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Genesect, The Ultimate Creation?!?!
Universe Pokemon
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Electroweb

Genesect (ゲノセクト, Genesect) appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V , revealed at the end of the third game in the 7th gen “Pokemon Mid” Direct on November 7, 2018.

“Genesect is a bipedal, insectoid Pokémon with a metal body and a saucer-shaped head. It is primarily purple with several gray markings. It has two large red eyes and a small white part that could be either its mouth or a vent. It has thin arms with overlapping segments. Each arm ends with a single, pointed claw. There is a gray circle on each shoulder, and a gray band around its abdomen. Its segmented legs each end with a large, upward curving claw.

The powerful cannon on its back and other enhancements were apparently added as part of the bizarre modifications made to it by Team Plasma. It is the only Pokémon capable of learning the move Techno Blast, an attack which changes type depending on the Drive it holds. It is indicated that even before Team Plasma powered up Genesect, it was a skilled and ruthless hunter. By folding up its limbs and connecting its head to the cannon on its back, Genesect can assume a flying saucer-like form, allowing it to fly. This form is known as the High-Speed Flight Form (Japanese: 高速飛行形態). It can also spin a sticky string from its claws.

Genesect was revived from a Fossil and technologically enhanced by Team Plasma to create the most powerful Pokémon ever. N had the project cancelled and the P2 Laboratory closed because he felt that Pokémon, who he thought to be perfect beings, would lose their beauty if modified by science. However, Scientist Dudley kept working on it, angry that N denied his talent. This scientist reconstructed Genesect and installed the cannon on its back.”

Genesect is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

For its appearance in SSBV, Genesect retains its voice actor from SSBV, Yuji Ueda. Yuji had to record much more voice clips.



  • Strong

  • Super Armor on Smash Attacks

  • Medium-Heavy with pretty quick dash

  • Strong But Slow Special Moves

  • Quick tilts

  • Very good defensive options

  • Super Armor on some moves


  • Heavy lag on most key moves

  • Slow walk speed

  • Strong But Slow Special Moves

  • Low jump

  • Large frame


Genesect is a pretty tough character. It comes packed with some powerful specials. It’s dash is pretty good as well. It has some nice tilts which are good for racking up damage and it’s options defensively are great.

Genesect suffers from insane lag on some key moves. It also has quite a slow walk speed and it’s special attacks may be strong but bost leave him vulnerable. He also has a large frame and I think you know what that means.

Genesect is overall more of a defensive based character that comes packed with powerful specials and some nice super armor. Patience and technique is the key to utilizing Genesect’s abilities.


Ground Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Fell Stinger 3%, 3%, 4%, 1% (loop) A three-hit slash combo, or a drilling stab attack, known as Fell Stinger.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 14% Genesect slams its head forward
Forward Tilt 5% (each) Slashes with both claws.
Up Tilt 13% Genesect does an axe kick with good horizontal knockback. Its heel can meteor smash aerial opponents.
Down Tilt 5% Slashes downwards with one claw. Can trip.
Forward Smash Iron Head 17% Genesect tilts its head and slams it forward. Super Armor
Up Smash Zen Headbutt 15% Genesect's head glows as it delivers and upwards headbutt.
Down Smash Gunk Shot 15% (total) Genesect gets into UFO form hovering and shoots vile matter at the ground in a set radius.

Aerial Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 6% Genesect twists while in UFO form.
Forward Aerial 9% Genesect slashes forward with a claw.
Back Aerial 11% Genesect turns and shoots its head forward as an electrical beam appears out of its eyes. Good KO move.
Up Aerial 5% (hit 1), 5% (hit 2)
Down Aerial 14% (attack), 2% (landing) Genesect drops downwards while in UFO form twirling. Similar to Bowser's down aerial.

