General Toadius Tower Defense is a 2016 Micro Gamer game created by Gigabyte Gaming.


General Toadius is about to sit down for lunch when a member of the Toad army bursts in to Toadius' home in a panic, the toad (Toadington) drags Toadius outside. Toadius, annoyed begins to scold Toadington until he looks out the Great Wall of Toad and sees a seemingly endless mass of Bowser's minions. Toadius yells at the Toad to begin prepping for war as he looks again to the massive attacking army.


In story mode, the build section of the screen uses sections, players can add one tower per section, and the number of sections varies depending on the size and path of the track. In most ways, this game is like any other tower defense game, however towers do not cost money, rather rally points, each enemy when killed does not give rally points (save certain levels), rather victories, placing towers, logging in and playing earns rally points.


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