GenoSide is a game created by Overclocked. It features a redesigned SuperRex from Clover Entertaiment.


Gameplay features two modes: Normal Gameplay, which has you playing as scientists and SuperRex, and Rampage, a mode where SuperRex has infiltrate another facility and take down robots to shut the Robot Overlord's robot factory.


Image Name Info
Redesigned appearance coming soon! SuperRex SuperRex is cloning experiment that went terribly weary. After a breach, they refitted SuperRex with a new body and a more direct way to control him.
Image coming soon! Professor Grant Professor Grant believes that SuperRex can be used for good and can be used to help civilians. He is the main leader in Project C21, the Project involving SuperRex.
Image coming soon! Professor Luna Professor Luna thinks that SuperRex needs to be seen less as a machine and more as a living thing. She is the only one who can actually ride SuperRex and she feeds him sugar cubes. Big ones.
Image coming soon! GenoSide GenoSide was a result of the breach. After the breach, robots from terrorist organization took the plans for SuperRex and cloned a Predator X. He is stronger, faster and overall better than SuperRex but he focuses on killing the innocent.

Other Characters

Image Name Info
Image Coming Soon! Project TerrorSaurus Another cloned monster. He is more machine than dinosaur and like GenoSide focuses on killing the innocent. However, he doesn't follow orders from March-V, the terrorist organization that created him. It is unknown whether he is going to help you or hinder you.


SuperRex wakes up, being refitted with a new body. Professor Grant talks to the study group about him. Just then, SuperRex tries to lash out on the professor, but is zapped down. After SuperRex is frozen due to the shock, the professor finishes up and begins to control SuperRex. After finishing the training level, SuperRex is sent back into the containment area.

The team learns of GenoSide, a similar robot-dinosaur hybrid. Trying to control SuperRex again to fight GenoSide, SuperRex nearly dies and GenoSide gets away and heads towards Houston. SuperRex is put into the containment area again and the military has to take down GenoSide.

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