curing their status conditions and stat drops.

Name Attacks
Urgent Heal The player heals themselves or their ally by 10% of their HP.
Basic Heal The player heals themselves or their ally by 20% of their HP.
Trained Heal The player heals themselves or their ally by 60% of their HP, and removes one status condiiton or stat drop.
Muti-Heal The player heals themselves and all allies by 30% of their HP.
Mastered Heal The player fully heals themselves or their ally, and removes all status conditions and/or stat drops.


This Boost's attacks are generally based on using mischief and trickery to benefit the player but mess up the opponent. These attacks all primarily deal no damage; some will deal damage as a secondary effect, however.

Name Attacks
Snatch The player steals an opponent's item.
Disappear The player disappears for the next turn, preventing them from doing anything but also protecting them from attacks.
Counter The player braces themselves, and then returns any possible attacks back to the user with double the damage. However, attacks with weapons will not be countered, unless the weapon is thrown.
Stat Bandit The player steals all of the opponent's stat boosts.
Morph The player turns into the opponent selected. This does not work on bosses.


NOTE: To unlock this boost, the player must master every other boost by gaining their Level 5 tactics.

This Boost's attacks are all randomized. Cross your fingers and hope you get your favorite attack!

Name Attacks
Level 1 - Random The player uses a random Level 1 Boost Tactic.
Level 2 - Random The player uses a random Level 2 Boost Tactic.
Level 3 - Random The player uses a random Level 3 Boost Tactic.
Level 4 - Random The player uses a random Level 4 Boost Tactic.
Level 5 - Random The player uses a random Level 5 Boost Tactic.


Name Type Description Notes
Wooden Sword Sword A weak, wooden sword. Nothing special, really. May break if used against certain enemies
Iron Sword Sword An alright sword, made of iron. Less valuable than you'd think. Has a higher-than-average chance of landing a critical hit.
Gold Sword Sword An enchanted sword made out of gold. Valuable! Has a high chance of landing a critical hit.
Platinum Sword Sword One of the strongest weapons in the game. It does not break; nor do enemies tend to dodge its critical hits. Almost always lands a critical hit.
Distortion Sword Sword An ethereal sword that seems to have cosmic energy flowing through it. It is particularly useful against Mirage, and can only be obtained by completing every world's Secret Levels. Has a higher-than-average chance of landing a critical hit. It also deals specifically high damage to Mirage.
Katana Sword A sharp Japanese sword that deals some good damage. Has a 30% chance of causing the Bleeding Condition.
Stone Mineral A small stone. Can be thrown for a one-use attack that deals low damage. Can only be used once. Multiple stones can be packed for multiple attacks.
Diamond Mineral A rock-hard diamond. Can be thrown for heavy damage, but the loss of a valuable jewel. Can only be used once. Multiple diamonds can be packed for multiple attacks.
Crimson Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It causes all hit opponents to bleed. Can only be used once. Note that it will not always hit the opponent(s).
Orange Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It burns all hit opponents. Can only be used once. Note that it will not always hit the opponent(s).
Yellow Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It paralyzes all hit opponents. Can only be used once. Note that it will not always hit the opponent(s).
Green Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It poisons all hit opponents. Can only be used once. Note that it will not always hit the opponent(s).
Blue Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It freezes all hit opponents. Can only be used once. Note that it will not always hit the opponent(s).
Bliss Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It heals the entire party by 15% of their HP. Can only be used once.
Cure Gem Jewel A gem that can only be used one time. It removes all status conditions and stat drops any team members have gained. Can only be used once.
Bomb Explosive A one-time use weapon that deals moderate damage. Multiple bombs can be packed for multiple attacks.
TNT Explosive A one-time use weapon that deals heavy damage to everyone on the field (even your allies and yourself). Multiple TNTs can be packed for multiple attacks (if you can survive that).
Distraction Doll Doll A doll that can be placed in front of the player or an ally to block them from incoming attacks. It takes up 25% of the user's HP and has that much HP. The doll will take in any attack until it breaks.
Wooden Nunchucks Nunchuck A weak nunchuck that can hit twice in a row. Hits twice in a row. May break if used against certain enemies.
Fiberglass Nunchucks Nunchuck A slightly stronger nunchuck that deals moderate damage. It hits twice in a row. Hits twice in a row.
Spiked Nunchucks Nunchuck A very strong nunchuck that deals heavy damage. It hits twice in a row. Hits twice in a row. It has a 20% chance of causing the Bleeding Condition.
Shuriken Shuriken A Japanese concealed weapon that can be used in succession if there are two or more Shurikens packed. Each attack will do more damage each time it is used sucessively. Can be used in succession to deal more damage each use.
Wooden Armor Armor Weak, wooden armor. It's not very durable, so don't expect to be taking in hits from huge monsters with this armor. Breaks after a while.
Stone Armor Armor Stronger armor made of stone. It can last for quite a bit before breaking. Breaks after a while.
Iron Armor Armor Durable, powerful armor made of iron. It lasts for a pretty long time. Breaks after many hits.
Diamond Armor Armor Extremely powerful armor that can last for a very long time and take in various hits. This is great for fighting bosses. Breaks, but lasts nearly an eternity.


