General Phai or a.k.a. Phai is the leader of the Agents of Shadow, and second-in-command of the Army of Kala. He is loyal to Kala, and Kala alone. His personal fleet, the Shadow Fleet caused mast destruction on Yossy Island. He also masterminded the kidnapping of the Legendary Seven Yoshi Kids, only to have the plan fall apart because of a mistake made by Dorian.


First Battle

  • ??? HP
  • ??? Defense
  • ??? Attack
  • Tattle Log: General Phai, how the heck do we beat 'em?
  • Tattle: General Phai, how the heck do we beat 'em?

Second Battle

  • ??? HP
  • 5 Defense
  • 1 Attack
  • Tattle Log: General Phai..its pay back time!
  • Tattle: Okay, Missile Mike canhit General Phai, so we got 'em on the ropes. Watch out for his attacks.

Third Battle

  • 150 HP
  • 5 Defense
  • 2 Attack
  • Tattle Log: The leader of the Agents of Shadow.
  • Tattle: That's General Phai, watch out for his weapons. Mace, Sword, and Bow & Arrow. I heard he caused the destruction on Yossy Isle...Get him!


  • General Phai is oddly not paper-like, unlike many other characters.

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