Grabs and Throws

Name Damage Description
Pummel 2% *Grabs with silk, long range, can be used to grab the ledge, can be used in the air and does 1% damage* Slashes opponent with claw
Forward Throw 2% (throw), 11% (slash) Throws opponent forwrd then attacks them
Back Throw 8% Tosses opponent behind it
Up Throw 2% (throw), 9% (slash) Throws opponent upwards and slashes them.
Down Throw 7% Slams opponent on ground.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 8% Gets up spinning in UFO form
Floor Attack (back) 8% Gets up spinning in UFO form
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Gets up spinning in UFO form
Edge Attack 6% Gets up attacking with claw.

Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Techno Blast No-Drive: 17%, Burn Drive: 13%, Douse Drive: 0%, Shock Drive: 12%, Chill Drive: 0% Genesect begins to charge a blast and lets it out. Must be fully charged to fire. There are five versions in which you can choose from on the character select screen. No-Drive blasts fighters and after they take the damage they’re knocked back. The Burn Drive deals damage and burns opponents for a short amount of time (1% lost each second). The Douse drive works much similar to the FLUDD but pushes back much farther. The Shock Drive damages while paralyzing opponents. The paralysis period is slightly longer than that of a fully charge Paralyze Shot from Zero Suit Samus. The Chill Drive freezes opponents on contact much longer than the Shock Drive’s paralysis period.
Alternate 1 Hasty Techno Blast No-Drive: 15%, Burn Drive: 11%, Douse Drive: 0%, Shock Drive: 10%, Chill Drive: 0% Shorter charge and doesn’t leave Genesect as vulnerable but the effects, damage included are much weaker. Ex: Burn Drive burns for 2 seconds and Chill Drive freezes, but does not freeze in place. Douse drive also pushes back a lesser distance and Shock Drive has less paralysis time.
Alternate 2 Bulk Techno-Blast No-Drive: 20%, Burn Drive: 16%, Douse Drive: 0%, Shock Drive: 15%, Chill Drive: 0% Charge time is longer and comes out veeery slow. But much more powerful than the regular Techno Blast.
Side Special Lock-On and Zap Cannon 21% Genesect gets in shooting position as a red crosshair goes forward which can be move in any direction in front of Genesect for a short period of time. If it touches a fighter it automatically locks on to them and Genesect fires a large blast of electricity which does big damage and knockback following those targeted. Can be reflected back at Genesect. Takes ALOT of shield if shielded. Leaves Genesect vulnerable as faster fighters can get over the crosshair and up to Genesect getting a free hit or combo. Tons of KO power.
Alternate 1 Lock-On and Flamethrower 14% Much weaker than Zap Cannon. But the animation completes much faster and leaves fighters burned (1% lost each second) for a small amount of time. Does not KO until 400%+. Can be reflected back at Genesect. Genesect gets into shooting position a little faster.
Alternate 2 Lock-On and Simple Beam Does not damage but breaks shields on contact AND leaves those hit with asleep UNTIL CONTACT IS MADE. This, obviously means they cannot wake up at all. Can be reflected back at Genesect and Genesect takes MUCH longer to get into shooting position.
Up Special Magnet Rise 2% (each hit) Genesect gets into UFO form and twists upwards. Horizontal distance is close to that of Link’s Sword Spin. Damages opponents. Genesect can be attacked out of it.
Alternate 1 Free Magnet Rise 1% (each Genesect can freely fly in UFO form for a short period of time. Does small damage. Genesect can be attacked out of it.
Alternate 2 Quick Magnet Rise 3% Can only go vertically. Much faster than the base Magnet Rise. Genesect can be attacked out of it.
Down Special Magnet Bomb 10% (explosion) Genesect shoots up a Magnetic Bomb which hovers above the ground. It works somewhat like a proximity based mine as any fighter that gets close gets attacked by the bomb. High knockback and good kill power at higher percents. Can be reflected away but will still not attack Genesect. If it goes off stage it automatically falls.
Alternate 1 Trippy Magnet Bomb 12% Instead of exploding, the bomb actually attack and trip opponents. Does more damage than the base Magnet Bomb.
Alternate 2 Multi-Magnet Bomb 7% (explosion) Genesect can have two bombs out at one time, but they deal less damage and less kill power.
Final Smash Electroweb 5% (each shock) Genesect spins and drops a large electrified web with covers the entire stage (size dependant on stage). Anything, besides Genesect that makes contact with the web is automatically trapped and continuously shocked and paralyzed. This gives Genesect room to attack. The ledge cannot be grabbed while the web is out. Cannot be damaged if in the air above the highest platform on that stage. But once you hit the platform, you’re trapped. As the web disappears those caught in it are blasted away. Can be KOed if at higher percent.