Name Description Weakness
Slime A weak enemy made up of green, gooey slime. It is not hard to defeat at all, and even just punches can take it out. Anything
Rainbow Slime A mystical slime that's...not much stronger. It's just very rare and gives off tons of EXP and gold upon defeat. You might be happy to see its colorful face. Anything
Goblin A common enemy equipped with a knife to stab its enemies with. Watch out, that knife can and will make you bleed. Decent attacks
Ogre Rather large goblins with a large attack stat and decent HP. They wield wooden, spiked clubs. Powerful attacks
Goblin Sorceress A goblin witch that summons reinforcements every now and then. Might want to get rid of it click, we don't need alchemy here. Decent attacks
Troll A weak but magic-smart opponent that utilizes a lot of magic to assist it and its allies, with the magic ranging from healing to hindering you with status effects. They're pretty annoying. I wonder if they spam the Internet... Decent attacks
Skeleton A very weak, but distracting opponent. It tends to appear in the front, so in Auto mode, it will be attacked first while the stronger, durable opponents hit you. If you're in Manual and hit the stronger opponents, the Skeletons will whittle down at your health. Wow. Anything
Giant Skeleton A big, bulky skeleton that deals lots of damage, but is easily overwhelmed by swarms of opponents and trapping damage.

Powerful attacks
Multiple team members
Trapping damage

Guard Somewhat rare enemies that have decent HP and deal moderate damage. You'll have to get rid of their armor before attacking them. Powerful attacks
Soldier A strong foe that is resistant to physical damage, but weak to Boosts. Magic
Wizard A rare enemy that is resistant to Boosts, but vulnerable to physical attacks. They know some Boost techniques themselves, so be careful. Physical attacks
Thief Irritating little troublemakers that attack you with their high speed and ability to take your equipment. They aren't common, but aren't nice, either. Decent attacks
Zombie A rare foe that has lots of attack power, but is brought down quite quickly. Brains... Decent attacks
Golem Large, bulky opponents that deal a lot of damage, but are slow and vulnerable to magic. They're most common in rocky areas.

Powerful attacks

Dragon Formidable foes that require magic to be defeated; they are very rare and only appear late game, but are strong, so it's balanced. They are in the air, so you'll need some Boosts to get these foes down. Magic


Boss World Description
B-Blockz World 1
World 5 (Rematch)
A large golem made of colorful building blocks. He doesn't have a specific strategy; he just uses brute force. The power of trickery might help.
Geometry Train World 2
World 5 (Rematch)
All aboard the death train! No, seriously. This thing just tricks innocent shapes into entering it for a supposed ride to their destination; and guess what that destination is? Death! Anyhow, this train is dangerous. You'll be fighting it on a train of your own, and it will attack from behind. Just get it killed so these citizens can be happy!
Crustaceo World 3 (Mid-boss)
World 5 (Rematch)
A giant crab that things he matters more than anyone else. He won't take any orders; only others take orders from him. He summons a lot of crabs and has some dangerously sharp pincers. I heard that idiots like him are vulnerable to a strong mind...
Blokraken World 3
World 5 (Rematch)
A giant squid with building blocks covering it. Oh, and it can shoot them. Dang...better be careful. Anyhow, he has a lot of minions, and you fighting him in the pouring rain and on a sinking ship doesn't help. Heard sea creatures hate electricity, though...
Elemental Guardians World 4 (Mid-boss)
World 5 (Rematch)
A quartet of ancient guardians of a treasure-infested temple. Each specifies in a specific element; the elements are Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth. Rumor says that each of them has a weakness to another element.
Holo-Orb World 4
World 5 (Rematch)
A futuristic orb made to guard the ancient temple. It creates holographic versions of previous bosses, as well as your party themselves. You may need to use some trickery to make an equal match...
Mirage World 6 A giant 3D rainbow orb and the main antagonist of the game. He's a force to be reckoned with; most weapons barely affect him! You'll need some ethereal power to defeat this foe...


  • Despite the shapes lacking arms (with the exception of Star), they can wield items such as swords and the such. The way they are held seems to be telekinetic to an extent, as there are no limbs (separated or not) connected to the shapes.
  • The boxart's depiction of the logo is different from the actual logo; the boxart's depiction is darker, slimmer, and thicker.


  • Thanks to the Kirby series' Copy Abilities and Danny's Adventure for inspiration for boosts.
  • Thanks to the mobile game Soda Dungeon for inspiration on a few gameplay elements.
  • Thanks to AgentMuffin (tbc) for recommendations on improving the boxart (as the old version made it too difficult to read the logo).
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