General TEK 8.0 is a boss of the third chapter Paper Luigi. It is a computer, and the sister of the Super Komputer. Minister Crepe owned this computer, and kept it in Komputer Forrtresss. It created all of the Gunkdriods and heads the fortress. The computer calls itself the world's greatest computer. When Luigi was wandering around, he met the computer, with a Star Sprite as a power source. Luigi went to get out the star sprite out of its case, but the comuter came to life, and started insulting Luigi. Luigi didnt mind, sayingn that words couldent hurt him. The computer got mad, and the whole place had gone haywire. The computer had tentacles that ripped through the wall. Luigi then had to fight this computer and defeated it. Later, it emptied it's hard disk into a robot, and became a robot and interuppted the Circuit Breaker Racer race, stealing the W Compass Piece. Luigi defeated him and he self-destructed.

He returns again in Chapter 6, in an upgraded robot version, where he is beaten by Luigi again.