Animations and Misc.


About the same height as Luigi.


SIDE - Genesect gets on all fours as its eyes light up while glitching out.

UP - Genesect goes up into UFO form spinning around them returns back.

DOWN - Genesect glitches out as an aura surrounds it.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Genesect is seen staring with its eyes lit up.

On Screen Appearance

Genesect crashes down slamming onto the stage then glitches out for a bit.

Victory Animations

  • Genesect turns around as its eyes are lit up.

  • Genesect slashes at the screen in an “X” manner then looks forward.

  • Genesect jumps into UFO form, then does a quick flight.

Losing Animation

Genesect is seen standing idle.

Crowd Cheer


Victory Theme

Battle theme for Genesect which was made by the Pokemon music team solely for Smash V. Key point is from 0:24 onwards.

Fighting Stance

Stands hunched over slightly, similar to its neutral battle animation in the Pokemon Games.

Idle Poses

  • Looks on into the distance.

  • Glitches out.


Trudges forward, foot after foot.


Drops on all fours moving quickly. Much faster than walk.


To be added.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description
Default Purple Genesect's regular appearance
Second Red Based of Shiny Genesect's coloration
Third Green Based of Rayquaza's coloration
Fourth Blue Based of Metagross's coloration
Fifth Light Black Based of Darkrai's coloration
Sixth White Based of the colors of a Pokeball
Locked First Yellow A gold Genesect
Locked Second Gray Based of the appearance of Titanium

Reveal Trailer

The Sly One and The Ultimate Creation

The Reveal Trailer Starts off in a snowy area. Pikachu is seen with Mario, Link, and Fox examining a patch of snow. At that moement, they notice a light of fire which is revealed to be Charizard along with Lucario and Greninja standing beside confirming all 3 to be returning. Mario, Link, and Fox then get into a ready position as Charizard signals at them to wait one second. Weavile then steps out looking smug, then comes the tagline "Weavile brings the Pressure!". Weavile then points at Pikachu apparently wanting a fight with Pikachu. Pikachu stares at Weavile as the others look on. Pikachu finally gets up then starts to walk past Mario, Link, and Fox, looks straight at Weavile then begins to chrage electricity. Weavile becomes fired up then the 2 charged at each other only to be stopped by a blast. Everyone looks in the direction of a blast to be greeted to a glowing red eye in the mist. The figure steps out as the camera is behind the figure showing the others. Weavile and Pikachu looking pretty frightened decide to retreat as the figure steps out. The figure is revealed to be Genesect who is glitching out. It then lets out a cry, straightens itself together and then looks right at the others, then comes the promo, "Genesect, The Great Creation?!?!" Genesect proceeds to walk forward as music from the background music from the 16th Pokemon movie plays. The others get ready as Genesect charges straight at them.

Now comes the gameplay. Various attacks, taunts, and palette swaps are shown from Genesect and Weavile. Their final smashes are both shown. Some of their colors are also shown as well. In the post-trailer scene, Genesect appears to have calmed down and is resting with Pikachu and Weavile. After the trailer, gameplay with Greninja, Charizard, Lucario, and Fox is shown on Pokemon Stadium III, confirming Pokemon Stadium III.


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